Ugghhh. I’m really going to write around this show. I discussed not writing about this show due to the fact that this show, Winter Break: Hunter Mountain, is no good. The not even close to gift good. Regrettably the executives over at MTV recognize that if they placed a bunch the strangers in a house and give lock copious amounts of alcohol I will watch – and also watch ns did. MTV is tho trying to figure out what to do with this show. Because Winter break an initial aired the 2nd episode to be delayed a few weeks and moved come a brand-new night – this was the an outcome of disappointing ratings. Prefer 184,000 viewers disappointed ratings. Woof. This present was claimed to it is in a nice little bridge between winter dead region programming and also the brand-new Jersey coast content however MTV has currently moved it right into the Friday night
8:00 pm death-spot. Now Winter rest is acquisition up an useful Ridiculousness re-run genuine estate! This show is plainly doomed because that 1, and only 1, season – therefore savor the flavor while that lasts.

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As a result of this multi-week spacing between episodes i remember exactly 0% that the cast so it’s favor watching a brand-new series because that the very first time almost everywhere again! i remember all the faces yet the details are doing not have – this evaluation can also serve together a preview for my eventual dementia. As soon as we last experienced our brave brand of rowdy misfits they were ultimately shreddin’ hunter mountain when tragedy occurs – Jill go down through a high pitched squeal and also we to be left to wonder for 3 weeks what happened!!! well it transforms out that lil’ miz Jill has somehow regulated to shatter her elbow on job 2. Bummer city, brah! currently what i can‘t understand around this whole instance is just how scared Jill is about a broken arm – she acts prefer she is walk to dice over this. I’m not kidding – she is legit having a panic attack. She’s never broken a bone prior to but with the recent news she acting like she is going to die like Phineas in a separate Peace. People don’t dice from broken bones any much more (not really, though ns guess it technically could still happen, simply not likely).

Back in ~ the shredhouse JBrew, who is 29 year old (important to not due to the fact that he is insanely immature because that his age), is pranking Marc because JBrew is a dick. He replaces every one of Marc’s lotion through ranch dressing which is 1) poisonous & 2) for this reason impressively juvenile. At the same time that JBrew is busy being one anus Alessandra is ~ above the phone v her dad check in and letting him recognize that she’s all good. Friend should know this conversation isn’t her idea. She parents space super overprotective despite her gift 25 and also have a bizarre require to inspect in on her multiple time a day come make certain she is quiet alive. If on the phone with her dad he neglects to tell her that due to the fact that she did no answer her phone for roughly 5 minute he has called the regional authorities to come and perform a welfare check. The fuzz already showed up in the first episode yet here they room again because that the exact same reason. The cops assist themselves come the unlocked door and walk ideal in in search of Alessandra – that they discover quickly. JBrew is up in arms about the cops gift there and immediately beginning to attack Alessandra. What the hell is this dude hiding? Methinks Punky Brewster absolutely had part unfortunate run-ins v the po-po in his life.

JBrew – A large man-baby misogynistic dickhole

Jill misses the activity with the cops however returns before the crew gets too deep right into the booze to show off her brand-new cast. TJ, a 20 year old army vet v some emotionally repression problems consoles her and also lets her know that a broken arm ain’t nothing to issue about. Why? because TJ has broken just around every bone in his body. Seriously. He rattles off around 20 different locations that he has crushed, smashed or shattered and he doesn’t seem also broken…on the external (foreshadowing!). After ~ reuniting v Jill the crew gets ready to go snowtubing. Snowtubing, for the record, is awesome. It calls for zero skill and is supervisor fun. If girlfriend haven’t take away a tube for a rotate in a while i recommend going. Obviously JBrewster no going snowtubing since it’s because that lames and also the activity isn’t hard sufficient – JBrew is a hardo. He reminds me of just how I was in middle school. Ns didn’t execute anything fun due to the fact that I to be too pertained to I i will not ~ look cool doing it. I absolutely missed the end – as with JBrew does here.

Let’s comment on our young Marc for a second. Marc uses some of his brand-new lotion and also somehow doesn’t notification that the filled v ranch…WHAT? Is his sense of odor dead? walk he use so lot ranch on food that he’s end up being nose-blind come the smell? how DOES that NOT know THAT that REEKS of RANCH DRESSING?! This is a male who wants to it is in a doctor people. I’m not saying these 2 things room correlated, but it is reason for concern. Additionally Marc’s face. It has a substantial hole in it. The looks favor he invested the weekend together an extra on the wade Dead and didn’t get all his makeup removed – it’s really unsettling.

Post-Snowtubing the gang returns to the home to commence binging. Simply a couple of observations around this “party”:

Taylar is drink vodka and also tequila with each other – no thanksTaylar has “never” excellent a body shot – meaning she has actually never offered vodka the end of her bellybutton. She fixes this.Marc is very first to drink vodka native Taylar’s bellybutton, no surprised (It was established in illustration 1 that Marc has actually a boner because that Taylar)Marc states Taylar is playing tough to get and also he doesn’t obtain her in spite of his video game being “solid”. Marc – you’re game is no solid.DJ TJ is making move on Jill makes it to 2nd (?) baseJill renders out through the TJ sober…JBrew proceeds to strike Alessandra due to the fact that she no snowboard and I am beginning to think the may just be a misogynistThe boys are hitting ping pong balls at each other as difficult as lock can due to the fact that boys in your 20’s do this sort of point after consuming big amounts the alcohol in an atmosphere where they space trying to “impress” womenI don’t recognize if I can tolerate every the will they won’t lock tension

Who to know they do the following day – the glossed over and also we are ago to another house party in the evening. This time Marc lathers up and realizes he is been had – he finally notices the work old rotten ranch the is in his lotion. He’s a pretty good sport about this and also laughs it off as JBrew runs and also hides in a closet – this is the last time we view BrewBrew smile throughout the episode. The actually could have to be the first, also – he’s no a smiley guy. It’s in ~ this party that us are introduced to what the shattering a ping pong ball at the opposite side of the table is called – sting pong? It’s similar to it sounds. The team the scores a suggest gets to whip the ball at the other team. SIGH. Can not you simply drink 4lokos and also slam beer bongs favor my generation did? Play upper and lower reversal cup, dammit! The future is doomed. One nice thing around this scene is that we acquire to check out Sheen’s yes, really awesome tattoo the goes from the basic of neck all the means down his spine. “LOOK in ~ ME NOW” in that drippy blood boy Pix font. Holy FUCK DUDE – that could actually win lamest tattoo ns have ever seen. I typical all his tattoos are terrible, yet this one is exceptional for its terribleness. An excellent job.

We finish this week’s episode – and possibly the season – through two painful JBrew scenes. The very first is his conversation through his girl friend who stays in California with him. She’s informing him that living in Tahoe sucks when he’s not there and also that she moved to Tahoe because that him so now they should move to Hawaii since that’s wherein she wants to live. Wanna assumption: v JBrew’s reaction? He nothing go where there’s no snow so he is a no walk to Hawaii – i m really sorry babe. He then asks if she’s on her period because she is complaining and also she in which method doesn’t hang up/breakup with him right there. Girl, you have the right to do for this reason much much better than this man-child with anger worries (Yep, he’s more than likely a misogynist).

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The really next job Alessandra has lapsed in her forced hourly communication with she parents and the cops are earlier at the house. JBrew is currently officially top top the warpath – he’s john Bolton. He marches straight over come the phone and calls Alessandra’s parents. He is sick of the cops showing up to his residence (not his house) unannounced and he’s going to placed a protect against to the one way or another. Together the credits roll we view JBrew point-blank phone call Alessandra’s parents the they must either avoid calling the cops and also let your daughter it is in 25 or choose their daughter up and take she home. Now. Tonight we uncover out just how Alessandra’s parents take this ultimatum from the Brewmaster. How do friend think they’ll take it this tough-talk indigenous JBrew?

One an ext note – friend know just how I stated TJ was busy nursing Jill earlier to health and wellness with part sweet talk and also kisses? turns out TJ may have a girlfriend back home. Uh oh!

PS in which method I created over 1500 words around this shit that a present – god that’s depressing.