In 2019 therefore far, beef in hip-hop has actually been put on the back burner because that the many part, together artists and also their fans' emphasis has been on music quality. However, one details war that words the has captured the attention of the rap ar is the back and forth in between former XXL freshman Kodak Black and also Brooklyn laboratory star Young M.A, which has inspired a myriad of layered discussions about topics consisting of harassment, sexuality, misogyny and also rape culture.

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One that the much more controversial figures in hip-hop today, Kodak black color is as infamous for his criminal history as he is acclaimed because that his hit-making ability and artistic depth. Throughout his increase to fame, Kodak has had many allegations that sexual attack levied versus him, spreading a dark shadow end his career and causing several pan to boycott the rapper's music. However the backlash has not impacted the rapper's advertising success: His most recent album release, dice to Live, debuted in ~ No. 1 on the Billboard 200, serving as proof the he is among the sexy young stars in rap.

However, Kodak's romantic pursuit of Young M.A, that is openly gay, has carried his background of alleged sex-related misconduct back to the forefront, particularly in light of his forthcoming sexual attack trial, which is set to start next month. The peculiar exchanges between Kodak and Young M.A peaked (and hopefully pertained to an end) this week.

Taking a look at back, XXL recaps Kodak Black and Young M.A's dispute in a short timeline.

The dispute involving Kodak Black and Young M.A began last month, when the "Roll In Peace" rapper do his affections recognized for the Brooklyn MC via a comment on Instagram. In reaction come a photo that Nicki Minaj posted of herself and also Young M.A, Kodak comment “Both the Y’all a acquire It,” a statement plenty of fans took together a sexual advance towards the two new York natives. The truth that Young M.A. Identifies as a lesbian made Kodak's thirsty seem a little bit odd, but was taken together the recent in a cable of his head-scratching declarations.

Just a week after his initial discuss Nicki Minaj and also Young M.A's Instagram post, Kodak black doubled down on his sentiments while singling the end the latter by dropping her surname on his recent single, "Pimping Ain't Eazy." add by a music video clip directed by Kodak Black and also
Sway_season, "Pimping Ain't Eazy" contains multiple sexual breakthroughs towards Young M.A, as well as references come the rapper's sexuality.

"I be pullin' out straps on this fuck niggas/I go Young M.A on this dumb bitches/Like a dyke man, friend niggas can't fuck through me," Kodak rhymes ~ above the chorus. He proceeds to namedrop the rapper on the song's second verse, rapping, "I'm fuckin' Young M.A, long as she acquired a coochie/Say she acquired the strap and also the toolie, to speak she put the cracked in her booty."

Kodak's Black's incessant intake of Young M.A's name on "Pimping Ain't Eazy" caught the fist of fans and also detractors the the embattled superstar, bring about anticipation for she own an answer to the song.

Weeks after ~ Kodak Black's statements, Young M.A handle the brewing debate via society media. "Y'all store talking around this Kodak situation," the "Stubborn Ass" rapper said throughout an Instagram Live session. "Y'all niggas is weird, bro. Come on, obviously the nigga is weird, bro. Obviously, that on some shit, bro."

M.A later included that she planned to challenge Kodak about his comments at the Pot of yellow Festival in Arizona, where both artists were slated to carry out at on in march 16. "I'll check out him tomorrow," she said. "I'll holla at him, if I acquire a chance to view him. Y'all do this internet shit as well much, bro. Ns don't choose the internet shit, bro. Ns don't choose this net shit. I deal with my problems in person. Y'all prick eating the shit prefer a mutherfucker, god damn, bro. Chill!"

She finished her diatribe through concluding, "If i don't care around it, why y'all care about it?"

The work after both rappers' performances in ~ the Pot of yellow Festival in Arizona, Kodak black issued a response to Young M.A's comments during his very own Instagram Live session.

"Yo, y’all protect against making Young M.A mad. That’s my dog!" Kodak urges fans during the broadcast. "Don’t execute that, baby. Us gon' capture up. I just wanna it is in the homie. I simply wanna be the forever homie in the cut, vibing... At any time you consist of your mental up, I’m here. I’m talking about bae therefore cute!"

The rapper later took his comments a bit further, dismissing Young M.A's identification as a happy woman and questioning her sexuality.

"How friend a girl yet don’t desire your pussy penetrated? How? Don’t be mad at me, 'cause I desire you, baby. Don’t be mad at me!" Kodak's comments would certainly elicit a resounding outrage indigenous members the the hip-hop and also LGBTQ communities, who pegged them together repulsive and also predatory.

Young M.A reiterated her initial comments about Kodak black during one more Instagram Live session. Seemingly annoyed by fans' alluding come the dispute in her comments, M.A chided them for helping stoke the fires, adding that she would attend to the situation in her own time.

“They take tiny shit and also then shot to do it something that it ain’t," the rapper stated of the fans. "In the live video, ns said, 'I’m accurate talking around the people in the comments that kept mentioning the shit, mentioning the shit, mentioning the shit.' and also I'm just like, 'Yo, why are y'all still on that, bro? obtain off the situation, y'all dick-eating. When I'm prepared to confront the shit or just how I'ma manage it, I'll handle it that way, why y'all still talk 'bout it? and that to be that, y'all simply be extra, bro."

She likewise responded to Kodak's comments about her sexuality and gender, retorting, "I understand I'm a female, stupid. Y'all ain't gotta speak that, I know that, nigga. Yet at the finish of the day, nigga, that’s not my preference. That’s why I claimed y’all weird.”

In irradiate of the backlash he endured as a result of his lust because that Young M.A, Kodak Black showed up to downplay his comments during a recent Instagram Live session.

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"Bro, c'mon be realistic. I am too fly for that shit," the rapper said in referral to his sexual breakthroughs towards the Brooklyn MC. "And I got too lot resources come go that route. Why would I wanna go that route, end there. Ns was bullshittin'. I was simply bullshittin', man!"

Kodak additionally asked his fans to leave Young M.A alone due to human being being "sensitive," a gesture the was symbolic the the rapper waving the white flag and also putting his rift through Young M.A come an end.