I favored that the ref called that out, choose he might have looked the other way if it to be 5 yards but a 20 garden shoe throw, you gotta contact that. 


I think if he even underhanded the 5 yards lock would"ve thrown the flag. You just drop the shoe. Awful.

You are watching: Who throws a shoe


What would be the allude of tossing it underhand because that a couple of piddling yards anyway? If you"re walk to throw a guy"s shoe, do it like you average it!




I deliberately left out the moment a UM player took off JK Dobbins shoe to slow-moving him down as to not come off too critical.

Such a stupid. Selfish move. Basically expense his team the game and maybe CFP chance.

If I"m the coach, he would be suspended for the following game, can"t have guys doing shit choose that.

So countless stupid points in football too, Marsette for Iowa fucking up his leg because he just had actually to execute a flip right into the EZ...SMH. 

Have you watched who the coach of UF is? The man who was fined because that inciting a brawl at a game previously this season. The guy asking UF administration to allow a packed "Swamp," during a pandemic no less, after losing to A&M. Quite the leader the is.



I don"t think he"s going come suspend him:

“I went earlier to watch the play and he make the tackle,” Mullen claimed as the Gators rotate the focus to Alabama. “Part of the football move, the kid’s shoe remained in his hand and he kinda jumped and celebrated through his teammates so that pretty regrettably in the situation. Ns don’t think over there was any kind of intent to taunt. That wasn’t prefer he to be throwing that at your sidelines or doing any type of of that.”

Zero accountability.

I still find Dubya’s dodging the that very first shoe extremely impressive. A 1/2 2nd slower and also he is clocked in the chin!

That dude threw two shoes in ~ W!

Also, love me an Austin strength reference. “Want to shag now, or shag later... Baby”

The GW ducking the thrown shoe cracks me increase every time I see it. Together a quick duck and also rise without also losing his expression or position. Really Impressive! :-)

Thank you. Ns was wonder how much down I’d need to scroll to view someone pick up top top the strength reference. Took much longer than ns thought.

The shoe throw was moronic but the timeout Mullen dubbed when castle tackled LSU in the field of pat with about 22 secs left and also they would"ve been scrambling to gain their fg unit top top the field and also get the kick off to be even more moronic. 


Disagree. He offered his team a chance to come back with a do or miss on the LSU FG by call the timeout. 

Did he boost the odds of the LSU kicker make it, probably, yet it"s quiet a 57 yarder.

So girlfriend either gain the ball ago in an excellent field place with a opportunity to success (on a miss), or obtain the ball back with a possibility to drive for the tie by getting into FG selection - which they did. Castle missed their own 51 yarder.

Mullen make the right contact imo, usually doubling the potential confident outcomes because that his team instead of letting LSU fight a walk off.

MGoPoints: -2939

In answer to Meh, Disagree. He gave… by Bo Harbaugh


December 12th, 2020 at 11:27 PM^

Other 보다 our defense, many defenses don"t provide up 3 directly passes the 20+ yards to collection up the various other team through a tie fg try, particularly dropping 8 in coverage. I think Florida was fortunate to even get a 51 yard try. 

MGoPoints: 19463

In reply to Meh, Disagree. He gave… by Bo Harbaugh


December 12th, 2020 at 11:29 PM^

Agreed. LSU likewise had plenty of time even without the timeout. This was not going to be drew Dileo slide onto the ar at Northwestern.

MGoPoints: 45205

In reply to The shoe throw was moronic… by Jordan2323


December 12th, 2020 at 11:23 PM^

Nah i think it was a an excellent move. If the LSU kicker still hits it, Florida has no shoot of also kicking a FG due to the fact that time operation out. Ns leave sufficient time to to trust my QB and kicker, which is what Mullen did. it was actually a rare miss out on too regardless of being native 51 yards, as your FG kicker is really accurate this year.

MGoPoints: 209

In reply to Nah i think it was a good… by NumberZero


December 12th, 2020 at 11:34 PM^

I might be tainted due to the fact that Harbaugh prob would"ve called a run up the middle and also gave united state not shot to tie again for this reason making them push a small on the fg to be all ns had 

MGoPoints: 19463

Blue in St Lou

December 12th, 2020 at 11:22 PM^

Possibly the many boneheaded act on a football field ever.

MGoPoints: 3153

In reply to maybe the many boneheaded… by Blue in St Lou

M go Cue

December 12th, 2020 at 11:25 PM^

Elijah Moore from Ole miss would favor a word.

MGoPoints: 1205

In answer to maybe the most boneheaded… by Blue in St Lou


December 13th, 2020 in ~ 10:00 AM^

Do you yourself a favor and also look up Tommy Lewis from the 1954 cotton Bowl if you want to watch the dumbest action on a football ar ever...

MGoPoints: 5161

In reply to do yourself a favor and also look… by Macenblu

Blue in St Lou

December 13th, 2020 at 11:50 AM^

Forgot about that. First read around it pre-internet and never observed the clip before now. So thanks for the mention. You additionally inspired me come look up Wrong way Riegels. Sure sufficient there"s a clip of that, too.

MGoPoints: 3153


December 12th, 2020 in ~ 11:25 PM^

He will never live this down, lol. Warmth of the moment.

MGoPoints: 12078

In reply to that will never ever live this down… by Catchafire


December 13th, 2020 in ~ 12:53 PM^

it was his means of drying out a wet shoe. Appears perfectly normal.

MGoPoints: 14154


December 12th, 2020 in ~ 11:27 PM^

"Ever viewed a male say goodbye to a shoe?"

"Hehe, yes, once."

MGoPoints: 45205

In answer to "Ever viewed a man say goodbye… through Erik_in_Dayton

Frito Bandito

December 13th, 2020 in ~ 8:40 AM^

+1 Underrated 

MGoPoints: 9805


December 12th, 2020 at 11:28 PM^

But given how this year has played out, more than likely not cracked the optimal 500 dumbest things we"ve seen.

Still, a fun game.

See more: Rune Factory Frontier Vs Tides Of Destiny Review, As Good As Frontier, Better, Worse

MGoPoints: 108381


December 12th, 2020 at 11:43 PM^

Was the Marco Wilson or one Iraqi journalist??

MGoPoints: 6294


December 13th, 2020 at 12:16 AM^

When Michigan beat NW top top a muddy ar I remember a NW player gaining a PF for throwing among our lineman"s helmet comparable to the shoe event tonight. I think it to be Hutchinson and the NW DLineman was frustrated due to the fact that he to be on skates the whole game. 

Fargas had actually 126 yards on 31 carries that game. His mudder"s a mudder....

MGoPoints: 11770

In answer to once Michigan to win NW on a… by UNCWolverine


December 13th, 2020 in ~ 10:07 AM^

Is that the video game Fargas blew his knee out?

MGoPoints: 2760



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