US hard rockers LETTERS indigenous THE FIRE to release their debut album ‘Worth The Pain‘ in Europe/UK on March 18, 2017 via Sand Hill Records/Cargo Records. ‘Worth the Pain‘, special 13 new songs that sell a beguiling mix the melody and also heaviness.

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“These room our stories our trials and tribulations. This is who we are.” it is Mike Keller, the guitarist/founder behind the only Area rock powerhouse Letters from the Fire, explaining his band’s moniker.

Ostensibly lifted native an old lyric, the phrase now serves as both a reminder that the band’s sometimes turbulent originas well together a rallying cry as the team moves forward and also (re)introduces us to the music world. When Letters native the Fire has actually existed for a bit, the team only newly solidified a lineup that ideal represents Keller’s original vision (the band is rounded the end by Alexa Kabazie, Cameron Stucky, Clayton Wages and Brian Sumwalt).

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The band found a modicum of at an early stage success doing nationwide tours v the likes of Fuel, Trapt, Non Point and also Pop Evil, record with previous Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody and scoring a few rock radio hits (“Zombies in the Sun,” a sheathe of “Eleanor Rigby”).

But singer alters abounded… until they met Alexa Kabazie. “We heard about this singer from Kile Odell, this producer we were working with,” states Keller. “She to be killing the on the demos us heard. We had to fly to north Carolina simply to check out if she could do it in person. She nailed the audition accurate on the first try. 2 weeks later, we already had 7 songs ready to go. She’s a star in the making.”

With Kabazie now helping out on melody and also lyrics, the band shifted gears. “She was everywhere the hefty stuff,” says Keller. “We actually scratched a the majority of stuff and also wrote about her voice. It’s amazing what she brings, because we’re no really choose In This Moment or Halestorm or anything you hearing in rock right now.”

You have the right to hear the band’s brand-new focus top top Worth the Pain, 13 brand-new songs that market a beguiling mix of melody and heaviness. Along the way, the album supplies twists and also turns: The slow piano develop of “At War” gives way to the harsher kingdom of “Control,” when the hefty groove that “Last December” co-exists close to the perfect mix the pop and also aggression in “Mother Misery.” Throughout, Kabazie sound both defiant and also reflective, stating “I’ve been a soldier in every battle except my own” and, in the location track, simply stating “Thank you because that walking away.”