Multiplayer settings in wrestling games are awesome, yet many pan don"t prefer playing digital or would likewise like to have a single-player option easily accessible to them. WWE 2K16 has two really compelling single-player settings in its feature set: MyCareer and 2K Showcase.

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Neither setting is new, together both appeared in WWE 2K15, but there"s an aspect of fresh in both in WWE 2K16.


In WWE 2K15, the MyCareer experience lacked depth and also personality. This year, a small bit the both features has been added to do the mode much more like what we meant it to be last year.

For starters, your journey doesn"t finish when you win the WWE world heavyweight title. In fact, friend never need to win the belt if friend don"t desire to. It"s all around choosing a path. The path must lead you to the WWE room of Fame—at the very least that"s the goal.

You begin out by creating your own Superstar. You can take picture of yourself—or someone else—and upload it to be offered as the basic for her Superstar"s face. When you have the face, you have the right to customize just around every component of your physical appearance. That contains dying hair, changing face paint and also even morphing facial and some human body features.

This is easily the finest create-a-character tool we"ve ever seen in a wrestling video game. The just thing it"s absent is the capability to scan her face, choose in NBA 2K16 and NBA Live 16. Aside from that, there are very couple of limitations to the create-a-character feature.


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Thankfully, your character has actually a voice this year. The lack of voice was one of the main culprits in WWE 2K15"s absence of personality. It would certainly be cool if you could pick indigenous a couple of different voices, but I"m happy v the baby measures for now.

The menu mechanism succeeds in keeping you informed around all the the pertinent information. At any type of time you can examine your condition with The Authority—at the very least once you gain to the WWE. While in NXT—which is where your job begins—you"ll it is in chasing glory in the WWE"s developmental organization.

It takes a small too long to obtain into matches that really count, but once you make her NXT debut, the action flows nicely. The career Invasion feature returns this year. Anyone who is on your friends list and also has WWE 2K16 through a MyCareer character on your system deserve to join your journey.

Like critical year, they have the right to pop increase at any type of time, and also as girlfriend or foe. This year, you"re request if you want to have your MyCareer attacked once you begin the mode. In WWE 2K15, the alternative to opt in or the end was complicated to find. It"s a small tweak, yet it also helps to do people mindful of a function that can potentially it is in pretty awesome.

I wish you didn"t should purchase virtual currency (VC) to achieve things prefer OMG moments, however that"s among the few gripes I have with the MyCareer mode. Hope we view it proceed to evolve. This year"s version is a sizable step over what we experienced in WWE 2K15.

2K Showcase

Through 2K Showcase, 2K sporting activities has found an interesting and also interactive method to teach and also reenact WWE history. This year"s variation of the mode functions the rise of the legendary "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. 

Successful completion of each match and also its goals unlocks the numerous Superstars, arenas and also other goodies in ~ the game. Subscribers to the WWE 2K Season pass can instantly unlock every little thing with the Accelerator, but the an ext hardcore gamers can elect to play through the entire 2K Showcase to earn your spoils.

The matches in the showcase variety from Austin"s at an early stage days in the WCW together Stunning Steve Austin, every the method up v his meteoric increase to fame through the WWE.

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Perhaps the best part of the mode is the recreations the the legend mic work and also promos. Rather of mirroring the really WWE footage, the settings have been recreated and models that the Superstars have been generated to emulate each minute in Austin"s history.