Anyone who has ever used a compressed waiting can, can testify to exactly how cold castle get. After ~ all, the cans come v frostbite warnings.

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You may think that this happensbecause once the gas comesout the the can it expands and thus cools off. However, that is no the case.

Minutephysicsis right here to explain what actuallygoes on v compressed wait cans. It actually relies on exactly how the gas expands.

The an enig lies in the "do not shake" warning. That is in the liquid the is in the can. More specifically, it is a gas in the shape of a liquid.

We won"t reveal much more here. You need to watch the video to understand just how liquid gas dram a function in freezing the can. We will certainly tell you the this clear and well-illustrated explanation is not to be missed.

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