Answer expert Verified special districts provide dedicated services to people living in ~ a details geographic area, and they may contract the provision of services past the area. Unique districts frequently crosses the present of towns, villages and hamlets. The correct answer is C.

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Which the the complying with is a characteristics of a perfect bureaucracy?

In an ideal bureaucracy, anyone is cure equally, and work obligations are plainly divided by every teams’ locations of expertise. A well-defined ordered management device supports this, giving clear present of communication and division of labor based on the layer of monitoring one operated in.

What best describes governor George W Bush’s partnership with the state party?

What ideal describes governor George W. Governors had actually ultimate regulate over your party in the state.

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What is the purpose of state bureaucracy?

Which of the following ideal describes the purpose of state bureaucracy? to provide services to the population and carry out state policies. Follow to the Sunset Advisory Commission’s about Us page, what is the as whole purpose that the Sunset review process?

Who is the head the the bureaucracy in a state?

In both brand-new Delhi and the state capitals, the apex of the administration is the secretariat. In both units of government, the chief executive, management of a department is the secretary, and the highest possible rank in the state civil service is the cook secretary (see figure 7.1).

What it referred to as when corporations run the government?

Corporatocracy (/ˌkɔːrpərəˈtɒkrəsi/, from corporate and also Greek: -κρατία, romanized: -kratía, lit. ‘domination by’; short kind corpocracy) is a term supplied to refer to an economic and also political system controlled by enterprise or that company interests.

Which finest describes county federal governments quizlet?

Which ideal describes ar governments? They room overseen by a mayor and also department chairs. They are established as outlined by the united state Constitution. They have actually executive, legislative, and also judicial branches.

Which the the following best explains why special districts are crucial for delivering an easy public services?

Which that the following best explains why distinct districts are essential for delivering simple public services? unique districts room usually written of professionals that deserve to deliver specific services much more effectively and also efficiently than can a state or regional government.

Which statement most accurately describes the relationship between state federal governments in the commonwealth government?

Answer: Explanation: the prize is d Concurrent powers, such together collecting taxes, belong only to the states and also not to the nationwide government.

Which phrase most accurately defines where regional governments gain their power?


How deserve to state federal governments shape public plan apex?

Following this reasoning, state governments can form public plans by setup tax rates and also enforcing regulations that reflect citizens’ preferences. The constitution is the supreme regulation of the joined States, the state federal government can not change the laws that space written top top it, therefore the letter A is incorrect.

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Which category is not one of the significant responsibilities of state government?

The correct answer is option b. “zoning”. Zoning is separating land in a municipality right into zones in which particular land offers are allowed or prohibited, for example residential or industrial.

What function does the us Constitution pat in developing local governments?

Answer: The prize is D: It provides the claims the government to create any type of local government they need.

What statement most accurately describes a major criticism the the electoral college system?

Any candidate that gets much more than half (270) wins the election. This system enable electors to actors votes follow to their own wishes or readjust their wanted candidates spontaneously without punishment from their states. This permits for faithless electors and also is a significant criticism the the electoral university system.

Which is an development to the Constitution?

It frames fundamental political principles, procedures, practices, rights, powers, and also duties of the government. The imparts constitution supremacy and also not parliamentary supremacy, as it is not created by the parliament but, through a ingredient assembly, and adopted by the people, v a explanation in that is preamble.

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What are the five an easy principles that the Constitution?

These values are well-known sovereignty, minimal government, separation the powers, checks and also balances, righteousness review, and federalism. The Framers thought that if the federal government reflected and also remained true to this principles, the objectives of the U.S. Constitution can be accomplished.