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Aug. 4, 2015

SERVICES because that Zach FarmerViewing – Saturday, Aug. 8 – 1- 4 p.m. ET business – Saturday, Aug. 8 – 4 p.m. ET Piketon High school 1414 Piketon Rd, Piketon, oh 45661


The Ohio State room of Athletics extends its thoughts and also prayers to friends and family that Zach Farmer, who died Tuesday ~ his fight with leukemia. Farmer, native Piketon, Ohio, was 21.

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“We are saddened by the ns of Zach,” said Gene Smith, evil President and also Director of Athletics. “Zach was a exceptional young man who influenced us all. The made a tremendous influence on many lives and showed remarkable courage in his fight. Us send our heartfelt condolences come Zach’s family and friends throughout this daunting time.”

“Today is a sad work but likewise a day of tranquility for Zach and also his family,” said Greg Beals, Ohio State baseball head coach. “We will certainly dearly miss out on our other Buckeye, teammate and friend Zach Farmer. I feel blessed come have had Zach in ours program and also the opportunity to coach him. Although his time here was cut short, his heritage as a Buckeye will be long lasting. I am proud that the struggle he combated – we learned so lot from him. Zach’s courage come fight, optimistic attitude and also love for his supporters and also teammates defines what it method to be a Buckeye.”

“On behalf of the family, us would prefer to give thanks to everyone in ~ the James Cancer Hospital and also Solove research study Institute, especially Zach’s nurse practitioner Jon Mickle. The family members is also really thankful for all of the support they have received native The Ohio State University and also Buckeye Nation.”

A student in the first year pitcher ~ above the 2014 Ohio State baseball team, Farmer was diagnosed v acute myeloid leukemia April 28, 2014. After effective treatment, Farmer entered remission ~ above June 6, 2014.

Farmer announced July 15 that the disease returned. The passed away at The James Cancer Hospital at The Ohio State University.

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Farmer was 6-4 v a 3.28 ERA in 10 appearances, consisting of nine starts v 34 strikeouts in 49.1 innings pitched for the Scarlet and Gray. Last year, Farmer was called a recipient of CollegeBaseballInsider.com’s Tom Walter/Pete Frates university Baseball impetus Award. Farmer was a four-year letterwinner and also three-time very first team All-Ohio an option at Piketon and also two-time SVC Player that the Year and four-time an initial team all-district. He went 10-1 with a 0.52 earned-run average and 162 strikeouts in 81 innings together a an elderly and led Piketon with a 9-3 record and also a 1.39 earned-run median as a junior. Farmer also lettered 4 years in basketball and was a two-time honorable point out All-Ohio pick.

during his battle, Farmer was associated in the community. He assisted raise awareness because that the bone marrow registry v Be The complement organization, starting a campus journey with assist from his Buckeye teammates. Farmer speak to several institutions around main Ohio as well as supporting multiple individuals with comparable illnesses.