WWE Battleground feels prefer it more than likely should be a warm-up show for SummerSlam, but don"t be surprised if the impresses top top a number of fronts.

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Fans will watch with attracted breath to view what happens v the Divas division following the electrifying angle through the NXT stars that the future top top Monday"s Raw, when Stephanie McMahon"s involvement additionally promises huge things because that the angle.

Any present with Brock Lesnar is more than simply a transitional one, and with the third and likely defining fight between Kevin Owens and John Cena, over there is much to salivate over. Randy Orton and also Sheamus will fight after a mini-feud end the past two weeks, roman Reigns takes on Bray Wyatt, and also The element Time Players protect their WWE tags Team Championship versus The new Day.

But who will come out on peak in those matches? There have actually been ideas along the past couple of weeks to imply what will happen, and also some spoiler may likewise give us some clues.

News and also Potential Spoilers

Let"s start with Owens and Cena. After 2 previous contests at Money in the Bank and also Elimination Chamber, the scores are nicely tied up at one success apiece.

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Given the WWE"s policy with three right bouts and also then a conclusion (just like Cena"s feud with Rusev), this can be the last match in between the two. However, WrestleZone"s Nick Paglino reported last month that Owens is collection for the win yet that the rivalry will not actually culminate until SummerSlam.

However, through the rapid appearance of Cesaro and now Rusev into the United says Championship picture, those plans can have changed. The reputation of the location is in a much higher position than it was before Cena took it on, and the company"s young talent can be ready to move on with the belt.

The main occasion is looking significantly like less and also less the a numbers video game for Seth Rollins when he faces Brock Lesnar. 

WWE announced on its main website after raw Monday night the Kane endured a broken right ankle in ~ the hands of Lesnar, and also after that dismantled J&J protection last week, the angle is gift designed to leave Rollins dealing with up to the fact of having nobody in his corner at Battleground.

Of course, the could change if Triple H decides to emerge and throw his weight behind the champion. ~ all, he to be inconspicuous by his absence on life this past week. But the telling sign of Rollins" additional compounding the injury and declaring his intent to walk it alone might signify a large implosion top top the horizon for The Authority.

Match Card

R-Truth vs. King Barrett (pre-show)Roman Reigns vs. Bray WyattRyback vs. Large Show vs. The Miz (Triple Threat complement for WWE Intercontinental Championship)The prime Time football player vs. The brand-new Day (WWE sign Team Championship)Randy Orton vs. SheamusJohn Cena vs. Kevin Owens (United claims Championship)Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar (WWE human being Heavyweight Championship)

Now right here are some rapid predictions, prior to I enter depth about why a couple of of the bigger matches will end up the means I"ve projected.

Simple Predictions

Barrett defeat R-Truth.Wyatt defeats Reigns.Ryback retains.The element Time football player retain.Orton loss Sheamus.Owens becomes United claims champion.Lesnar becomes WWE human being heavyweight champion.

Bray Wyatt Wins the opened Bout

With roman Reigns looking favor he"s away from the WWE human being Heavyweight Championship snapshot for a great while, his ideal option end the next couple of months would be this feud through Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt has remained in dire require of a rivalry with someone not just of an excellent standing in WWE yet who has actually a story through him.

You only have to look in ~ The Wyatt household vs. The Shield as proof that that, yet there"s additionally the truth that Reigns denied Wyatt a spot in the Money in the financial institution ladder complement a few weeks ago.

That has collection up this feud, and it appears to be bringing out the ideal in both men. Reigns is slowly transforming back to the no-nonsense, cruel aggressor that was during his days v The Shield, when Wyatt is in ~ his menacing finest once more.

And if the feud is to continue through to SummerSlam and also maybe beyond, Battleground is the perfect opportunity for Wyatt to gain a win. He needs it much more than Reigns does, and also it would give Wyatt a major lift moving toward SummerSlam.

KO"s Time

If a clean success at remove Chamber to be a major surprise, then what has complied with for Kevin Owens has been off the charts.

It"s clear that his future in WWE is in ~ the peak of the company, and also when the locks horns through Cena again this Sunday, fans will certainly be chomping in ~ the bit to see Cena compete. Not only were their an initial two matches exceptional, but Owens continuous downing Cena top top Raw over the past few weeks has actually really whet the appetite for their clash in ~ Battleground.

So why Owens over Cena yet again? over all else, it simply feels favor it"s time because that Cena come relinquish the belt. He"s to be a great United states champion and also has excellent a wonderful job that pumping part prestige and also interest right into the belt, however there constantly has to be a time when the buck passes on.

WWE need to look at not only Owens yet Cesaro, Rusev and also even someone favor Dolph Ziggler as men who can inject yet an ext enthusiasm right into the U.S. Title.

Lesnar Wins, however That may Not be the End

It seems like the curtain is finally set to come under on Rollins as WWE people heavyweight champion.

After month of ducking, diving and also benefiting indigenous The Authority help him out month after month, Lesnar has taken far Rollins" benefit one man at a time.

Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble are gone, and Kane won"t be in ~ Battleground one of two people after the damaged ankle experienced at the hands of The Beast Incarnate. 

All the signs allude to a Lesnar win here, however even if he does arise victorious, that may not be where Battleground goes off the air.

Should Rollins fail to stand approximately the difficulty of Lesnar, it might be the Triple H decides sufficient is enough and also launches right into a feud v Rollins by laying him the end after the match. We"ve watched plenty that tension between the two males over the last few weeks, and also the way Triple H spoke when laying under the gauntlet come Rollins indicated that if the couldn"t action up, the aftermath would be severe.

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That"s no all; there"s likewise every possibility that if Rollins vs. Triple H is kicked off at Battleground, Lesnar"s next foe can come in the form of Sheamus. After all, Rollins wouldn"t be roughly to cash in his obligated rematch, therefore Lesnar requirements a challenge. 

Doing the cash-in so quickly after win it would be a huge risk, but megastars are made native taking huge risks. Sheamus demands something big to take place in the coming months, and also going after ~ Lesnar and also even thefts his title might be simply the ticket.