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(1) topic to credit transaction approval. Discount may not be applied to charitable items, gift cards, taxes, shipping and also handling, monogramming and engraving, alterations or personalization. Discount for opening the Brooks Card applies to same day purchases just online and in stores and discount for opening a Brooks brother Platinum Mastercard account uses for 30 days indigenous the day the account is open, in Brooks Brothers stores only; refer to the offer in your Brooks brother Welcome mailing for the date your market ends. Not valid on ahead purchases. If friend return part or all of the merchandise, the dollar worth of this promo is no refunded or credited ago to your account. No cash value except where prohibited, then the cash value is 1/100 cent. Other restrictions may apply.

(2) topic to credit approval. Valid just in-store Brooks brother purchases made v the Brooks map or through the Brooks brothers Platinum Mastercard. Not valid online or by phone. Visit come view store listings. Might not be an unified with Student, military or Corporate member discounts. Border one every customer, for one-time usage only. Excludes Red Fleece and golden Fleece merchandise, 200th Anniversary items, charitable items, made come measure and special-order clothing purchases, and applies to choose accessories and select Brooks brothers shoe layouts only. Discount might be applied toward taxes, shipping and also handling, monogramming and also engraving, alterations or personalization. Not valid on ahead purchases or ~ above the purchase of gift cards. If friend return part or every merchandise, the dollar value of this promo is not refunded or credited earlier to her account. Might not it is in redeemed because that cash or applied for payment to your Brooks Brothers credit card. No cash value other than where prohibited, climate the cash value is 1/100 cent. Other restrictions may apply.

(4) Excludes U.S. Territories.

(5) Valid just for Brooks brothers Platinum Mastercard cardholders. Applies to the an initial purchase made making use of a Brooks brothers Platinum Mastercard outside of Brooks Brothers within the very first 60 job after the account is opened.