Ever been oneshot by an adversary ship, or checked out a huge chunk of her hitpoints unexpectedly disappear in a solitary salvo? friend probably had actually your citadel region wrecked. Here"s a fast guide on how to execute it earlier to other people.

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Quick-and-dirty explanation: together naval designers started building larger ships to handle the bigger firearms going out to see, they started to realize the they couldn"t afford come fit armor everywhere. Together such, the decision was made to only armour up the an important zones the were absolutely vital for the ship"s survival. Most, if not all of the armor was concentrated to kind a "citadel" roughly a ship"s engines and also magazine spaces - so long as these citadel zones stayed intact, a ship might still survive. Vice versa, if these citadels to be breached by gunfire, it would suffer vital damage.


If you"d like more information about warship protection, look up "all-or-nothing" armour and also various short articles on the sort.


Locating the citadel

Now, where space the citadel area on a ship? These are typically hidden in the bowels the the ship and under the most amount that protection. Cruisers and Battleships room the pearls who have citadel building and construction in place. Destroyers space virtually unarmoured everywhere, and also don"t really have actually a citadel to hit - any type of HE shooting to your sides will certainly knock the end their engines.




Note that various ships will have various locations for your citadels, but as a general rule, they"re situated under the ship"s funnels and also under their turrets.


Hitting the citadel


Striking the citadel zone calls for penetration that the many protected part of the ship, and thus requires proper shell selection, an excellent aiming, and a healthy and balanced amount that luck.


First things first - Both HE and also AP shells are qualified of gaining Citadel Hits. However, hitting the citadels call for penetrating a delivery at the right place and angle. Therefore, you"ll want to be using AP shells in stimulate to acquire citadel hits.


As a general rule, in bespeak to acquire citadel hits, your shells have to land together close to the waterline ~ above the target ship together possible, and affect under the funnels or the turrets. Therefore, enhance your aim mite to the exact same area where the target ship"s hull meets the waterline. If you regulate to fight the citadel, you"ll watch this pop up instead of the conventional hit ribbon:



If you"re in a battleship, friend are qualified of hitting other battleships" citadels through AP at every ranges, and cruiser citadels through AP at all arrays (or the if they"re lightly armoured enough).


If you"re in a cruiser, friend are qualified of hitting various other cruisers" citadels through AP. That is possible, simply unlikely, to manage to citadel a battleship together a cruiser - your weapons may not have sufficient penetration to break through a battleship"s side armour.


If you"re in a destroyer, don"t stroked nerves trying come citadel a battleship - her AP shells will likely simply bounce. It"s possible, but an extremely unlikely the you can manage to citadel a cruiser in a destroyer - it typically happens when you"re firing at a really close range. However, note that when your torpedoes breach the citadel zones, it can be feasible to deal exceptionally massive damage to your target and kill castle in 1-2 torpedo hits.

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Note that it"s feasible to gain citadel access time at an extremely long range due to plunging fire. Once shells space striking at near their maximum range, they fall virtually vertically impact top top a ship"s deck instead of the sides. If AP shells land on a pearl (usually more thinly armoured) deck, they may penetrate the citadel area if castle hit juuuuuust right. It"s really complicated to actually proactively seek these, but its constantly worth it to shell targets at long variety in the wishes of getting it.


For added information and also examples of how to aim, check out this excellent video clip guide