Upstate new York is a virtual cornucopia of great festivals, consisting of food, arts, music and also more. Below are 11 unique, fun festivals to check out this summer.

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Old song Festival. Now in that is 35th year, this Altamont, N.Y., festival in the resources Region brings together world from a wide area come immerse us in a festival that old songs, \"mountain music,\" Celtic dance, traditional folk songs, seminars, presentations and just a real down residence \"old timey\" celebration event of countryside entertainment. Bring your fiddle and your dance shoes. This year's festival is June 26-28. More info

French Festival. In the early on 1800s, Cape Vincent was cleared up by a large contingent the French family members who fled Europe adhering to Napoleon's reign. A residence for Emperor Napoleon was developed here, hoping the he would be rescued indigenous his exile ~ above St. Helena and brought here, an occasion that never occurred. The French influence can still be found, heard and also tasted in this picturesque St. Lawrence River town in the thousands Islands. The highlight of the French Festival is a gaily-colored parade special marching bands, floats and local groups. In ~ the head of the parade? girlfriend guessed it: Napoleon self in full battle regalia and astride a majestic white horse. The festival is held July 11 and also 12. More info

Troy Pig Out. Currently in its eighth year, this festival started out as BaconFest in Hudson, N.Y. The first year to be a disaster. Organizers expected 500 to attend; end 3,000 showed up. The festival sank under its very own weight. It later resurfaced as trojan Pig out at a larger upriver venue and under much an ext professional guidance. Some of the ideal barbecue merchants from the country come come Troy's Hudson river waterfront in the capital Region for the official sanctioned cook off competitions. This festival is a good time and for bacon lovers (and that isn't?) this is a bucket perform entry. It's one that the best food festivals in the East, and this year will certainly be organized on Saturday, July 11. More info

Lumberjack Festival. The lumberjack vain featured at this Deposit, N.Y., festival is among the wildest out sportsman's occasion you will watch in Upstate brand-new York. Sawdust and also bark chips will certainly be flying as rugged \"Bounty\" men compete in tree chopping, rate sawing, log rolling and other woodsman's events. Deposit--which is around 65 miles southwest of Cooperstown and near the Pennsylvania border--turns this into a three-day festival with music, food, parades and carnival rides. The is constantly held the third weekend in July, i m sorry this year is July 17-19. More info

Crazy Festival. Organized in Tannersville in the Catskill Mountains, this festival features the always popular stunner Race. Entrants are encouraged to let your imaginations walk wild together they build vehicles out of everything imaginable. Past racers have actually been made the end of wheelbarrows, household items, Christmas decorations, garbage cans, old bicycles, oaken barrels and more. This is a one-day festival hosted on July 25. More info

Sauerkraut Weekend. Phelps, in Ontario county in the Finger Lakes region, was once the \"Sauerkraut capital of America.\" to celebrate its currently long-gone case to fame, the whole community turns the end for an yearly Sauerkraut Weekend. The day's events encompass a parade, the crowning that a King Kraut and a Queen Kraut, cabbage bowling, cabbage head decorating contest, a Sauerkraut 20K run, cabbage bowling, a classic car show and also more. The festival operation July 31 to respectable 2. A to mark is constantly the serving up the Phelps' famed Sauerkraut Cake (best consumed after the 20K road race). More info

Garlic Festival.  The Fox run Vineyards in penn Yan plays host to a wondrous, pungent yearly pageant in tribute come the \"Stinking Rose.\" hundreds of festival goers will certainly descend top top the vineyard over the weekend come sample every kinds that garlic-infused foods and also to sample wines in the vineyard Tasting Room that space perfectly paired because that the garlic fan. Renowned Rochester chef Tony Galluce will certainly be on hand through live cooking demonstrations. Live entertainment and family events all enhance this fun occasion now in that 23rd year. Fox operation Vineyards is among the Finger Lakes top wineries and also their location, 55 verdant acres overlooking Seneca Lake, renders a dramatic backdrop to this venerable festival. The occasion will be hosted August 1-2. More info

Pirate Days. This outrageously funny festival celebrates the life that a north Country legend, invoice Johnson. That was among the most colorful figures the the battle of 1812. He was a spy, rum runner and also all around pain in the neck. On may 30, 1838, Johnson and also his \"band of pirates\" sank a brother ship, the sir Robert Peel. Obviously, they every love the in Alexandria Bay. This festival in his respect is a wide ranging party that mythic proportions. Hundreds group the vacation spot come celebrate Pirate Bill's life and also legend. The to mark is a rousing pirate \"attack\" on the town, ships, peg legs, sabers, eye patches and also all. \"Arrgghh, matey, this is a 10-day festival ye shouldn't miss.\" The event will be held this year from august 7-16. More info

Bagel Festival. Monticello is the \"Bagel resources of new York\" follow to the brand-new York State Legislature. To celebrate that notoriety, this Catskill hill town holds the biggest Bagel Festival in the East. Over there are many events, lots of foods (including bagels, that course) live music, and a Bagel Triathalon (eating, stacking, rolling and also stacking bagels). In current years end 20,000 visitors involved Monticello for the festival to \"get your schmear\" on. It will be hosted this year on august 16. More info

Hobofest. This Adirondacks festival celebrate the glory work of \"riding the rails\" v the mountains. Root music, family fun and unusual tasty foods items are the hallmark of this Saranac Lake \"end of summer\" festival. Comes on the Sunday of labor Day weekend, September 6, Hobofest pays tribute to a time when the currently pretty much dormant railroad was the lifeblood the this remote region of the state. More info

Peach Festival. The area around Lewiston in western NY is \"Peach Country.\" each year this Buffalo suburb honors that is bountiful harvest with a three-day Niagara county Peach Festival. Festival organizers will tell you the folks mainly come for the parades, entertainment and hundreds of food and crafts vendors, however everyone yes, really knows why people visit this festival: the peach shortcake. The is the festival's signature dessert and also thousands are offered over the three-day weekend. What a tasty way to finish your summer festival season in Upstate brand-new York. The festival will certainly be hosted September 11-13. More info

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