Some celebrity pairings do perfect sense and others leave us scratching our heads. Take Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez, because that example. Although they"re both actors, Efron damaged out an initial in the "High institution Musical" series prior to repositioning himself together a comedic heavyweight in the likes that "Neighbors," and a major actor as serial killer Ted Bundy in "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and also Vile" (via IMDb). Rodriguez, meanwhile, is most well-known for play Letty in the unstoppable "Fast and also Furious" franchise (via IMDb) and also other badass roles prefer "Girlfight," "S.W.A.T.," and "Blue Crush."

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Both next are plainly fans of functioning out, which may be what initially brought them together despite a 10-year period gap. Once the 2 stars were an initial linked, nobody might really make sense of it, and the fledgling couple calling it quits just a couple months later seemed come make also less sense, according E! News at least. 

How go Efron and also Rodriguez cross routes in the first place? and also was what initially carried them together similar to what eventually drove them apart, or to be this relationship just a situation of summer lovin" unable to do bad? Fans have actually so countless questions and we might have a couple of answers!

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In July 2014, the everyday Mail snapped Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez smooching ~ above a yacht in Sardinia, Italy, shockingly revealing the then-26-year-old Efron and 35-year-old Rodriguez were something of one item. According come Refinery 29, the unlikely pair was collection up by shared friend Gianluca Vacchi, one Italian entrepreneur, who the "Fast and also Furious" star has actually known since at least 2011. Apparently Vacchi is a complete fitness lover, hinting the bonded through both stars over their shared love of obtaining those #GAINZ. 

Just a pair weeks after their romantic vacation, Efron to be spotted leaving Rodriguez"s residence the morning after a "wild night out," as us Weekly reported, through a resource claiming they had actually "great chemistry." However, simply a month later, that was all over. 

An insider advised Us Weekly that the couple had a enormous blowout if vacationing in Ibiza. A 2nd source noted, "Michelle is walking to perform her own thing. Zac knew this about her once he gained with her." they cryptically added, "He"s really into she though, and perhaps much more than she"s into him." Admitting Efron was hoping for a reconciliation, the resource added, "Zac still wants to be with her." 

However, one more insider assured People it was a mutual decision. Yet another source subsequently said Hollywood Life the couple split due to the fact that the "High institution Musical" alum wanted something much more serious 보다 Rodriguez can give him. This idea was seemingly shown when the "Fast and Furious" star admitted come Interview magazine, "I couldn"t last much more than 6 months with somebody."