SmackDown outcomes — Ambrose came to be No. 1 challenger to the Intercontinental title in a fierce Triple threat Match and the Gooker returned!

INDIANAPOLIS – top top a distinct Thanksgiving edition of SmackDown, The maniac Fringe earn his possibility at Intercontinental glory in a main event slugfest against Tyler Breeze and also Dolph Ziggler. Plus, the Gobbledy Gooker reduce in ~ above The new Day, and also Roman Reigns explained his excessive plans because that his people Title showdown versus Sheamus at WWE TLC.

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A an extremely determined roman Reigns kicked off SmackDown. He recalled his childhood dream of coming to be WWE human being Heavyweight Champion and how that dream to be shattered once – just minutes after he winner the location at Survivor series – Sheamus cashed in his Money in the financial institution contract and stole that away. As he resolved himself not to let the atrocity stand, The Celtic Warrior emerged.

Sheamus proceeded to mock Reigns relentlessly, rejoicing in the truth that he once again stood in ~ the top of the mountain. While the black-clad Superstar challenged him to come down to the ring best there and also then, the brand-new World Champion opted to leaving his adversary to his “broken dreams.” before he might go, however, Reigns described his intentionally to usage tables, ladders and also chairs to get ago what was his at WWE TLC.

The Dudley Boyz def. Braun Strowman & Erick Rowan through Disqualification

In the height of horrific tag team activity pitting The Dudleys against Braun Strowman & Erick Rowan, Luke Harper invaded – pass an end to the enhance by disqualification. This paved the means for The Black lamb to lock D-Von in his excruciating finishing maneuver. Then, Harper and also Rowan hurled Bubba Ray through the table. Follow the Buzzards!

Paige def. Becky Lynch

On the heels the her loss at the hand of Divas Champion Charlotte at Survivor Series, Paige’s follow-up contest against the titleholder top top Raw finished in a dual count-out. The Diva of tomorrow then locked the champion in an excruciating post-match PTO top top the notice table.

Fast-forward three days to SmackDown, wherein Paige took component in a return match against Becky Lynch – the red-haired beauty, beauty who endured the very same fate as Charlotte simply weeks earlier in the unified Kingdom. In spite of the fact that the Lass Kicker nearly locked in the Disarm-her in the last moments of your contest, Paige was able to avoid it and also held her opponent’s shoulders down for the three-count.

The new Day held a Thanksgiving potluck dinner

Big E, Kofi Kingston and also Team B.A.D collection out to celebrate Thanksgiving ~ above SmackDown, brand-new Day style! and also though heather Slater’s Band-Aid infested “Slater-Slaw” and also Adam Rose’s rabbit Stew did not rather make the grade, it was The Ascension the would eventually be kicked the end for no bringing anything to the potluck.

The to mark of the gathering come moments later, however, once Xavier Woods arised dressed as the Gobbledy Gooker – a “creature” celebrate the 25th anniversary that his debut in WWE.

Jack Swagger def. Alberto Del Rio by Disqualification

Prior to their highly-personal match against Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio and also Zeb Colter insulted The actual American and also the WWE cosmos alike, dismissing them together a bunch of haters.

In the warmth of the subsequent showdown, simply when the patriot grappler appeared to have the United says Champion right where he wanted him, Swagger made the mistake of transforming his fist to Colter. This provided The significance of Excellence time come regroup and launch a fierce chair attack that brought about the disqualification. As soon as he went earlier for more, though, Swagger turn the tides and also unleashed a retaliatory chair attack of his own.

The Lucha dragons def. The new Day’s big E & Kofi Kingston

After his appearance at The brand-new Day’s Thanksgiving potluck dinner earlier in the night, the Gobbledy Gooker attach Kofi Kingston and huge E come the ring for your match versus Sin Cara & Kalisto.

But, as soon as Kingston tried to use the ropes as leverage in a pen attempt, the Gooker suddenly moved them off! secs later, Kalisto blasted Kingston v the Salida del Sol because that the victory.

As The brand-new Day was still scratching their heads end what happened, Jimmy Uso showed up on the ramp with a recorded Xavier Woods in tow. This prompted the Gobbledy Gooker come take turn off his head, revealing that he was in reality Jey Uso in disguise! after ~ The Lucha Dragons and Jimmy took out the surprised huge E & Kofi, and also Jimmy hit Woods with a superkick, the Gooker leaped right into the activity from the optimal rope with a vacation splash.

Dean Ambrose def. Dolph Ziggler and also Tyler Breeze – Intercontinental location No. 1 Contender’s Triple danger Match

In a nonstop, furious free-for-all main occasion to identify Kevin Owens’ No. 1 contender, all three Superstars pulled the end all the stop on SmackDown.

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Though Tyler Breeze looked as if he may arise victorious – hitting the Beauty shot on Dolph Ziggler – Dean Ambrose damaged up his effort to hit the Unprettier and leveled Prince Pretty v Dirty Deeds for the large win. Together a result, The maniac Fringe is the brand-new No. 1 competitor to Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens. After ~ the contest, the unstable Ambrose got face-to-face v the titleholder, shoving that backward. Rather of retaliating, Owens walked away to fight another day.