– Bear v me this week guys, I’m functioning on fumes and we’ve got around 3 hours and 45 minutes to do it through… Preshow kicks off v Stanford, Graves and Otunga in WWE HQ. We learn Paige vs. Sasha banks and huge Show vs. Dean Ambrose are already announced because that Raw…. Reports also indicate the the entire WWE roster will certainly be ~ above the phase for the start of Raw.

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– Undertaker/Brock Lesnar feud recap from critical week’s wild and crazy brawl. Otunga claims we haven’t see the Undertaker because he lost to Brock in ~ Mania until last week. Tombs reminds Otunga that Taker returned at this year’s WrestleMania, Otunga fully ignores his gigantic mistake. Way to store up v the product.

– It’s Kliq main on WWE Network… God aid us all…

– Clips from Seth Rollins/John Cena segment from last week are shown, together I quiet sit here a week later and wonder WTF they’re thinking by running this program.

– Orton vs. Kevin Owens announced for Raw. The dashboard talks around Owens slump and also his enhance vs. Finn Balor ~ above the NXT special event the night prior to Summer Slam.

– over at Raw, Jojo interviews The new Day around causing the prime Time football player a loss versus Los Matadores last week. New Day denies your intentions. Your typical brand-new Day promo. New Day Rocks and also all that…

– Divas conversation follows with all the NXT ladies freshly debuting castle talk around the mini factions currently in WWE. And that will wrap increase the preshow…

– life starts through clips from critical week’s angle v the Undertaker and also Brock Lesnar. Together we pan come the arena it’s HHH and Stephanie do their method to the ring… Oh, Seth Rollins is with them too… HHH automatically confirms Summer Slam will go 4 hours. Their next piece of company is to gain over tonight’s card and also the Divas division, announcing matches for tonight.

Rollins decides to gain himself over so he starts mentioning how he to win Lesnar in ~ Mania, and also how he preserved at Battleground. Rollins is the best champion of all time, blah blah…

And below comes man Cena come tell the different. Man isn’t out right here for the Authority, just Rollins. Cena place Asshole Rollins in check. The calls Seth a hoax for a champion. Cena argues we discover out who’s right. He to know Rollins won’t expropriate a fight, for this reason he transforms to the government for your help. Cena asks because that a people Title shot tonight. Rollins doesn’t think that deserves it, however Stephanie pipeline it come the people… The people strongly cheer for the enhance to it is in made… Stephanie fakes everyone out and also says NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Lol… heel heat.

Stephanie tells Cena to knife the shot. HHH still makes the match, Cena vs. Rollins, yet it’s for the U.S. Location instead. And also that help anyone HOW?

— Commercial rest —

1. Dean Ambrose vs. The big Show

Miz ~ above commentary. Apparently also after death Miz in 90 seconds, the feud proceeds for the IC Title v Miz involved. Ambrose goes appropriate at present with rights and lefts, but gets ran over. Present charges at Dean however Ambrose ducks and Show takes a SLOWWWWW fall over the height rope to the floor. Ambrose through a baseball slide and a self-destruction dive takes huge Show down. Dean climbs come the top rope because that a diving elbow to the floor but flies right right into a large CHOP from the big Show, and we’re turn off to commercial.

Back native break, Dean has his shirt ripped off while display dominates. Present has Ambrose in a foot lock, so Dean unties Show’s boot. Lol? So huge Show stops ti tie his shoe. WTF? lol. Dean applies a sleeper, yet Show slobbers everywhere and also rips Dean off his back. Ambrose autumn Show’s throat throughout the height rope yet Show catches Dean turn off the peak rope and also throws Ambrose behind him for a attention bump and a 2 count…

Show calls because that the Chokeslam, but Dean counters with a DDT. Dean fires up through punches, bounces off the ropes for his large clothesline however runs into a CHOKESLAM!!!! 1………..2………Dean kicks out…..

Show v a second CHOKESLAM!!! Dean rolls come the floor dead, yet beats the count back in just before the 10… Dean stands increase right into a Superkick from large Show… Ambrose rolls ago outside again and also eats a SPEAR from huge Show outside… present is dominating Dea, but AMBROSE to win THE COUNT back INSIDE AGAIN!!!

Show is in disbelief. The fight goes back to the floor. Big Show PRESSES Dean right into the ring, yet Ambrose soil on his feet… Dean come out with a self-destruction DIVE RIGHT into THE KNOCKOUT beat ON THE FLOOR!!! Dean practically beats the count, yet can’t win it… big Show wins on a count out in 11:20.

Post match, huge Show size up Dean that is propped against the time keeper barricade… display charges in ~ Ambrose, but Dean sidesteps and also Show goes ideal through the barricade and also knocks himself out. Ambrose loses yet somehow leaves to his music… therefore why no just have Dean victory the first place? i swears there’s part unwritten rule that Ambrose can’t win more than as soon as a month.

I’ll give the writers/Vince credit though… There to be no Miz interference, no Wyatt inteference, simply a directly up fight.

— Commercial rest —

2. Neville vs. Fandango

Fandango has passed that suggest where he’s no longer just a jobber, he’s one of those males you genuinely feel poor for. You desire him to lose, yet not THIS bad. Fanny counters a hurancan rana and runs Neville over with a clothesline. Fandango with the GORY SPECIAL!!!! Neville at some point escapes and also hits a jawbreaker and also a series of kicks. Dango come the floor and also Neville does an inside the end 180 dive over the height rope come the floor… Fandango rolled ago inside the the Red arrowhead ends the in 1:50.

Stardust appears on the Titan Tron to challenge Neville. Stardust takes jabs at the fans about wanting that to end up being a baby face and use Dusty Rhodes’ death as the catalyst. Of food Cody doesn’t actually say that, but you can conveniently read between the lines… Stardust climate rips ~ above the Stephen Amell guy and also rips up a snapshot of his Green arrow character. Stardust walk on in usual Stardust fashion (AKA IS SUCKS). The group doesn’t care. Naught will avoid the super villain from beating the super heroes of the WWE favor Neville. BLAH.

— Commercial rest —

– Backstage, Paige is with Becky Lynch and Charlotte talking about the fan support they’ve received. Team poor shows approximately take credit for the recent Divas success. Sasha banks talks about being NXT champion. Paige talks about being the very first Divas champion and also 2 time WWE Divas champion. The 2 sides walk at that verbally for a bit, Charlotte WOOs for no reason in the middle of every this, prior to we walk to break…

Up next, it’s Paige vs. Sasha Banks…

— Commercial break —

3. NXT Champion Sasha banks (w/Naomi & Tamina) vs. Paige (w/Becky Lynch & Charlotte)

The two take the fight come the floor come begin and the team teams have actually a stare off. Cooler heads prevail and ago to the ring for action. Paige practically kicks Sasha’s confront off early on for a 2 count… It’s earlier and forth as the two girls feeling each other out and also finish with a stand off, yet the WWE group isn’t trained to applaud therefore there’s just a tiny smattering of noise… Paige gets financial institutions down through a autumn AWAY SLAM it s okay 2… Backstage watching room the Bellas & Foxy. Sasha bring away control. Yet misses a clothesline and also eats a Superkick native paige. The absent knocks Sasha outside, and also Paige climbs come the optimal rope and also dives out onto every one of Team negative as we go come break.

Back native break, we view footage from during the commercial once the two groups went in ~ it and all the exterior ladies were ejected native ringside leaving it just one on one. Sasha props Paige top top the middle rope and also hits a double stomp to the gut for a close to fall… financial institutions mocks Paige, says it’s her residence now. Financial institutions controls, grabs a pair more near falls and also locks in a distinctive chinlock. Paige breaks totally free and lands a well put kick. Paige v a series of knees to financial institutions in the corner, and then a trio of clotheslines, a dropkick. Another Superkick… Paige with a to run knee come the face! 1………..2………. Financial institutions kicks out. Sasha earlier in control, goes for the double stmp on the corner again, yet Paige counters and also blocks it prior to locking in kind of a camel clutch… financial institutions reaches the ropes because that the break. Sasha escapes Paige, slides behind and also lands the ago STABBER…. And also the financial institution STATEMENT as Paige taps out in just under 15:00….

Backstage, Renee Young is through Seth Rollins who might walk out tonight through both the WWE Title and also the U.S. Title. AGAIN, Rollins clues out who he beat in ~ Mania, and also who he efficiently defended against at Battleground. He’s outlasted Brock Lesnar twice, therefore he can beat Cena. Rollins states he defends his title versus the best, if Cena defends against the rest. Rollins states he has actually passed Cena by and also he will certainly prove the tonight.

– up next, Rusev has actually a surprised for Summer Rae.

– So, the Terminator is in the following WWE video game, and also they’ve likewise just created by this mini-movie segment that Dean Ambrose is a better actor 보다 anyone else in WWE as well… go figure.

— Commercial break —

Rusev & Summer Rae In-Ring Segment

Rusev and Summer in the ring. He claims it’s the woman’s project to obey, yet it’s a man’s job to give gifts. Rusev presents Summer Rae a dog… Yes… A DOG. Rusev claims the dog’s surname is Dolph Ziggler because it’s neutered and pees top top itself. But that’s not the only gift… five yes, there’s more… It’s a giant dead FISH… He renders Summer take it the fish… It has actually no head. Rusev name the cold fish after Lana, another cold fish… This needs to be a Vince McMahon idea….

Lana cuts Rusev off. She’s noble of this… and SO am I. Lana has some things to say, then Summer has some things to say back. Lana kicks Summer’s leg out from under her and also drives her confront down right into the fish… Lana then slaps Rusev and also walks off… Rusev throws the fish down the ramp at her, lol.

This appears to be the question I asking every week v this storyline, however HOW go THIS aid ANYONE?!?!?!?!???? WTF Vince, SERIOUSLY, simply WTF…

Oh yeah, and also the crowd really makes little noise transparent this crap.

— Commercial break —

– This entire segment is spend hyping Taker vs. Brock Lesnar. A video clip package is shown covering your stuff from last week and we find out that Brock Lesnar returns to Raw following week…

– The Lucha Dragons take on Los Matadores, next.

— Commercial break —

4. The Lucha dragons vs. Los Matadores (w/Torito)

Prime Time football player on commentary. It’s back and forth flippy activity in the ring. The PTP space talking around all of the potential challengers. Cara walk a headstand in the corner and also gets shoved to the floor. Matadores work-related over Cara ~ above the floor and allude at PTP. Ole! Titus calls castle Puerto Rican Bull Fighters. Matadors save up with the dual team spots and work end Cara. Meanwhile, Titus and JBL argue around Puerto Rican bull fighters. Dual underhook suplex top top Cara it s okay 2… group is about dead and Cara is moving in slow motion for much of the match. At some point Cata floor something and also hot tags come Kalisto and also business choose up. Kicks and also flippies through Kalisto gets a near fall off a tornado DDT…. Hand spring pele absent by Kalisto it s okay a near fall… Cara dives ~ above one Matador ~ above the floor, Kalisto and also the various other Matador fall each various other in the ring… and also here comes brand-new DAY with a a sign that reads real MEGA DAD that THE YEAR, pointing to Kofi, mocking Titus… new Day have fun with PTP ~ above the floor… and also they’re likewise the most over point out here. Go figure… meanwhile Kalisto v a rana roll up gets the pen on a Matador in 8:05.

New job does the Lucha dance, however to the to win of new DAY.

— Commercial break —

Wyatt family members Segment / Luke Harper “Recommits”

– This segment was announced as Luke Harper recommitting come the Wyatt Family. We’ve got Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper comes to the ring. Bray is no a betting man, yet if he was he’d bet anyone in the crowd has a family members that lock love. He states the children’s moms and also dads have actually been lying to them their totality lives and they perform not love their children. Because if they loved them they’d phone call the truth, that this human being is no beautiful or safe. Wyatt says to view the truth, simply look at the schools, government, areas of worship. The areas that defend us space the locations we should are afraid the most. Once we realize that, just then will certainly be set free.

Bray talks about having a pet and setup it free. But his pet come back, however something was various with scar across his face. His pet never left again. That day, his pets learned a lesson, the the people has trickster teeth than his. The most valuable lesson is you have actually to obtain them before they gain you. Wyatt talks around “fixing” Luke Harper from a damaged man and set him free.

Luke takes over. Harper claims there was a time once he didn’t understand why he was here on Earth, but Bray showed him the it to be the civilization who made the the way he is. The people shunned him, but Wyatt conserved him and also showed him the ideal path in life. Harper offers his life to Bray Wyatt.

Back come Wyatt that praises Luke for his loyalty. And also we move on to comment on Reigns. Wyatt says if Reigns truly love Ambrose prefer a brothers he would certainly tell that to operation away native danger. Wyatt states this is Reigns’ hill to die on, not someone else. But the Wyatt family is below for him. Monitor the buzzards.

— Commercial rest —

– Steve Austin’s podcast guest ~ above the Network following week is… PAIGE? WTF is that?

5.Charlotte & Becky Lynch (w/Paige) vs. Nikki Bella & Alicia Fox (w/Brie)

Nikki and Lynch start. If you haven’t watched Lynch, she’s good. Dual team point out by the faces. Charlotte sign in through Charlotte’s internet for a 2 count and also then a series of WOOO chops in the corner on Nikki. Charlotte neds increase in the hoe corner and also Foxy tags in to take it over… Backstage, Team poor is watching. Charlotte gets distracted by Brie and also Fox soil a huge kick to she head. Double team point out by the heels. Nikki nails Becky on the apron and also drops Charlotte as well before doing the lame press ups… twin suplex top top Charlotte and also Foxy gets 2… Unqiue surfboard used by Fox, however Charlotte turns it into a pen attempt because that 2. Hot tag come Becky Lynch. Favor her hair, she’s on fire… T-Bone suplex on Foxy, however Nikki division up the cover… We’ve acquired all four going in ~ it but Becky ultimately locks in the arm breaker (the “disarmer”) ~ above Fox because that the success in 6:00 even.

— Commercial rest —

6. Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens

We’ve gained that Fella Sheamus ~ above commentary. Ugh already. Orton constrain eary, Owens bring away a powder yet the hit goes come the floor. Earlier inside it’s Randy with the Orton Stomp. KO comes earlier with a large clothesline and also some offense, but Orton cut him off v a standing dropkick and the enhance is earlier on the floorr. KO sends out Orton right into the ring post and also hits a autumn Away Slam right into the barricade just prior to the break.

Back from break, Owens still has actually control. Owens misses a Cannonball in the corner and Orton take away over. Randy v a powerslam on the Sweat Hog, and then one Exploder Suplex on KO… Owens rolls to the apron, right in front of Sheamus. Owens drags Randy outside yet its Kevin the gets sent into tbe barricade… Sheamus leaves commentary and a BROGUE kick to Orton draws a DQ after ~ 11:30. Why not do that minutes ago?

Sheamus and also Owens watch to double team Randy in the ring, but CESARO renders the save and also is anywhere both guys now… Uppercuts everywhere… Sheamus take away Cesaro’s leg to odor him and he turns right into a pop Up Powerbomb through Owens to end the segment with the deals with laid out.

– Backstage it’s Renee Young with John Cena.

— Commercial break —

7. U.S. Champion man Cena vs. Seth Rollins (WWE Champion)

The U.S. Location is on the line. Cena on top early, Rollins turns things around with an awkward looking boot to the chest. Seth take away control and hooks a chinlock as we take out last break…

Back indigenous break, Seth control. Cena renders a comeback attempt however Seth remains on top. Rollins with a pele kick on Cena. John comes ago wioth a paris Tornado DDT!!!. Yet Rollins ago in regulate sends Cena outside and nails a suicide dive on the us Champ… back inside, Seth with the flying knee assault of the optimal rope!!! 1…………..2…………Cena kicks out!

Cena tries because that an STF but Rollins jumps as much as his feet. Cena hooks an electrical Chair Drop for a near fall… We’re at the component of the enhance where they profession punches and also Seth wins it through A KNEE to THE NOSE!!! CENA’S sleep IS BUSTED OPEN!!!! Cena recovers native the feasible broken nose, he tries a come back but Seth through an enzuigiri and then a to run Powerbomb into the corner….

The Fucking physician comes into the ring and stops the enhance to examine on Cena… Seriously? The complement continues ~ Cena is checked on. Enhance continues. Seth floor on his feet from a backdrop attempt, and Seth again soil on his feet native an AA attempt and also kicks Cena in the damaged face…. Cena somehow manages to get up and also HITS THE AA!!! 1…………2……………….. Absent out! medical professional checks on Cena again, his fucking sleep is on the side of his face, yes THAT’s BROKEN….

Rollins hits a Superplex and rolls that right earlier up right into a Falcon Arrow!!! Nice….1……………….2……….Cena kicks out!!!

Seth go up because that the Phoenix Splash, yet Cena moves! STF applied!!! Rollins reaches because that the ropes, yet Cena pulls him ago to the center of the ring! Rollins tapes the end after 17:00.

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Cena retains and his sleep is busted. We get repeated replays the the spot where his sleep is broken and also then the finish.