This is walking to it is in a series I speak to "Unpopular Ship(s)", because I have lots the ships/pairings that are not cannon and are no popular.

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So, here"s my very first one!

Pairing: Tsubaki and Kousei

Anime: your lie in April (Shigatsu wa kimi no uso)

I absolutely, LOVE this pairing. *gets tomatoes thrown at*

Most the the fans the watch her lie I

in April space fans of Kousei and also Kaori, and I understand why and also I"ll offer you factors on why ns don"t ship and why I"m top top "Team Tsubaki".

Why i don"t delivery Kousei and Kaori as lot as Kousei and also Tsubaki:

♡♡♡ i feel choose Kaori just barged into their (Kousei, Tsubaki, and also Watari"s) trio relationship.

- she kinda came from out of nowhere and pulled Tsubaki far from Kousei. Yes, I know that she didn"t average to and also that she was sorry. Yes, I know that she to be the reason that Kousei started playing piano again. And yes, I understand that she wanted to be v him prior to she passed.

- yet I feel like she kinda used Watari the whole time and broke the realistic ship of Kaori.

- Don"t get me wrong! ns think they"re (Kaori and Kousei) cute, however I simply pair Tsubaki and also Kousei ♡

Why i ship Tsubaki and Kousei:

♡♡♡ The relationship that Kousei and Tsubaki have.

- i love the means Kousei and also Tsubaki act around eachother and also how they room really close and understand eachother. Tsubaki to know what"s Kousei"s walking through because she was constantly with him, she"s constantly by his side. How they constantly check in with eachother to make sure they"re okay and also eating well.

- I recognize that Tsubaki didn"t aid him play piano again and all that, but she didn"t really choose Music due to the fact that she stated it was taking Kousei away from her.

- more than likely sounds selfish doesn"t it? yet she"s been with him her totality life, for this reason it"d be various to not have actually him there v her.

♡♡♡ she yes, really likes him, yet he doesn"t really watch her in that way. She hides her feelings to obtain out the the method of Kousei and Kaori.

- one scene that made me ship them a lot of (or that made me mad) was as soon as Kousei and Tsubaki to be walking with each other along the beach and he told Tsubaki the he was going to go for a music high school. That supposed he was going to move away.


- Tsubaki dropped she icecream and started crying, and also ran away due to the fact that she knew that expected she wouldn"t be v him again.


That made me therefore sad and I was emotion to your relationship due to the fact that I prefer them with each other and constantly seeing them gain slowly separated, bothers me :/

- the various other scene was once Kousei and Tsubaki were sheltering indigenous the rain and also she told him that he should love her.

- his eyes widened and also she kicked him climate ran away since she knew that he couldn"t love her because he loves Kaori.

That scene killed me baca use she basically confessed and also they were separated again. Yeah.

This kinda sums increase why ns ship Kousei and also Tsubaki together. Probably simply seems favor a rant.

This is kinda all over the location but, it"s mainly my thoughts and also I expect you appreciated this unpopular ship!

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Alex Editx

I ship them way more then Kaori and Kousei

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I really desire to check out an ova or one more season around them being together

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you can ship kousei and tsubaki, but don"t delivery watari and kaori

Read much more
Lila O

kouri like ruined everything for everyone

Read an ext
Lila O

omg ns ship and feel really bad for tsbaki becauses Kousei stoped hanging out v her and also litterly ignored her

Read much more
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