Recently ns attended one-of-a-kind presentation by 20th Century Fox where, I obtained a sneak emergence at DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox brand-new film Trolls starring Justin Timberlake (Branch), Anna Kendrick (Poppy), Gwen Stefani (DJ Suki), Russell Brand (Creek), Junal Nayyar (Guy Diamond) and also James Corden (Biggie).

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When I remained in elementary school, the hot items roughly the playground wereTrolls figurines. I traded them in ~ recess, wore them together fashion accessories, and also just enjoyed looking in ~ them sitting on my nightstand. It was something around their funny faces and wild hair memorized me. So, I’m super excited around seeing among my childhood fads come to alive ~ above the big screen.

Meet the Trolls

Who space the Trolls? Trolls room optimistic and live with a constant song on their lips. This ar is so loving and also happy they every (well many ) were hug-time city hall to repeat them of your hourly hug time.

Poppy (voiced through Anna Kendrick)

The beautiful Anna Kendrick voices Princess Poppy a funny loving Troll that sees live through increased colored glasses. Mrs. Kendrick is understand for her roles in pitch Perfect 1 & 2.

Branch (voiced by Justin Timberlake)

Justin Timberlake joins the cast as Branch a the personality is bad Troll, that prefers to be by himself and also hates hugs. In enhancement to voicing Branch his additionally the executive, management Producer that the SoundTrack.

Biggie (voiced through James Corden)

The Late present James Corden voices the Biggie the best Troll v an even bigger heart.

Guy Diamond (voiced by Kunal Nayyar)


British-Indian actor and writer known for his function as Rajesh Koothrappali in the CBS sitcom The huge Bang Theory. Man Diamond is the residents naked splendors Troll always ready to get the party started.

DJ Suki (voiced by Gwen Stefani)

The talented Gwen Stafani voices DJ Suki who always there come lay under the beats because that the Trolls impromptu music moment. Mrs. Stafani because that being the command singer the No Doubt, number of solo albums and also was newly one that the Judges top top the voice.

Creek (voiced through Russell Brand)

English comedian Russell Brand voices Creek at perpetually hopeful Troll through a Zen-like personality.

Movie Synopsis 

From the creators the Shrek come the most smart, funny, irreverent animated comedy that the year, DreamWorks’ Trolls. This vacation season, enter a colorful, wondrous human being populated through hilariously i can not forget characters and also discover the story the the overly positive Trolls, through a constant song on your lips, and the comically cynical Bergens, who are only happy once they have actually trolls in your stomach. Featuring initial music from Justin Timberlake, and also soon-to-be classic mash-ups of song from other famous artists, the movie stars the voice talents of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Russell Brand, James Corden, Kunal Nayyar, Ron Funches, Icona Pop, Gwen Stefani, and also many more.

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TROLLS – In theatre November 4, in 3D

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