~ above the most romantic job of the year, check out the within story on the standard eighties track True by its writer Gary Kemp.

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On the many romantic job of the year, check out the within story ~ above the classic eighties tune True by its writer Gary Kemp.True was among the songs on our third album. Spandau Ballet to be quite developed in Europe by this time yet not at every in the US. We were sort of a cult band.Our very first two albums were digital dance records, really much influenced by the new Romantic scene. The second was also in the club vein and also we"d had around six hit singles however we were never going to remain a culty London band forever - we"d excellent Top that the mister half a dozen times and for me there was a sense of "do we just want to store up through the dance scene or execute we really want to market records around the world", which is what I always wanted come do. I"d grown increase on pop and it appeared to me that through True it to be time to go ago to what I"d been doing since I to be 11; composing a song, as opposed to finding what the groove is and also writing a track on optimal of that, i beg your pardon is what we"d to be doing.My three biggest influences to be David Bowie, punk and soul music. I can play records by Chic and also the Sex Pistols in ~ the very same sitting. True to be trying to do an amalgam of every those influences.At 22 I"d had two hit albums yet I"m a working-class boy. Functioning class children don"t relocate out until they gain married. The tune was written at my parent"s home off the Essex Road, sitting on my bed.I had a passionate unrequited love because that someone that will continue to be nameless... I was partly writing a song around her too.I had actually a passionate unrequited love for someone who will continue to be nameless. I was a little obsessed v her, and also she with me, but nothing was ever going come happen. She additionally listened come a lot of Al Green and Marvin Gaye. I was partially writing a song around her too. The song came native trying to create a song a little bit like I"m tho In Love v You by Al Green. Ns loved the means he looped the "I" around. Over there was another song by john Lennon - ns was watching Let that Be and also he sang ‘I"m for this reason tired and I-I-I-I....’ i really wanted to carry out that. I ended up with ‘I understand this much is true’, around how tough it is come be moral in a love song. Therefore the heat came into my head ‘Why perform I find it tough to compose the following line, I want the reality to it is in said’.The girl i was obsessed with had provided me a copy the Lolita through Nabokov and also I adjusted two lines because that the song, one to be "seaside arms", the other "with a thrill in my head and also a pill on mine tongue" which ns loved as shortly as I review it; it to be the story that our resides at the time. I wanted to cite Marvin Gaye, I kind of chosen that since the tune was a homage to various soul singers.My an initial choice of producer to be Trevor Horn, but I"m glad we ended up through Simon Jolley and Tony Swain, two white guys who did the imagination records, taken the 12” record, understood the remix, however the track was there.We said ‘we’re not making one English record, that an worldwide record, us can’t do it in London’. The album was tape-recorded at Compass point in Nassau. Ns loved that totality Island Records, kris Blackwell vibe. Us hoped it would rub off on the record, and also it did. We had a good new keyboard that provided us the chord sound top top True, but the huge thing to be the backing vocal. We decided that the ‘I-I-I-I’ little wasn’t something that Tony did. I tape-recorded it and Tony placed an effect on it.I’ve acquired the video clip from Compass Point, and everyone is singing follow me in the mix room and at that moment we knew this to be the biggest record we’d ever made.When the album to be released, True started obtaining crazy radio plays and also took on a life every one of its own. In those days that wasn’t simple to get to Number one. It was there for four weeks. It gained to number 4 in the US yet its heritage is the it’s a black radio favourite, we’re increase to 4 million airplays ~ above the record.It’s a little of a wedding song. I had actually a proud moment in the 80s as soon as it to be the last dance on the Grange Hill Christmas Special. As soon as I was doing the film The Bodyguard, Kevin Costner claimed to me ‘that’s my track - it belongs to me and my wife’. I should have actually said ‘that’s so funny, I assumed it belonged to mine plumber!’.

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