Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28 august 2017, Written update of full Episode: Aadity make the efforts his finest to problem them however fails miserably

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The ladies get scared to see the height of the matki. The gents embrace themselves because that the competition. Ladies warn them about the height. Naira(Shivangi Joshi) speak them that Karthik (Mohsin Khan) has refused come participate. Manish and also Naitik decision to participate in the competition without him. Aaditya joins their team in disguise. The organizer tells them the each team will simply get five minutes to rest the matki. Everyone gets shocked. Naira and all the various other ladies decision to motivate them instead of scaring them. First team stops working to do the pyramid. Second team division it 4 minutes 48 seconds.THe organizer tells them that they will have to break that in lesser time to success the task. They obtain even an ext scared. Likewise Read - TRP Report week 36: Rupali Ganguly-Gaurav Khanna\"s chemistry provides Anupamaa win audience\"s hearts again; Khatron Ke Khiladi out of height 5

The organizer speak them the they are short of one member. Karthik comes there and also joins them. Manish many thanks him. Karthik claims he is additionally a part of the team. They start making the pyramid. Manish asks Karthik to rise on his shoulder. Aaditya intentionally bends down and also Naksh falls down. Keerti gets scared. Naksh speak everyone that he is fine. Aaditya deliberately pushes the male on his side. Karthik falls but Manish comes in between and takes every the load. Naira and everyone else acquire scared. Manish asks Karthik to break the matki and also complete the mannat they have kept because that Keerti. Manish asks Karthik to go and also build the pyramid.He tells him he will not leaving him alone at any cost. Also Read - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Anupamaa, Imlie and also more: SHOCKING twisted to open minded in tonight’s illustration of peak TV reflects

Naira joins the team and starts rise the pyramid. She unknowingly kicks Aaditya the end of the team. Karthik bring away his place. That asks her that they will have to beat 2nd team\"s time inorder to success the task. Naira breaks the matki in ~ 4 minute 45 second. Anyone gets happy and starts celebrating. Naira asks all of them come pray come God because that Keerti and Naksh\"s happiness. Organizer tells them that they will certainly not have the ability to give them the award as their team had a girl. Every one of them scream on the organizers in anger. Other teams likewise support them. They explain them the winner. Naira goes and collects the trophy. Also Read - Trending TV News Today: Shaheer Sheikh opens up on the moment he was jobless before Mahabharat; Karan Kundrra approached because that Salman Khan\"s Bigg ceo 15 and an ext

Suhasini asks Manish if the is fine. He speak her that his son could have gained hurt however thankfully the is fine the is why he is also fine. Karthik and also Naira overhear their conversation. Naira hears Aaditya\"s voice and also gets shocked.Keerti also gets a emotion as if Aaditya is what nearby. Luv and Kush call Naira that they are unable to find Keerti. Naira it s okay worried. Likewise READ: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 respectable 2017, Written upgrade of complete Episode: Naira is not pregnant!

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