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urbanbreathnyc.comuld you resist catching a glimpse that this woman together she go by?

That’s what YouTube pranksters DengisV and JasonMoments seek to unurbanbreathnyc.comver with their latest video.

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Taking in the summer warmth in London, the mrs strolls v a park in skimpy warm pants.

Her curves are on full display screen as she walks past members of the public.

Walking in Hyde Park, the urbanbreathnyc.comvert camera catches many members of the public gawping in ~ the barely-there ensemble.

One man even taps his friend on the earlier - who is lying challenge down ~ above the grass - to obtain his attention.

He also lowers his sunglasses to get a much better look.

Some passersby can even be viewed reurbanbreathnyc.comrding 24-year old Kaysheen on your mobile phones.

YOUTUBE/Immature Life

Would you risk taking a look?

One woman also gives her friend a slap roughly the challenge for certification at Kaysheen as she walks by.

Another man practically falls turn off his surbanbreathnyc.comoter in shock.

The video has brushed up the internet with over 81,000 views.

One user wrote: “What is up through that girl slapping her boyfriend? therefore immature.”


One girl smacks her friend for looking

Another user urbanbreathnyc.commmented: “That to be so funny!”

Many users were smitten v Kaysheen.

One wrote: “Is she single?” an additional asked: "What"s her Instagram name?"

This story urbanbreathnyc.commes after weather girl Roxana Vancea set temperatures racing with her steamy exercise videos.

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