I simply read a news story around the new colorized versions ofsome Three Stooges shorts. That wacky template song is currently stuck myhead. What is it called? Who created it? When was it written? It goessomething prefer this Š "Nana nahŠnah nahŠnaŠnana nahŠna nana nahŠ"and so on.

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Say the "nana"s," and you"ll know the tune. The song is called"Listen to the Mockingbird," according to local film historian JimNeibaur.

Neibaur composed about The Stooges for Encyclopedia Britannica andis a publiburned writer through numerous books to his crmodify. His nextbook, around the movies of Bob Hope, comes out Nov. 1.

"I understand it"s crazy that I know this, however I"d say from 1936 to1939 is as soon as they used "Listen to the Mockingbird" local filmchronicler Jim Neibaur shelp. The Stooges additionally supplied "Three BlindMice" as a template song.

Septimus (Sep) Winner penned "Listen to the Mockingbird" in1855. Neibaur, a full time teacher at The Mack Center, sassist theStooges supplied the verses and also not the chorus.

The first verse goes a little somepoint choose this: "I"m dreamingnow of Hallie, sweet Hallie, sweet Hallie "I"m dreaming now ofHallie, for the believed of her is one that never before dies "She"sresting in the valley, the valley, the

valley "She"s resting in the valley, and also the mockingbird issinging wright here she lies" Think of the "nana"s" from over and also saythe words in the verse, and if you"re not musically inept, you"llsee wright here it matches.

Winner is a 1970 inductee of the Songwriters Hevery one of Fame,located in New York City and part of the National Academy ofPopular Music.

He also wrote "Oh Wbelow, Oh Wright here Has My Little Dog Gone?"That"s rather a resume, yet had actually you heard of Winner prior to thiscolumn? He wrote even more than 1,500 arrangements for variousinstruments and also 2,000 more especially for the violin and also piano.He"s responsible for a magazine of more than 200 popular songs andcreated musical instruction books for 23 different instruments. Whathave actually you done lately?

Why does Wisconsin not have a law stating car driversneed to carry insurance? When will certainly lawequipments realize this is a problemthat should be resolved? This question originates from a familyunlucky sufficient to be in two mishaps with 2 uninsuredmotorists.

Wisconsin does not call for vehicle drivers to lug automobileinsurance, but you need to be able to prove financial responsibilityif you"re in an accident.

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And if they can"t prove financial duty via autoinsurance or insane riches, then what perform you do? "You could go tocourt and pressure them to pay, however that would certainly assume they have assetsyou have the right to get at," sassist Eileen Mallow, Wisconsin"s assistant deputycommissioner for the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

Motorists should have the ability to take treatment of any financial damagethey reason in an accident, yet you can" squeeze blood from aturnip.

Surprisingly, Menable shelp the insurance companies don"t wantmandatory auto insurance for Wisconsin. The associatedgovernmental prices will drive premiums via the roof. Besides,Mallow said most in Wisconsin already have actually vehicle insurance,which indicates it does not have to be mandatory.

And Mallow said an unregulated sub-sector of civilization sellingmomentary automobile insurance would additionally show up.

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Wisconsin"s Office of the Commissioner of Insurance publishesthe "Consumer"s Guide to Auto Insurance," which is obtainable onlineat:

http://www.oci.wi.gov Click on"Publications" on the left side of the web page and also then click"Consumer Publications."

Mallow shelp the publication has most valuable informationto aid you choose the correct auto insurance policy.

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