Game 7 of the World collection was crazy. And there’s so lot to talk about from the game.

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But prior to I gain into how it all went down, I require to collection the document straight ~ above something.

You know the 360 ns did between very first and 2nd base on that leadoff residence run in video game 7? The spin-around — that entirety running backwards thing?

Well, it wasn’t what the looked like.

It resolved I guess, yet it no what girlfriend think.

Here’s the actual story….

So every time ns hit a homer, i dap increase my an initial base coach, Brandon Hyde. It’s just something I do after ns hit a bomb. Simply showing part love.

But this time points were a little bit different, because, throughout the biggest video game of mine life, after the biggest hit that my job … ns got recorded in no male land.

It was favor I was floating as I left the batter’s box and also the following thing ns knew, the round cleared the wall surface … and I’d currently passed first. So as soon as I turned to my an initial base coach, i was already way past him. I had to improvise. And also that’s what friend saw.

I simply kind of turned around too late and had to wing it. Ns mean, I’d love come take credit for law something cool, however in reality, the was just that simple.


Charlie Riedel/AP Images
I to be on cloud nine after i hit that ball. I nearly couldn’t think what had happened. It was prefer something out of a dream. And we couldn’t have scripted a far better start to the game.

When that 2–1 pitch left Kluber’s hand, I can tell you that I witnessed it … good.

Real good.

I preserved thinking: Don’t traction this key foul. Do this count. Don’t miss out on this pitch. Gain this one!

And then, a split 2nd later … I got it.

I just kept thinking, Did the really happen? Did ns really just go deep in game 7?

- Dexter Fowler

As quickly as ns hit the ball, I had a an excellent feeling. But, you know what? i hit a ball off Kluber earlier in Chicago, and I thought then that I acquired him, yet the wind brought it back. So ns can’t tell friend that i knew for specific that leadoff struggle in game 7 to be going out.

When i looked out towards center and saw Rajai going back, i noticed that he kind of flinched once he got to the wall, and that that was obtaining ready come jump.

That’s when I knew it was gone. And, you know, the rest is background … cue the spin move and also the backwards running.

After ns turned myself around, and as i was round off second, I just kept thinking….

Did that really happen?

Did ns really simply go deep in video game 7?

I remember looking end at the dugout and also just seeing anyone going nuts. I could hear Cubs fans in the group celebrating, yet even over the noise, i remember listening my team members yelling, “You go, we go!” — guys simply screaming that out.

“You go, us go! you go, we go! girlfriend go, us go!” that’s all ns heard. Again and again.

It was crazy.

I’m not gonna lie, after friend hit a residence run like that, you’re pretty juiced.

You’re amped up for a pair of minutes, no doubt. Yet then friend just need to wipe the slate clean and also refocus, since it’s game 7. There space no games left after that one. Us all knew that us were walk to have to stack as numerous runs together we could, due to the fact that we were encountering one the the ideal pitchers in the game.

And everyone knows the baseball is a video game that have the right to come back and gain you if you nothing watch out.

So, sure enough, fast-forward to seven innings later….

When Rajai hit the shot off Chapman in the bottom the the eighth, I just kept saying to myself: Please hit turn off the wall. Please hit off the wall. You re welcome hit off the wall.

But it no hit turn off the wall.

To his credit, it to be a good AB — Rajai maintained fouling Chapman turn off over and over again. Therefore you could tell that something might go down. Yet a residence run there?


Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There’s no playbook for a instance like that.

A rain hold-up right before extra innings in video game 7 of the people Series?

As we come off the field and also walked earlier through the tunnel, some guys were mad, other males were sad, some guys were waaaaay too pumped.

We were almost everywhere the place. You had actually grown men crying. Literally.

It was crazy come see. And also everyone on the team feeling responsible, in one method or another, for what had just happened. Everyone was sort of questioning what castle could’ve done much better through those first nine innings.

Our minds were simply … spinning.


It was almost like us were reasoning of whatever all in ~ once, and we essential something to snap us earlier to reality. We necessary to obtain our emphasis back.

Of course, as you know, after we went increase the tunnel, J-Hey referred to as a meeting. He brought us with each other as a team, and he was just real with it.

He observed that there to be a the majority of emotions swirling because that us, and he said what needed to it is in said: We’ve come too much to allow it slip away prefer this. We’re the far better team. Therefore let’s rotate up and also just walk out and also play favor we recognize how.

It no anything we hadn’t heard before, however it to be something the we needed to hear at that specific moment. And it was how he said it that really had an impact. You can see it in his eyes, you could hear that in his voice. The was yes, really something. I’ll never ever forget it.

After J-Hey spoke, everyone sort of chimed in and everything just seemed to snowball in a really optimistic way. Rossy speak a tiny bit. Climate Riz said something. Then i spoke up. And all of a sudden we were rolling again.

We couldn’t obtain out of the clubhouse and onto the field rapid enough.

The one point I’ll constantly remember about when we acquired that last out was the it in reality seemed like it was happening in slo-mo for me.

I remember seeing Martinez fight the ball, and also watching KB go to throw it come Riz.

The ar was wet, and I just see KB’s foot sliiiiiiide out in at sight slo-mo.

So climate he throw it, and also my eyes simply follow the ball. Ns don’t even see Riz, I’m simply watching the ball favor my life relied on it.

Charles LeClaire/USA this particular day Sports
We continued to be confident, and we knew we were capable of winning three in a row. The was like nothing come us due to the fact that we'd gone on win streaks so countless times during the season. We weren’t worried. We never ever panicked. We had actually our large horses — Lester, Arrieta, Hendricks — coming. We can have won 5 in a row at that point. Us felt the confident.

But we additionally stayed loose.

Joe made sure of that. When we to be making travel plans because that our trip earlier to Cleveland after video game 5, us all gained this message message about a readjust in plans. We usually would’ve flown the end in the morning. Yet it turned out that our take trip day was going to it is in Halloween, and Joe wanted united state to be able to trick-or-treat with our families. That let us recognize that we were going to stay in Chicago until 7 p.m. so the we might all enjoy some household time and have fun with our kids.

I mean, because that real: who does that?

The 2 biggest games of ours careers room on the horizon, and we’re out trick-or-treating till nighttime rolls around. I’ll never ever forget that. Thanks to Joe, mine wife and also I take it our daughter out and had fun with each other — she to be a tiny little elephant!

Joe Maddon gets it. He just does.

He knew we’d all be far better off if we invested some time through our families and also just life life, rather of stewing around 108 years and also curses and having to win the next two games. He taken that we play better when we’re loose.

Probably the ideal example that that arisen right before Game 7. An hour or so prior to the very first pitch — in what would be the biggest video game of all our lives — my teammates and I were earlier in the clubhouse … every huddled together …

Playing Mario Kart.

At first it just started out v a couple of guys. But prior to long everyone remained in on it. No one want to lose, because it was among those points like, you shed … she out. Next guy steps in because that you.

And the crazy point was, it seemed like each guy had actually the best Mario Kart races that his life the night. Riz, Tommy Lastella, everyone was at their career-best level. It to be impressive.

In retrospect, possibly that was a an excellent omen.

I’m not saying that Mario Kart was the an essential to ours trophy or anything. But, you know, a few hours later we were civilization champs.

When we got back to Chicago, points didn’t really slow down. And, in some ways, whatever just retained getting far better and better.

I’ve never ever in mine life checked out anything like that parade.

Dexter Fowler
Every edge we turned, and also every location you looked, there to be people. Everywhere. Simply masses and masses of human being — lining the streets, on peak of buildings, all over you could fit a human being … there would certainly be a person. Or two. Or 100. It to be surreal, and it really permitted me come understand and appreciate the size of what we accomplished — 108 years!

I assumed of Ernie Banks. A lot. And I understand he’s smiling under on the whole city the Chicago appropriate now, proud as can be.

- Dexter Fowler

And, of course, i couldn’t aid but think about the historic aspect of this world Series. But past just just how long this city, this fans, this franchise have been waiting for a people championship, ns was thinking around all the football player who have worn the Cubs uniform v the years and who have actually passed away, or just guys that weren’t may be to endure the joy that us were fortunate sufficient to feel on that night in Cleveland.

I thought of Ernie Banks. A lot.

And I recognize he’s smiling down on the entire city that Chicago ideal now, proud as have the right to be.

Then there’s men like Billy Williams, and Dempster, and Ryno, and Kerry Wood, and also on and on — guys who room still around and also who had actually our backs every action of the way. Us did this for every those guys, too.

And since I’m name-dropping, I have actually two more to point out in closing. As you deserve to imagine, my phone’s kinda to be blowing up for the past week, but one call and also one text in particular stand out.

My mentor, Barry Bonds, referred to as me up after us won game 7, and he was elated. That was simply so happy for me, and it was yes, really awesome. Barry likes to joke around with me through pointing to all the trophies and also awards the he won throughout his career. So throughout this playoff run, I’ve to be looking front to when I can come ago with: Hey, yeah, those trophies space cool … however have you seen this World series ring?

And once he called me up, he actually beat me come the punch. He was like, Now you have something that i don’t have. Ns may have a bunch that awards, yet I don’t have actually a ring. I’ll never forget the phone call.

Then, a small while later, in the middle of all the congratulatory text messages, I saw one native Michael Jordan.

People have been talk a lot about goats this year, but that man is the G.O.A.T.

And he to be texting me?

I most likely sound prefer a damaged record in ~ this point, yet it just didn’t it seems to be ~ real.

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He congratulated me and told me how happy he was for me, and also he called me come pass follow me his congrats come the boys.