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You have the right to model the population of a specific city in between the years 1955 and also 1955 through the radical duty 0 votes

You have the right to model the populace of a specific city in between the year 1955 and 1955 by the radical function:

P (x) = 3 sqrt x-1940

Using this model, in what year to be the populace of the city 290,000?

A. 1986

B. 1988

C. 1992

D. 1982

#radicalfunctionaskedSep 2, 2013in ALGEBRA 2by PinklolaRookie

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Given that population of a particular city is provided by radical function

p(x) = 3 sqrt x - 1940

To uncover which year the populace will be 290,000

p(x) = 290,000

3 sqrt x - 1940 = 290,000

3 sqrt x = 290,000 + 1940

3 sqrt x = 291,940

sqrt x = 291,940 /3

sqrt x = 97313.33

x = (97313.33)^2

x = 9469884779.5689

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