WWE life ResultsDecember 25, 2017Chicago, IllinoisCommentary: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Booker TResults by: urbanbreathnyc.com Staff

Welcome to the very special Christmas execution of WWE Monday Night RAW. Merry Christmas!

John Cena opened segment

John Cena’s music hits and also he walks the end to a thunderous ovation. Crowd v the “John Cena sucks” chants. An extremely loud reaction at first.

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Cole reminds united state that life is commercial free for the first hour. Lucky me.

John Cena bring away the microphone and says there is something wrong in this picture. He walks out to check out a fan and also tells him the he’s put on the wrong color shirt. John gives his equipment to a fan v a disability. Cena wishes the crowd a merry Christmas. A “Merry Christmas” singing breaks. John Cena states this is the very very first time we hear this chant. Group cheers.

Cena claims that the WWE is his home and they room his family. Like a usual family, they’ve had ups and downs. Cheers come the an excellent times and also bad times. Cheers because that a unique day like today seeing every one of us together.

Elias’ guitar plays and also he makes his way out. Elias starts playing on his guitar. “John, perform you also know what WWE was standing for?” “Walk with Elias!” Cena is smiling. Elias has a inquiry for everyone. “Who wants to talk v Elias?” A yes chants breaks. Cena claims “Yes, I’ll walk through Elias.”

Elias claims that for months, he’s been getting interrupted. Then a cm Puck hymn breaks. Elias claims “It’s for damn sure that centimeter Punk won’t interrupt me!”

Elias claims he will perform below tonight and also another “CM Punk” chant breaks. Elias claims he will execute tonight uninterrupted. Cena is trying to tell Elias something and Elias is not letting him finish. Funny segment so far. Cena bring away the high chair and bring sit in the ring for Elias to sit on. Lights walk off and also Elias tells them pan to rotate off the cell phones and to shut your mouths. He has a special track for everybody. Much more “CM Punk” chants break. Elias starts to sing a Christmas song by violation the crowd and Chicago. Man Cena speak him come stop and also to revolve on the lights. Cena to be trying to tell him not to speak anything bad about Chicago. Cena claims the group is dressed because that the occasion and also chanting. Cena says that every song Elias has he phone call the people in the group jerks. Cena speak him the they’re not the jerks, he’s gift the jerk. Crowd chants “Yes”. Elias states he never ever thought the it that way. Maybe Cena is right, perhaps Elias is a jerk. He claimed that the will try the tune again if Chicago offers him a second chance.

“It’s Christmas time in Chicago.. It’s Christmas day, i can’t imagine a much better place to invest my Holidays.” John continues “So have yourself, a merry little..” bang, Elias v a punch on Cena. Cena walk down. Elias was standing on peak of Cena and also says that doesn’t play for him and that Christmas is overrated, and also so is Chicago.

Elias is walking away, Cena is attempting come get back up, then Elias runs and kicks him again. Elias difficulties Cena right now. That calls because that a referee.

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Yes, advertisement in the very first hour. Probably it’s only below in Canada. U.S. Fans acquire no commercials i am assuming.

John Cena vs. Elias

Elias is top top the peak rope and jumps, stomps Cena and covers, 1,2 but Cena kicks out. Elias tried to job-related on the eight of Cena. Elias hangs Cena upside down on the turn buckle. Elias goes up the top rope, yet this time missed the jump and also Cena clotheslines him down. Both males are down. Both men exchange blows. Ago breaker through Elias, 1,2 however Cena strength out. Elias knocks Cena ago down. Elias has been an ext dominate in this complement so far. Powerbomb by Elias, 1,2 and Cena kicks out.

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Yes, one more commercial break below in Canada.

Elias is quiet in control of the match. Cena is down. Backbreaker by Elias, 1,2 and Cena kicks out again. Elias do the efforts to go for another backbreaker, yet Cena counters it into an STF. Elias escapes and delivers a knee to the face of Cena. Castle exchange a couple of moves, climate Cena applies the STF again. Elias escapes again. Elias it is intended an elbow. Group chants “This is boring!” Cena does a couple of shoulder tackles. 5 knuckle shuffle, adhered to by the AA and also Cena gets the 1,2,3.

Winner: man Cena

Backstage, Cena is hanging miscellaneous on the Christmas tree. Jason Jordon wishes kurt a funny Christmas. Seth Rollins interrupts. They start saying over who will confront Samoa Joe. Kurt Angle states that The Bar constantly show up as soon as they shot to work out something v Joe. He speak them to confront The Bar. Lock disagree and also start arguing. Kurt provides the match, Jason Jordan and also Seth Rollins vs Cesaro and Sheamus for the raw tag titles.

Roman Reigns shows up and also Kurt makes an additional match. Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe for the Intercontinental Title.

Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick are in the ring gift interviewed through Charly.

Cruiserweight DivisionHideo Itami vs. The Brian Kendrick

Both men trading blows at first. Itami takes control by carrying a pair of kicks come the back, adhered to by a absent to the spine.


Directly after return from commercial, Itami it is intended the walk to sleep knee strike and gets the 1,2,3.

They replay that slowly, seems like Kendrick obtained the absent hard enough to bleed.

Winner: Hideo Itami

A video package concerning Stephanie McMahon’s announcement from critical week about the WWE Women’s royal Rumble was played. Backstage we have actually Bo Dallas and also Curtis Axel communicating with Mickie James, Sasha Banks and Bayley. They sing the females a tune praising The Miz that is away. All 3 women are speechless as they leave. Dallas and also Axel wish them a funny Mizmas.

Absolution vs. Bayley, Mickie James and also Sasha Banks

Deville and also Bayley in the ring together Sasha is tagged in. A dual suplex and a fast kick the end by Deville. Deville rolls the end of the ring and a huge clothesline on Sasha Banks. Ago in the ring, Paige is tagged in. A running high knee as a fast tag it s okay Mandy in. Forearms by Mandy rose onto Sasha Banks. Sasha do the efforts to make the tag yet she’s dragged ago by Mandy. Sonya Deville back in as a “Let’s go Sasha” chant native the crowd. Paige tagged into the ring and also a sleeper applied. Mandy tagged in and also a to run kick top top Sasha. She goes for the cover however a 2 count. A modified body stretch submission by Mandy top top Sasha. Financial institutions with an arm roll take under as she goes for the tag yet Mandy blocks the tag. Sasha throw Mandy top top Paige and onto the outside of the ring.

Sasha tag Bailey in and her in Paige are currently the two legal contestants in the match. Bailey exploding ~ above Paige. A Bailey to belly onto Paige yet Deville take away Paige out of the ring and also all 6 women are fighting exterior of the ring. Bailey and also Paige ago in the ring and also Bailey goes for the elbow drop native the top rope but Paige kicks Bailey off and delivers the RamPaige together she it s okay the pinfall for she team.

Winners: Absolution

Renee Young is backstage with Samoa Joe and also she asks if he has any remorse regarding what the did come Dean Ambrose last week. Samoa Joe claims not at all and also that it provides Ambrose time to spend with his loved ones, Renee doesn’t look impression (as she is married to Ambrose). Joe walk on come say he will certainly be the brand-new Intercontinental champion.

Michael Cole talks about Dean Ambrose’ injury and says that Ambrose might be out of activity for approximately nine months.

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Kane vs. Heather Slater w/ Rhyno

*Keep in mind, Rhyno wants to toughen increase Heath Slater*

Kane takes Slater come the corner and also hammers away. One eight sidewalk slam by Kane. Slater is now on the outside. Rhyno tells Slater to obtain in that ring and also show that how tough he is. Kane throw him back into the outside. Rhyno is trying come toughen him up by telling him to get ago in the ring. “He’s obtained kids” chant indigenous the crowd. Slater in the ring tried to fight back, but Kane takes the down. Chokeslam through Kane for the 1,2,3.

After the match, Kane do the efforts to strike Rhyno, however Rhyno fights earlier and do the efforts to supply the Gore, yet Kane records him through a chokeslam.

Winner: Kane

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Curt Hawkins cut a promo in the ring and the fans begin the “What?!” chant. He states that the feels a Christmas miracle in the air here tonight. He issues an open an obstacle for whoever desires to come under that Chimney and step right into his living room. After the his 146th match losing streak involves an end.

Curt Hawkins vs. Finn Balor

Balor in manage early in the match. Curt do the efforts a pair of roll-up pins, but Balor kicks out. Balor cd driver Curt right into the corner. Balor top top the height rope, Coup de Grâce, and gets the 1,2,3.

Winner: Finn Balor

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Dallas and also Curtis Axel room backstage once more, this time v Goldust. They sing another MizMas song. Goldush look at annoyed as they hand the a “Santa’s little Helper” movie DVD through The Miz top top the cover. Castle both to walk away as Titus O’Neil is checked out backstage and also Goldust hand him the DVD and also tells him funny Christmas.

Bray Wyatt is seen on the display screen cutting a promo together he claims “Chicago, I’m here” and also he provides his method to the ring. Wyatt gets in the ring and just as the lights walk on, Matt continuous is in the ring and also attacks him. Wyatt rolls out of the ring as a according to “Delete” chants erupts. Matt gets on the microphone and also just claims a most “Ah’s” and also “Oh’s”.

Backstage, Sheamus and Cesaro space backstage talking around their enhance later tonight. Sheamus offers Cesaro a Christmas gift. Cesaro opens up the card first and that reads “We don’t just collection the bar, we space the bar”. Cesaro opens up the gift and also Sheamust has offered him a Dean Ambrose activity figure. Cesaro laughs and says it’s the authentic one with the absent arm as the action figure is lacking a left arm. Cesaro gives Sheamus a gift. He opens it and gives that a Seth Rollins activity figure. Sheamus claims he can’t wait to rest it similar to he will break the actual Seth later on tonight. There’s a second gift in there. Sheamus takes that out and it’s Jason Jordan. Sheamus says he doesn’t desire it. Cesaro claims Seth Rollins doesn’t desire Jason Jordan as a tags team partner and Kurt edge doesn’t desire him as a boy either. Castle both laugh.

The miracle on 34th street fight v the 205 competitors is up following as the life crew is seen setup up cookies and also Christmas trees at ringside.

205 Cruiserweight MatchEnzo Amore, attracted Gulak and also Ariya Daivari vs. Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali and Akira Tozawa

Chaos all over with Christmas boxes and a Christmas tree being utilized in the match. Cedric and Gulak are in the ring and Cedric uses a liquid kane top top Gulak and takes that out. In come Daivari and Alexander it is intended the Lumbar examine for the win.

Winners: Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali and Akira Tozawa

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Backstage, Enzo runs into Nia Jax and she wishes him a merry Christmas. Lock look up and also they’re under a mistletoe. The asks her exactly how she’s doing together they walk for a kiss yet Alexa Bliss interrupts and also she tells Nia she really needs to talk come her about the very first ever Women’s imperial Rumble match. Both Nia and also Enzo look disappointed as they to walk away.

Renee Young is backstage v Roman Reigns. Reigns says he doesn’t treatment what Samoa Joe said. He states tonight is about Dean Ambrose and that he will certainly send a post to Samoa Joe. If he hurts one of his brothers, he will certainly hurt him.

WWE Intercontinental ChampionshipRoman Reigns (c) vs. Samoa Joe

The complement starts off with Roman Reigns absolutely destroying Samoa Joe. Roman heads come the exterior of the ring and also delivers a journey by. Roman gets ago in the ring and a dazed Joe do the efforts fighting back. A according to “Let’s go Roman, roman inn sucks” chant from the crowd. A ago drop indigenous Joe together he goes because that the cover yet a 2 count as Reigns kicks out.

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Both males are inside the ring trading right hands. Superman punch by roman as that goes for the cover but a 2 counting only! Reigns up very first as he goes for the spear yet Joe kicks the in the face. The Coquina Clutch on Reigns and Reigns is down. Roman inn looks like he’s fading but Roman provides it to the ropes.

Roman rolls come the external of the ring however Joe jumps v the ropes ~ above the outside. Roman inn looks prefer he pains his left arm. Back in the ring, Joe v an arm bar together he applies pressure to Roman’s left arm. Reigns fighting the end of it. Roman inn stomping ~ above Joe in the corner of the ring. The referee tries to break it up however Reigns continues. The referee rings the bell as Samoe Joe wins through disqualification. Reigns it is intended a superman punch on Samoa Joe.

On the exterior of the ring, Reigns with another superman punch acquisition Joe out. Reigns continuing the beat down on Joe. Reigns access time Joe v the steel steps. Still v the stole steps, he hits Joe a second time taking him down. Reigns grabs a steel chair and he goes to hit Joe through it that was leaning top top the ring write-up but Joe moves the end of the way. Referees rest it up.

Winner Via Disqualification: Samoa Joe

Backstage, Rollins is the town hall the beat down v a smile on his face. Jason Jordan start the locker room and Rollins speak him he’s teaming v him tonight for two reasons. The first being because he fan his dad cut Angle a favor after the bailed self out and also the second because he has actually a score to work out with Sheamus and also Cesaro. Jordan says he is excited to be teaming v him tonight. Jordan states Rollins has to admit, he provides a great replacement because that Dean Ambrose. Rollins speak him no issue how an excellent he thinks he is, that will never ever be Dean Ambrose. Jordan claims he will be also better.

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The Miztourage vs. Bruan Strowman

The Miztourage are in the ring. And they space excited because Kurt angle told castle they have actually a an enig Santa match. They started singing solder Bells as Braun Strowman’s track hits. The bell rings and Strowman through a clothesline bring away Dallas down. Strowman litter Bo Dallas about the ring. That grabs Curtis Axel turn off the ring apron and throws that onto Dallas. Strowman man handling both that them. The delivers a to run powerslam on Bo Dallas. The goes for the cover and also gets the 3 count.

Winner: Braun Strowman


Alexa Bliss and also Asuka Segment

Alexa Bliss is in the ring. She wishes anyone a funny Blissmass. She is offering everyone the gift that a Godess. She claims 2017 was she year and then go on come talk around the first ever women’s royal Rumble. She tells anyone “You’re welcome” due to the fact that everything has happened due to the fact that of her. She’s the gift the keeps top top giving. Asuka’s music hits. Asuka claims she has gone into the imperial Rumble and she will win because nobody is all set for Asuka. A staredown in between the 2 women as Asuka it is provided the Buzzsaw Kick.

— COMMERCIAL break —

WWE universal Champion Brock Lesnar will certainly be top top Raw next week.

WWE life Tag Team ChampionshipsThe Bar (c’s) vs. Seth Rollins and also Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan start the complement with Sheamus. Very early take under from Jordan together he has his eight wrapped around Sheamus. Sheamus take away the ropes and also distracts the referee as Cesareo knee Jordan. Both men in the ring together Rollins come in and cleans out. A self-destruction dive by Rollins top top the outside as Cesaro and also Sheamus room out top top the outside of the ring.

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Back native commercial, Cesaro has actually Rollins in a headlock. Rollins was standing up with Cesaro on his ago as that tries to do the tag however Cesaro throws Rollins right into the corner. He tags Sheamus in that starts stomping on Rollins. Sheamus throws Rollins to the exterior of the ring. Cesaro with a clothesline ~ above Rollins. Jordan top top the exterior of the ring attacks Cesaro yet Sheamus strikes him as they btoh litter Jordan ~ above the barricade. Ago in the ring, Sheamus sends Cesaro right into the corner and Rollins access time Cesaro. He turns around and takes Sheamus down. The goes to tag Jordan however Jordan is tho out. Cesaro assaults Rollins and also goes because that the cover yet a 2 count. Sheamus the legal man as he it s okay tagged in. They dual team Rollins and go because that the cover but he kicks out.

Rollins statts fighting ago and take away Cesaro out. Jordan jumps into the ring and also clotheslines Sheamus. Rollins provides the tag. He takes down both Sheamus and also Cesaro. That throws Jordan right into the ring corner, lifts him up and also does that again. A to run spear into the corner. That delivers one overhead suplex, goes because that the cover yet Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus tag Cesaro in and they double team Jordan. Cesaro it is intended the sharpshooter in the center of the ring. Rollins attacks Sheamus on the ring apron. The goes in the ring as Cesaro breaks the sharpshooter and also throws Rollins out. He transforms around and also attacks Jordan. He tags Sheamus in. They dual team Jordan as Rollins it s okay in the ring. A super absent by Rollins bring away Cesaro out. Sheamus attacks Rollins and throws that out. The texas cloverleaf by Sheamus ~ above Jordan. Jason Jordan get the ropes together Sheamus allows go. The tags Cesaro in. They shot another double team but Rollins breaks it up. Cesaro, Sheamus and also Rollins every outside. Cesaro rolls into the ring together Jordan it is intended a belly to earlier neckbreaker. The goes because that the cover and gets the 3 count! Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan space the new Raw tags Team champions!

Winners and new WWE raw Tag Team Champions: Seth Rollins and also Jason Jordan

Thanks because that joining united state tonight!