Zombies Ate my Neighbors

Also recognized as: zombies (EU/AU)Developer: LucasArtsPublisher: KonamiPlatform: GenesisReleased in US: July 19, 1993Released in EU: January 27, 1994

This video game has covert development-related text.

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This video game has unused graphics.
This video game has unused items.
This video game has unused music.
This game has unused text.
This game has debugging material.
This video game has regional differences.

Zombies space the the very least of her worries: Vampires, mermen, blobs, chainsaw-wielding crazies, and also yes, spiders, are several of the an ext terrifying creatures that will certainly also shot to off her neighbors.

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3 Unused & Dummied the end Items

Error Handler

Exclusive to this version of the game is a simple error handler. Handy! use the game Genie password ABTA-B92C
to cause a 68000 Error in the demo.

The finish list the error catch starts in ~ 2D60 in the ROM.

68000 Bus error!Odd resolve error!Illegal instruction error!Divide through zero error!CHK accuse TRAPV indict Privileged accuse error! unanticipated 68000 error! Reserved exemption error! Error in normal task allocation!Error in VBL task allocation! Illegal sprite frame definition!Error in object allocation! Wrong job to deallocate object!Invalid object to deallocate Error in add_pickup_item! Error in clear_disable_table! No an ext RAM matrices available! poor generator come disable!Stack overflow! task did no deallocate object! Sprite upgrade list overflow! Map update list overflow! Character update list overflow! Backobj upgrade list overflow! odd map deal with error! Zero direction intake error!

Hidden Text

Unused & Dummied the end Items

A couple of items and one weapon space unused, though unfortunately there"s nothing unique around them besides their graphics. The game Genie codes replace Player 1"s starting weapon.



Game Genie code: KB2T-AAB6

The banana is functionally identical to the popsicle weapon, and also uses the very same graphics. In the Sega Genesis version, just the item"s pick-up item remain. The SNES version contains graphics for the actual weapon and its HUD icon, but they were cleaned the end of this version.

Paint Can

This paint deserve to is supplied in the SNES version, albeit obscured from the player"s vision, and acts together the flamethrower weapon"s pick-up object. There"s no flamethrower weapon in the Genesis version, therefore its appearance right here is even an ext confusing.

Yellow Potion

Game Genie code: MK2T-AACJ

This is similar to the arbitrarily potion. It"s missing the question note on the flask, but that"s around it.


Items 5C and 66 allude to the functionless Grey potion and device respectively, at least in the SNES version. In the Genesis game, they don"t also have any type of graphics in the ROM. For this reason in this version, they"re just empty entries through no icons and no purpose. Exciting!

Unused Level Bonus

This text shows up in the ROM at attend to 987B:

MONSTER FROZEN BONUSWhile partially coded in, this bonus was never ever finished. The would approve 1000 points when a certain variety of Blob monsters room destroyed. The Blob monsters deserve to only be ruined with cold weapons.

Unused Passwords

The adhering to passwords are treated together valid, and will begin the player in the bonus stage "Curse that the Pharaoes". Once the bonus is complete, the game will display screen the post "Dr Tongue welcomes you to 55 levels of terror" prior to hanging. The first code gives you all ten victims, v each succeeding code remove one victim indigenous the total.

QXTD JXTT RXTC CXTK VXTQ PXTL ZXTJ NXTW TXTX SXTRSimilarly, these passwords room for accessing the credit transaction level. As soon as complete, you will be prompted to get in a surname for the high score (if you scored high sufficient to have an entrance in the high score table). One of the NPCs in the credit transaction level will provide you the password QSDZ for all ten victims, yet the codes for fewer 보다 ten victims are never ever revealed.


Unused Music

Zombies Ate mine Neighbors consists of one unused music track. Interestingly, it"s actually different from the SNES" unused track, and takes increase a various slot! It"s track 01, i beg your pardon points come nothing in the SNES version.

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Regional Differences

north America Europe

The Chainsaw Maniac opponent was redesigned into an equally insane Canadian lumberjack in the europe version. Surprisingly, the made the transition rather well, behaving identically in both versions. Some related sound effects and also text (such as stage names and also a bonus related to it) were modified accordingly. (e.g. The "Chainsaw Begone Bonus" became "Axeman Begone Bonus".) This may have been done to protect against comparisons with Leatherface native The Texas Chain observed Massacre, which was banned in England, West Germany, and other european countries.