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Except it’s a corporeal tangible thing that can be manipulated bent and also traversed through. So number it out and then, like… punch it.

Be mindful though, every clock has two hands.

Awe, that’s sweet

And to those asking around the tags, OP has declared several times everything is constantly tagged with the exact same two tags, ‘funny’ and ‘white civilization twitter’.

What perform we want need for basic survival in a modern world!?


When carry out we want require it!?-starts sobbing-

I need help. I’m... Not in the finest of spots ideal now. The short end is, i am encountering homelessness really soon, and I require outside aid to no be.

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Okay therefore the longer story is i was living v my grandparents, however they’re very transphobic, and also as a trans woman in the Deep southern of USA, my safety and security was no much longer something I can guarantee. Ns was living with them due to the fact that I have the right to not live alone because of my autism just making that impossible. I am currently thankfully living through my partner. He was living through family however recently similar issues came up through his family who to be helping home him and also he to be evicted. So he ended up being taken in, temporarily, through his cousins family, yes, really sweet people, who expanded the same warm welcome come myself. For the very first time in mine life world in the real world are call me She/her/Sarrah and I’m beyond happy about that... However, we were provided a attributed to uncover a place. And, great news? we did. Pretty home, good neighbourhood, close to partner’s hometown, affordable finest of all. Poor news? The under payment to gain it is more than I currently have. I had actually a to save account that had yet come be moved over to a regional bank, and also it transforms out- ns wasn’t the only one taking from it. Ns should have actually a couple of thousand stored increase for specifically what I’d need it for, however I found out this particular day that I... No longer do. My grandparents’ names to be still on mine account, together they were my guardians. Big withdrawals have been made, and also not by me. I was unaware of them until now. I need help, please...

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