WWE normally throws a lot at us as soon as it involves the final episode that television prior to a pay-per-view.

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However, that wasn"t the instance this time around.

WWE threw a couple of great things in ~ us, i beg your pardon I will cover momentarily, but the last episode that Raw prior to Fastlane felt mainly uneventful.

Raw did a an excellent job the showcasing the main angles that space playing out on the show, yet everything rather felt prefer it was just kind that thrown the end there. That was virtually as if WWE was going with the movements if the story didn"t show off names favor Triple H, Kevin Owens, roman inn Reigns, Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Goldberg or Braun Strowman.

If one of those men weren"t involved in the story, WWE didn"t put lot of its an imaginative talent behind it.

Surely, the women"s department got a prolonged segment and match, yet neither presented anything we haven"t viewed before.

It is weird to think life hit a bit of a speed bump — pardon the pun — right prior to Fastlane, together the show had to be quite good the last couple of weeks.

Despite this present being less-than-stellar, the Fastlane map is quiet looks pretty good on paper.

Before that, however, ns shall go detailed on what arisen Monday night. Below are the full match results native the Resch facility in eco-friendly Bay, Wisc.:

- The brand-new Day def. Rusev & Jinder Mahal

- Akira Tozawa def. Noam Dar

- Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax def. Bayley & Sasha Banks

- large Cass def. Luke Gallows

- Sheamus def. Titus O"Neil

- huge Show def. The glowing Stars

- Jack Gallagher & TJ Perkins def. Neville & Tony Nese

- Samoa Joe def. Cesaro

Seth Rollins will certainly be in ~ WrestleMania

Despite his ailing knee, Rollins vowed Monday night the he will certainly be in ~ WrestleMania top top April 2.

While Rollins, who saw the ring through the assist of a crutch, shown that the would appear on the biggest show of the year, WWE was cautious not come say the Rollins would certainly be in a match. Rollins just said the he would be there. The capacity he"ll be over there in is still increase in the air as of this writing.

Rollins" declaration came after a prolonged but great back-and-forth through Triple H, who came the end to obstacle salt in Rollins" wound after that told Corey tombs that his doctors could not clear him gradually to do at WrestleMania.

Triple H, v Joe lurking in the background, warned Rollins no to present up come WrestleMania since it may be the last point he walk in WWE.

Rollins defiantly stated that he has actually nothing rather to lose and he"ll be in ~ WrestleMania even if it is the physicians clear him or not and also if he"s there, it would be the last thing they both do.

Like I said earlier, this was long, yet it to be still really good. It made me look forward to whatever Rollins actually does in ~ WrestleMania.

It might not it is in a match. It might only it is in an angle, yet it have to be fairly intriguing to see just how it all plays out.

Braun Strowman, roman Reigns tore the ring a part

The final segment of raw was devoted to the contract signing for Sunday"s match in between Reigns and also Strowman, and most that it was nothing we haven"t seen before.

But the an extremely end, however, gift something pretty memorable.

Raw general manager Mick Foley looked after the proceedings, but was told to leave by Strowman, who claimed that Foley was no longer needed.

Instead of leaving, Foley placed his foot down and reminded Strowman the he is the basic manager of Raw and also that Strowman would present him respect.

Strowman didn"t seem too happy with Foley"s tone, but before anything can happen, Reigns showed up.

Reigns and also Strowman brawled into the crowd and only came earlier to ringside when Reigns speared Strowman through the barricade, taking out a security guard in the process.

Reigns climbed back into the ring and virtually signed the contract, but didn"t and suddenly flashed a shocked watch on his face, as Strowman do his method back come his feet as if nothing taken place to him.

Strowman jumped ago into the ring and eventually tossed Reigns chest first into one of the turnbuckles, which caused it come snap turn off the ring post. If Strowman strutted away, Reigns still made his to the contract and signed it.

This was an great showcase of Strowman"s power and was other I have actually never seen before. It could have to be done somewhere else in the wide world of skilled wrestling, but I have actually never checked out something choose that, for this reason I have to provide kudos to WWE because that getting an innovative with this brawl.

It could have easily ended in yet one more power slam from Strowman or a spear from Reigns, however it didn"t. It created a minute that world walked far from the occasion talked about.

Foley no longer having actually nice days

Speaking of Foley, the looks like the story bordering him is based around counting down the days till he snaps and either resigns indigenous his basic manager place or go something that gets that fired.

In reality, Foley leave is inevitable, together he will certainly be acquisition time off to undergo surgical treatment on his hip, however in storyline, it is slowly building.

On Monday, Foley to be berated, when again, by life commissioner Stephanie McMahon, that basically claimed that Foley to be washed up.

Later ~ above in the present Foley got into a bit of a linguistic confrontation with Joe. He then yelled to the top of his lungs so the Strowman would respect his authority.

I know there space some pan that have grown fatigued that Foley and his act, but when every one of this hits the proverbial fan, i think people will discover to evaluate Foley, i beg your pardon is par because that the food for expert wrestling, particularly WWE.

Separation provides the heart flourish fonder and when someone is on television every single week, you kind of get tired of see them yet once Foley go away, human being may start to miss out on him again.

Time will certainly tell on that one, i guess.

Sami Zayn vs. Joe heater up

Something on raw that has actually not had a bunch of fancy storytelling, but has still been entertaining nonetheless has actually been the Zayn-Joe rivalry.

After suffering beatings from Joe in continually weeks, Zayn finally gained a measure up of revenge by attacking Joe after his match versus Cesaro Monday night.

Once Joe made his method to the phase after the match, Zayn came from out of nowhere and also began beating top top him. Joe controlled to fend him turn off while referees and security attempted to separate the two.

That clear didn"t work, as Zayn controlled to dive turn off the stage onto Joe prior to everyone can get in in between them again. Every one of this set up a match between Zayn and Joe at Fastlane.

Like I stated earlier, this has actually been very an excellent given the simplicity, which go to present that basic can be really effective sometimes.

Sidenote: i was really looking forward to the match in between Joe and also Cesaro and also it more than likely was pretty good, yet the television missed a good portion of because of a advertising break.

I know that is par for the course for WWE, yet it was still a little of a let down.

Women"s division going i do not have anything fast

Something that has not been reliable is the storytelling in the raw women"s division.

I have said prior to that the raw women"s department is essentially the train station of the Smackdown Live one.

The life women"s division typically produces remarkable in-ring action, however lackadaisical stories. The Smackdown Live women"s department is the opposite, as it has produced some good stories and also promos, yet has been trailed much behind the life women"s department in the ring.

The difficulty with the Raw side is that I"m not all the interested in what happens through the women until they get into the ring.

Another issue is that there are only 5 of them doing anything. Return Smackdown Live uses about six ~ above a weekly basis, the blue brand gets the absolute most out of those six. On height of that, Smackdown Live makes sure the every episode feels different with the women.

On Raw, that feels like we"re watching reruns that the same present over and over and also over again.

It doesn"t assist that Summer Rae and Paige have been on the sidelines parenting injuries and in Paige"s case, has had actually a rocky connection with the company as the late, but then you have Emma, who has actually been nothing much more than a video clip package that has actually turned into a running joke amongst the fans.

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Alicia Fox, who is a pretty great wrestler, has actually been lessened to being just Noam Dar"s valet and nothing else.