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After the town hall the giraffe video camer we were excited to travel from NC to see April and family. We appreciated seeing the giraffes however disappointed in the rest of the park. Animals appeared old. Rats to be running around the afri Crested Porcupine exhibit. No really handicapped accessible as advertised. The ramp come the giraffe barn to be to steep top top one level. No handicap access to Gift Shop. Surprised ADA codes were no followed. Bathrooms are portable potties in the parking lot. The young woman in the giraffe exhibit was an extremely nice. The girls in the gift shop, and so on were not attentive. I had to questioning 3 various girls prior to I could get one to assist me. I left through the impression that the giraffes to be being supplied as a "calling card" come the place. I"m surprised other reviews were so high.


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Nancy - come on ago - ns think you will certainly be shocked at the park, our growth and also changes in our 8 hours season, versus our fifth season (infancy). Three years might not seem choose a lot yet you would be amazed as to what has actually been done!Please consider one more visit together our guest - email united state to take benefit of the invite!

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We saw this animal park to see the notorius April the Giraffe. I expecting the to be busy, but not the busy. Us arrived 30 minutes before it opened, join a an extremely long line and 1 hour later, we were in. Pointer - if you plan on see April first - don"t buy the cup of food as soon as you begin out. It"s a pains to lug it around and there are number of other locations that you have the right to purchase it.Reminder - cash only. Over there is an ATM - if because that some factor you didn"t come prepared and also the machine didn"t work-related - it"s a lengthy ways come the next ATM.Parking is one issue. Be all set to walk. I did check out a couple of shuttles, yet I"m not certain where they came from.VERY disappointed that they were the end of the party to buy and also feed the animals, also the aviary wasn"t open up yet - for this reason don"t bother to to buy the bird particle treats. I am sure that no one meant the response to April come be like it has actually been. They room trying very hard to store up, however the grill was the end of a the majority of things even before noon. That would have actually been quite to have a second gate open, or second register to usage upon arriving. Regardless... Ns would absolutely go again - perhaps after the exaggeration slows under a little. The animals look great, fine cared for and also their enclosures are nice. We also didn"t discover a petting zoo.. That was mentioned on your website, yet although we could feed a few animals (either through hand or under a tube).. Ns didn"t feel favor it to be the petting zoo atmosphere.So - go ready to wait, undertake comfy shoes and enjoy. All the foods are extra - including carrots for April. ( you have the right to buy those in ~ the giraffe barn)And a thank you to Jordan and his employee for all they have done to allow the public come view and enjoy these remarkable animals. If they proceed to flourish at this rate.... The future belongs to THEM.