Two things you might not know around Walter Egan"s 1978 hit, "Magnet and also Steel." lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks song background vocals on the song and also were co-producers. Also, the song"s type of around Nicks.

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As Egan recalled to Bart Herbison of Nashville Songwriters combination International, he had just finished singing in the studio through Nicks and found self "smitten." on the journey home, a patent plate caught his eye, and the remainder is rock history.

What was your thought as soon as you started this song?

WE: My assumed was come revive the good sounds the the fifties. Ns old enough to have actually remembered American Bandstand when it remained in Philadelphia, and also then as it progressed, but doo-wop music expected a lot come me in my at an early stage days…

As we had actually the transaction in hand, us were searching for producers. Ns thought, “How around Todd Rundgren? How about Brian Wilson?” and also they to be going, “Well, how about Buckingham-Nicks?” ns didn’t know who Buckingham-Nicks was at the time. I assumed it to be Don Nix who was doing southerly rock, and also I thought, “No, that doesn’t sound right,” and also they provided me (their) album to listen to and I thought, “Oh mine goodness, this is yes, really close to what ns think I’ve been doing.” In fact, as I obtained to understand Lindsey and Stevie more, we were look at in the exact same crevice.

So, they to be my producer on the very first album, and it to be a wonderful time to obtain to know them because Fleetwood Mac was simply recording Rumours at that point, and also just type of on that launching pad that collection them turn off in the late 70s as the biggest group in the world. So, I simply happened come tag follow me on that together the recording progressed. One night together I was recording my very first album, Fundamental Roll, one of my producers, miss out on Stevie Nicks, was to sing backgrounds ~ above a song of mine dubbed ‘Tunnel the Love’ which to be the most salacious song I can do.

I just love the method you said this, for this reason I want to quote “you” come “you”.

“On the night once Stevie did the background vocals because that my song, ‘Tunnel of Love,’ my nascent, amorous feelings towards her came right into sharper focus. Ns was smitten by the kitten, as they say.”

WE: Well, i couldn’t say it much better than that. That was really true, that’s just how it all happened...I love Stevie, obviously. So, it to be 3 or 4 in the morning once that session broke up and also that was in Van Nuys and I to be living in Pomona at the time. I acquired on the freeway, the 101, and also noticed the auto in former of me, which was what they used to lovingly refer to as a “pimp mobile.” It was lowered, and also it had actually the lights underneath it, and also the had actually fringes around the window, and also the diamond home window in the back. The license plate said “NOT SHY,” and also I’ve always been open up to messages from the world as a songwriter. So, I sort of mulled end that together I journey home, and this song that I had actually been functioning on which was my throwback to the fifties, to the stroll, it simply seemed to occupational quite well because that that.

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