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the end hockey has not been too type to the Blackhawks. In four games, Chicago is just 1-3 v no wins when playing in baseball or football stadiums — as will certainly be the instance for the 2017 Winter classic on Monday.

The Blackhawks will face the Blues in a department rival matchup in ~ Busch stadium in St. Louis to kick turn off the brand-new year. The game is an alleged to start at noon CT, which the league shown at 7 a.m. This morning after ~ reviewing weather for the day. The forecast contains rain, which can potentially produce some problems.

It’s the fourth meeting between the groups this season, with Chicago at this time holding a 2-1 leaf in the series and seemingly getting stronger every time these 2 meet.

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Last time out, the Hawks and Blues put on an attack showcase in arguably one of the most entertaining gamings this year. Chicago emerged with a 6-4 victory in St. Luigi to extend its all-time collection lead to 180–141–35–10. Much more recently this rivalry has actually intensified through the Blues developing into Stanley Cup contenders and clashing v the hawks in a couple of postseason matchups.

In 2014, Chicago bounced the Blues in the first round that the playoffs in six games. St. Louis changed the donate in 2016, defeating the defending Stanley Cup champion in 7 games.

One the the tricks to the Blues’ success versus Chicago is 25-year-old winger Vladimir Tarasenko. The Russian has actually 11 clues (seven goals, 4 assists) in his last eight regular season games against the Hawks and seems uncontainable each time he faces them.

Chicago has been trying to fight fire v fire lately, v its very own young Russian winger pour it until it is full up the score sheet versus St. Louis. Artemi Panarin has eight points (four goals, four assists) in his critical eight continuous season games versus the Blues. The rivalry is increasingly coming to be a fight between the budding stars and good friends, i m sorry will absolutely be the case when the 2 teams acquire the national spotlight in the Winter Classic.

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After signing a two-year, $12 million contract expansion — and essentially betting on self by taking a bridge transaction — Panarin is currently out come prove he is worth method more 보다 he’s already earning. Top top the biggest continuous season stage of the season, he’ll get his latest chance.

For what it’s worth, the Cubs are 42-56 in ~ Busch Stadium, yet if last two periods are any indication, this Chicago team won’t be intimated playing there.