Zero? that is it? that is the one that deserve to kill the phantom v words? perhaps snake (big boss) has a nightmare in i beg your pardon his mentor scolds him,showing him whatever he's done was wrong and also causes that pain. After all, we are all dead while us sleep if us think in an summary way. Anyway, your opinion is very important and also I'm yes, really curious.

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One an ext thing is in the sins of the father trailer we're told "words the kill, would you speak them come me?" so probably it's a inquiry towards his mentor or probably snake just argues with kaz and feels prefer he's been versus him all along.


One much more thing is in the guilty of the dad trailer we're said "words that kill, would certainly you speak them to me?" so maybe it's a concern towards his mentor or probably snake just suggests with kaz and feels like he's been versus him all along.

This reminds me of an old thread wherein a guy was wondering who is to sing Snake Eater to line while that climbs the ladder.

Actually, Kojima included response to this concealed on the first disk that Subsistence. You need to beat The finish with the Cig Spray, and also wear the moss camo while you climb the ladder. In a comparable manner come the flashbacks in MGS4, you need to mash the X switch rapidly in bespeak to see the true scene the is happening as Snake climbs the ladder.

I managed to discover a screenshot of it online. It's a an extremely hard image to unlock, though. Anyway, here it is.


It's not referring to utilizing words to death a phantom. It's utilizing words come amass the civilization together and also bring them all down at once. Words deserve to kill, to be the layout of the final trailer. It's true. Hitler was among the most powerful men in the people at the time. That wasn't the best military leader together his technique was right on, however he controlled so much through words and also enforcement. Zero is kind of prefer Hitler just without the massive genocide that one class of human being beings.

You call the population what they desire to hear, that's exactly how you get to them. Girlfriend plant that seed. Progressively engage them through words speak of freedom, liberty, only deep down it's through a sick, diluted way, but you don't let them know. That seeds grows over time and eventually the grows and also blooms. That's as soon as you gain them by the balls. That's as soon as you attain control.

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Zero knew this. He taken this. Simply by utilizing words, Zero managed to carry out himself and huge Boss fame beyond comprehension. A top secret project exploited to lug a increase of fame, notoriety, and also worship all with the usage of speech, simply to use big Boss as a ruse. Zero's been playing this video game for over 14 years from the info we're given and I'm particular this is what words have the right to kill is referring to.