“You Have more Friends than You Know” was featured in Sweet Dreams, the nineteenth illustration of Season Four. The is sung by Blaine (Darren Criss), Marley (Melissa Benoist), Sam… read More 

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Mmm... OhWe feelWe hearYour painYour müller we're hereTo sayWho girlfriend areIs okayAnd friend don't need to go through this on her ownYou're not aloneYou have an ext friends than you knowSome that surround youSome you space destined come meetYou'll have much more love in your lifeDon't allow go, offer it timeTake the slowThose that love friend the most, may need an ext time to grow
It's gonna be okay (It's gonna be okay)You have much more friends than you knowBe braveBe strongYou room lovedYou belongSome day shortly (Some job soon)You will view (You will certainly see)You're exactlyWho you're an alleged to beAnd friend don't have to go through this ~ above your own (Ooh!)You're not (You're not!)Alone (You're no alone, oh, no)You have an ext friends 보다 you knowSome who surround youSome you are destined to meetYou'll have more love in your lifeDon't allow go
Give the time (Give the time)Take it sluggish (Take the slow)Those that love you the mostMay need more time to growIt's gonna be okay (Gonna it is in okay)You have an ext friends than you knowBe that you areLearn come forgiveIt's not around who you loveBut how, how you live! (But just how you live!)Ooooh!(You have actually more!) friends 보다 you recognize Than girlfriend know!Some that surround you Yeah!Some you space destined (To meet)
You'll have an ext (More!) love in your lifeDon't permit go, give it time (Give that time)Take it sluggish (Take it slow)Those who love friend the most (May need more time come grow)It's gonna be okay (It's gonna it is in okay)You have more friends 보다 youKnow (Ooh)It's gonna it is in okay
“You Have more Friends 보다 You Know” was featured in Sweet Dreams, the nineteenth episode of Season Four. That is sung by Blaine (Darren Criss), Marley (Melissa Benoist), Sam (Chord Overstreet), and Unique (Alex Newell).


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