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\"Never to be to Spain\" is a tune written by Hoyt Axton, initially released ~ above his 1971 LP joy to the World and also later the year carry out by three Dog Night, through Cory Wells on lead vocal. It to be featured on your 1971 album, Harmony. The track was developed by Richard Podolor. In the US, \"Never to be to Spain\" peaked in ~ #5 ~ above the Billboard chart, and also #18 top top the U. S. Adult modern chart in 1972. Outside of the US, \"Never to be to Spain\" got to #3 in Canada and also #34 in Australia. The urbanbreathnyc.com covers the narrator ruminating on locations that he has never visited, however feels that he has some proxy endure of, via the music or other attributes of those places, or from having actually gone to similar locations. In the last verse, the observes the while he has actually \"never been to heaven,\" he has actually \"been come Oklahoma,\" wherein he to be told he to be born, hence implying a kinship in between the two places. Hoyt Axton, that was born in Oklahoma described that he initially wrote, \"...in Oklahoma, born in a coma....\" However, the was considered inappropriate; thus, the urbanbreathnyc.com were changed to \"not Arizona.\"more »

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Well I never been come SpainBut i kinda favor the musicSay the ladies space insane thereAnd they certain know how to use itThey don\"t abuse itNever gonna lose itI can\"t refuse itWell I never ever been come EnglandBut i kinda like the BeatlesWell, i headed for ras VegasOnly made it out to NeedlesCan you feeling itIt should be genuine it Feels so goodOh, feels for this reason goodWell I never ever been to heavenBut i been to OklahomaWell they phone call me ns was born thereBut i really don\"t psychic In Oklahoma, not ArizonaWhat does the matterWhat does that matterWell I never ever been come SpainBut ns kinda choose the musicSay the ladies are insane thereAnd they certain know how to use itThey don\"t abuse itNever gonna lose itI can\"t refuse itWell I never been come heavenBut ns been to OklahomaWell they tell me i was born thereBut i really don\"t psychic In Oklahoma, no ArizonaWhat does it matterWhat does the matter

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three Dog Night three Dog Night is one American rock band finest known for their music from 1968 come 1975. This very successful vocal-centric absent band created in 1968 with a lineup consists of Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and also Chuck Negron. The 3 lead singers were backed by Jimmy Greenspoon (organ), Joe Schermie (bass), Mike Allsup (guitar) and also Floyd Sneed (drums).

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With their distinctive and sometimes extraordinary harmonic blend, the band registered an outstanding 21 Billboard optimal 40 hits (with 3 hitting number one) between 1969 and 1975. Their startling variation of john Lennon and Paul McCartney’s ‘\"It’s for You’\" typified the tape at their best, but it was their original arrangements of the occupational of lesser-known authors that lugged welcome exposure and also considerable royal… much more »