Never has an illustration title been much more intriguing 보다 that the Whiskey Cavalier Season 1, illustration 4, “Mrs. & Mr. Trowbridge.” The cliché states opposites attract, yet there are opposites, and also then over there is oil and also water.

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Frankie and Will’s location on this continuum depends on the day (along with Frankie’s mood, whether Mercury is in retrograde and how countless times Will has talked about his feelings), so your multiple-day undercover gig as a happy married couple makes because that a quite eventful hour.

We’re back in France for this one – which you’d think would provide Will the feels after ~ the entirety Gigi thing, but he is laser-focused on the mission at hand. Chilled Will have to come as a surprise, but it renders perfect sense offered the setting. The ultimate screen of love collection against a scenic French backdrop is most likely the background on Will’s iPhone. For Frankie, however, the is her nightmare.


Our resident introvert is a trained assassin, one of the CIA’s greatest badasses and according to Susan has even “toppled military regimes,” however a straightforward wedding is her most frightening assignment to date. Sure, that makes sense.

No, really, it provides perfect sense. Socialization is scary, Boo, i feel you. Antisocial high-five. Check out what ns did there?

The fake marriage in between she and also Will is rocky. Comparable to a genuine relationship, the is exceptionally love-hate, however the mere plot of them kissing makes it downright confusing. The fake kiss in ~ the wedding agree is hot and shows the there is definitely chemistry between them, but the almost-kiss ~ above the ceiling is weird.

Emotions buzz approximately Will’s head choose a swarm the bugs; it makes sense if he desires to kiss Frankie. I struggle, however, come wrap my head around Frankie wanting come kiss will this early on in the series. The walls around Frankie’s feelings make the one indigenous Game the Thrones look like a tiny fence, so it would certainly presumably take it a lot much more than one moment with her partner to carry those defenses down.


If us play Devil’s Advocate, though, Frankie is security of Will. She cut Ray’s brakes in Season 1, illustration 2, “The Czech Stop,” for this reason there’s no doubt that she is budding feelings for him. The question at this allude is even if it is this will be a sluggish burn or a rapid flame.

Speaking of slow-moving burns, that’s precisely what the going come be through Jai and Edgar’s friendship. Jai’s fashion sense and technical savvy are dazzling, but his personality type of sucks. He yes, really does not play well through others – come the allude that it’s making Frankie look like the Anna to his Elsa.

The microscopic nano-trackers in the champagne room so cool, though. Jai has me wondering where the line is between the yes, really spy gadgets and also the imaginary spy gadgets that simply sound yes, really cool. Also, he and Edgar’s synchronized sip in response to the fake-kiss is everything. Over there is hope because that Jai, yet.


Although that is fairly quiet in this episode, Edgar continues to bright as among the show’s funniest characters. Singing to the General’s safety is hilarious, and you can nearly see Tyler James Williams laughing together he walks the end of frame.

Leaving Susan home is both great and bad. It’s bad because leave someone home is the opposite of squad goals, but it’s an excellent because it gives Ray a chance to begin his redemption tour. His pep talk is precisely what Susan needs to bring the instance home.

If beam redeems self to the point of Will’s forgiveness, there is no doubt he will certainly be jealousy of Susan because that replacing him together Will’s BFF. Though, the sounds prefer Ray currently is a little envious.


The episode as a entirety is funny and jam-packed with action but is just kind that “meh” overall. There is so much happening that no one minute or scene stands out more than the rest; there are simply a lot of equally funny moments interspersed throughout.

Plus, the flirtation in between Will and also Frankie adds a layer that provides it difficult to focus on the rest of the episode. Evaluating the “will they/won’t they” of it all is difficult when will certainly is trying come outrun a airplane with the European variation of a clever car.

We’ve only recognized these characters and universe for 4 episodes, however have currently learned and seen therefore much. The episodes because the pilot are amusing and fun, but none are recording the magic the the present in the same way the pilot illustration does.

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Hopefully, Will, Frankie and also the remainder of the team number themselves out fast, for this reason we have the right to go back to concentrating on the comedy and also the comedy alone.

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