To store a long story short... My girlfriend is going through a turbulent time best now and also he's not doing come well. His wife left him and took his 2 kids earlier to NY and he gained fired from his task 2 mainly later... I think he's starting to choose up an old drug trouble he had prior to he relocated in v me about 2 month ago. Lately he's been bringing part questionable people about to continue to be over every once and also awhile... I didn't think much of it at very first because they appeared like an excellent people, yet after noticing small things go missing (really small stuff like bathroom soaps, mobile charger cords, etc). I began to wonder if anything crucial had unable to do missing.

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I don't have actually anything of actual value as well as my computer, so ns wasn't too worried... But then I confirm my drawer wherein I save my old mail, files, and also other documents. I noticed that things appeared a small off... I looked through the files and also didn't watch anything important anyone would want till I came across my old bank account examine book...

Sure enough there was 3 checks absent from it. I shrugged it off at very first because what could they carry out with a closed bank account? climate after act some study online ns learned the it's possible to cash check from close up door accounts.

Now I'm starting to worry. If my friend or any kind of of his drug buddies stole those checks and also were able come cash those checks for money. And if they did, it would come earlier to me right? Writing negative checks native a close up door account is significant shit. I don't know what come do. The bank account this checks are from has been closed for 3+ years. They would obviously bounce, however is it feasible they could still cash them?

I don't really know exactly how long they've to be missing, yet what would happen if they did cash them? would certainly my old bank throw increase red flags and also notify me? I've moved because that account was closed so just how would ns be notified? must I call the bank?

I don't understand who stole the checks and also I'm a worried the if my buddy walk cash them and deposit them right into his bank that lock would go after him. He would certainly be a total F-ing asshole for doing that, but he's favor a brothers to me. The only reason I might think he would execute something prefer this is for his medicine problem and the fact that he lost his task weeks ago and hasn't made any money to placed towards rental this month. I'm going come ask him once he it s okay home around this, but for currently I need advice on exactly how to ideal proceed v this...

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I don't desire to obtain in problem if it comes earlier to me, yet I likewise don't desire my friend acquiring thrown in jail because he's a dumb ass who doesn't realize how serious this is. I understand it most likely seems stupid come anyone analysis this that i wouldn't desire his ass thrown in jail, however he really is a great guy who most likely thought this to be something he might do to obtain some fast money to pay me because that rent and pay it ago later. I don't think that realizes that there's a huge difference in between a regular bounced check and writing checks from a CLOSED financial institution account... That going come jail for a long time would be that tipping point where he could give up completely and perform something stupid (He's already super depressed about his situation. Ns don't care about the money. His fine being is worth much more to me than a couple hundred bucks).

So what are my choices here? Is this something that is instantly going to be investigated if the cashed those checks already? Or will certainly it count on the paying ago the money once they bounce and also hit his financial institution account?