…ye have actually not, due to the fact that ye ask not.

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– James 4:2 (KJV)

This is a very popular bible to quote—especially once you room praying and also believing God because that something in her life. Jesus instructs us to ‘ask’ in many places in Scripture, therefore it renders sense that if friend don’t have something, it can be due to the fact that you didn’t ask for it.

Does this mean that God will offer me everything I asking for? Is the what James really way here...or is there more to the story? Well, there is; and that"s what we’re going to look into. Let’s take it a closer look at motives as we discover the scriptural idea the you “have not” because you “ask not.”


Who Is James Addressing?

take it a minute to check out this totality thought in James, and as you’re analysis ask yourself: that is James talk to?

What reasons fights and also quarrels among you? nothing they come from her desires that fight within you? you desire but do not have, so girlfriend kill. Friend covet however you cannot get what friend want, so girlfriend quarrel and also fight. You perform not have since you execute not asking God. As soon as you ask, you carry out not receive, because you ask v wrong motives, the you might spend what you get on her pleasures. – James 4:1-3

Is James yes, really talking to christians here? I understand it’s hard to believe, due to the fact that he mentions words choose fights, quarrels, kill, and also covet. However he is talking to Christians. Much more importantly, the is giving us a great reminder that the proper attitude you need to have when you come to prayer. It’s choose James is giving you a litmus check to bring with you once you walk to pray.

Why room You Asking? A Look in ~ Motives

Looking closely at having not since of asking no reveals that the difficulty is no really in the asking. The trouble is in the reason why you space asking.

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James identifies several of these not correct motives, but the ultimate desire that drives all the rather is the burn desire to obtain something you carry out not have. This is well-known as coveting. Come covet is come be jealous of something the someone rather has, or to possess a strong eagerness to obtain something that does no belong to you.

How perform you recognize if you room experiencing this emotion? One means is to think around how girlfriend feel as soon as you view others about you gift blessed and it seems choose God is passing girlfriend by. Perform you rejoice in the blessing of rather or carry out you despise them? as soon as someone shares around how God has actually blessed them, carry out you feel the need to shot to trump your blessing with among your own?

When someone gets a brand-new job, promotion, brand-new house, new car, or any type of myriad of product blessings...do you find yourself gift excited for them, or envious of lock instead? If girlfriend do, then be careful; due to the fact that the “covet monster” could be stirring inside you. So the following time someone share what God is law in their lives, rejoice through them! The bible says we have to rejoice through those who rejoice. (Rom. 12:15)