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K.f from LiverpoolThe Beatles did it much better. I intend I just favor the original of anything.Jacobi from Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaJoe was an impressive artist via the grit and singing tenacity of the late excellent Ray Charles..when he sings, hes trying to communicate his feelings, not to attempt to emulate anyone else..what a voice..Wolfman Jack from ChicagoAs for this version being much better than the original-I love them both, yet it kinda helps to have actually Jimmy Page on guitar.Stan from Staffordshire, EnglandCreedence Clearwater Revival additionally performed at Woodstock and also had actually a UK #1 hit via "Bad Moon Rising".Stella from London, United KingdomI choose this variation a lot, a lot better and also I love that Woodstock rendition. It likewise made me curious regarding how it would certainly sound if Bruce Springsteen extended it. Would it be similar?Thomas from Somerville, AlMy extremely favorite Saturday Night Live performance was Joe singing this song and also John Belushi came on stage spoofing Joe via Joe on phase. It was a moment to remember. I used to have actually a frifinish, (dead now) that could sing this song precisely choose Joe. RIP Johnny!!!S from Deep In The Heart Of Texas, TxIt is shelp that legendary session singer "Merry Clayton" sang background on this track. (She is likewise well known for the spine-chilling solo on the Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" and also their version of "Tumblin Dice." She likewise sang via musicians ranging from Caduty King to Tori Amos.Musicmama from New York, NyThis might be the only cover of a Beatles" tune that"s actually better than the original. I guess Joe wasn"t bound, as the Beatles were, by the principle of the album that included the original. So he was freer to make it more emotional, and to sing it as a item that stands on its very own. Lucy from Philly, Pajoes a hero! this is an powerful and relocating interpretation, i feel prefer he appriciate his friends a lot more than in the beatles version which is awesome too...Shannon from Sioux Falls, Sdgood song, also agree its much better than the original.Patrick from Nowhereactually Tommy Eyre AND Stevie Winlumber (Blind Faith, Traffic) played body organ on the album variation of the song.Greg from Oakville, CanadaThis song showed up at the beginning of a Simpsons episode.Aleicia from VancouverThis is the only Beatles cover I can think of that I choose much better than the original (sorry JPG&R!)Jon from Oakridge, OrSame below Natasha, Chico, CA and James, Vidalia, GA. I watched that present through my family as a child (about 4-6). I gain all worm and comfortable as soon as I think of the show and also hear the song. Total utopia in my head. D
MN do not you wish you might be a son aobtain.Cosmo from Norton, MaI still choose the beatles variation betterAndres Anleu from Guatemala, OtherAwesome song, I think this is the best Beatles" cover ever before. I like it much better than the original one.Jim from Saginaw, Mijohn belushi sang this song while paradoying Joe Cocker"s live performances on SNLJulian from Anaheim, CaDid he perdevelop this on SNL?Steve from Fenton, MoI agree that Cocker"s version of the song is almost choose a different song, however I think both Cocker"s variation and the Beatles" variation are good. A comparable situation exists with Elvis Presley"s variation of Hound Dog being re-developed from the original and Eric Clapton"s 2 versions of Layla.James from Vidalia, GaJohn Belushi"s manic Cocker is an absolute hoot! The old SNL moments when he does this song and also falls anywhere the stage I just about die laughing.Glad Wonder Years provided this as a theme. Can"t wait to acquire those on DVD. Barry from New York, NcJoe Cocker"s many renowned live version of this song have the right to be watched in the movie WOODSTOCK. If you look closely, he looks type of weird, and also that"s because someone in the editing room(Scorcese???) screwed up and also turned his picture about. If you watch LET"S GET STONED from Woodstock Diary or The Lost Performancesvideos, you will certainly watch Joe how he have to be.Also in the time of the Joe Cocker sequence you have the right to have a brief glimpse of John Denseven more at the side of the phase.Roundabut1983 from Ithaca, NyCorrection: Tommy Eyre played body organ on "With a tiny aid from my friends", but was additionally affected by Bach. Fisher played on Cocker"s cover of Dylan"s "Just Like a Woman." Roundabut1983 from Ithaca, NyMathew Fisher (prefer drummer BJ Wilkid, of Procol Harum) played hammond organ (M102) on this track. He likewise played the famous body organ part on "A Whiter Shade of Pale." He had been fooling roughly with alot of Bach, hense the nature of both works.Max from Manalapan, NjI am not a fan of his various other job-related, however i absolutly love this song. I newly watched Woodstock the movie, and also in order to appreciate what he was feelin when he sang this, you need to watch it in the movie. His totality body is right into the music. Also, in this version, tbelow are male singers instead of the gospel choir. I think this might be the best Beatle cover.Steve from Hamilton, CanadaI don"t think it was a Gospel choir singing background, it was a pair of session singers named Sue and also Sunny (Yvonne and also Heather Wheatman). The (male) members of The Grease Band took their location on the Woodstock version.Natasha from Chico, CaJoe Cocker"s voice is so nice and deep, it reminds me of when i was a child watchin the opening slide show for the Wonder Years...Anonymous from Chicearlier, IlThis was the variation used for the layout of the TV display, The Wonder Years...i think.Geoff from Adelaide, AustraliaProbably among the finest Beatles covers I have the right to think of. I love what Cocker did with this song and also "She Came in Thstormy the Bathroom Window". Cocker likewise did an excellent live version of this at Woodstock.Dan from Auckland, New ZealandThe Beatles allegedly sent out Joe Cocker a telegram congratulating him for his interpretation of the tune - sudepend that is least they could have done. Aside from the lyrics this is an extremely different and also much premium song. Cocker most likely can have actually added his own lyrics and also attributed it to himself.Jon Bates from Birmingham, EnglandThe plan is actually in 12/8 - slow-moving blues -and also was the result of a Sunday afternoon messing about on the piano (after a lunchtime pub session) at (I think) Chris Stainton"s (bass, vox and also keyboards) home in Sheffield. UK. I used to share a house with males that reckon they were there at the time - well they did have actually Joe Cockers" document arsenal with his name scrawled on sleeves so its probably true.see even more comments
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