ANIMATEUR(From French) Facilitator of a community, education or group event (social, cultural or artistic). The Animateur may be a team leader, or may have actually initiated a project. She or that is responsible for running the event.

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ARMOURYThe room in a large producing theatre which encounters the maintenance and storage that prop weapons.

ASSISTANT stage MANAGERUsually shortened to ASM, the assistant stage manager is the most junior member of the Stage monitoring team, and is frequently in fee of sourcing and also running Properties throughout the run of a show. She or he is additionally a member the the phase 'crew'.The ASM is reponsible for setting props used throughout the show, and carrying out a pre-show check list to ensure every props space in the exactly place and that all furniture used on stage is correctly put for the start of the show.An ASM may likewise have a little acting role in part performances (they are then known as an exhilaration ASM).See additionally STAGE MANAGER and also DSM.

BAGGAGE MASTERRedundant term, in use theatrically between around 1884 and also 1960 in the UK, it source on the railway system. The Baggage understand is component of a touring theatre company, and is responsible because that all an individual and company luggage, and has to examine all luggage (including props, costumes, see etc.) is packed and also ready when the present leaves for a new venue.

BOX OFFICE MANAGERMember that the theatre staff responsible because that the procedure of package Office, consisting of customer organization standards, ticket sales in person, by phone or online, and also the exactly recording of ticket sales, repayments to theatre companies etc.

BUSINESS MANAGERAlso recognized as basic Manager or chief Financial Officer.Member the the monitoring team the a theatre agency who is responsible because that the jae won control. The service Manager manages the budget, including cost-effective purchasing, payroll for employees and reduction of expenses where possible.

CHIEF ELECTRICIANThe an elderly member of the theatre's phase lighting team, although no necessarily the lighting designer. Known in the united state as master ELECTRICIAN.In common with many theatre jobs, the yes, really duties of the chief Electrician differ from theatre to theatre. Part chiefs space responsible for electric maintenance of the building, some architecture the light for almost every in-house production, some style no lighting in ~ all, some have a team the eight staff under them, some have two. Countless theatres employ casual staff to aid on lighting rigging sessions. Some theatres have actually a separate sound department, smaller venues have actually the bright team likewise running sound for mirrors (and act sound design for some).Abbreviated to CLX in some UK venues.

CHOREOGRAPHERMember that the manufacturing team responsible for setting dances and also movement sequences during the production.

COMPANY MANAGERIn a touring theatre company, the agency Manager is responsible because that the wellness of the cast and crew of the show; ensuring their arrival at the venue, managing their payments, handle with any disputes, and also generally ensuring every is well and happy. The cm is additionally the representative the the producer in that he/she is responsible for collecting payments from the meet management.In a building-based theatre company, the duty is much more administrative, taking care of payroll and other matters associated with the cast and crew that the present production(s).

COMPANY stage MANAGERShortened come CSM. The company Stage Manager acts together a liaison in between the production firm and the gibbs / performers, specifically with regard to contracts, logistics, accommodation & transport.See likewise Production stage Manager.

COSTUME DESIGNERMember of the an imaginative team for a present responsible because that the clothing worn through the actors throughout the performance. She/he works with the manager to talk about the needs of the show prior to coming up with a series of sketches to highlight the watch for certain characters. The designer climate works through the wardrobe team in ~ the theatre / production agency to decide which item are currently in stock, which can be adjusted from currently stock, which should be hired, which should be bought and also which have to be do from scratch. Charity shops are beneficial sources for contemporary / current items, and also theatre are numerous theatrical costume hire companies available in bigger cities.

COSTUME MAKERMember that the Costume / Wardrobe team that functions to make or assemble costumes based on the needs of the costume designs.

CUTTERMember that the costume team the supervises the building and construction of costumes that room made native patterns. She/he is likewise responsible for developing the patterns from the Costume Designers' sketches / designs.

DANCE CAPTAINMember of a team of dancers in a show who is responsible because that leading rehearsals and also warm-ups prior to the performance.

DAYMANA member the the backstage staff that is rental or paid by the day, for the details hours worked. Prefix by the ideal technical area (e.g. Phase Daymen, Electrics Dayman / LX Dayman etc). May likewise be forced to work shows (Show Dayman).

DEPUTY phase MANAGER (DSM)Usually shortened to DSM, this is a member the the Stage administration team. In the UK, the DSM is often "on the book" - the is, they space in fee of calling every one of the technical and actor cues during the show, commonly using a headset interactions system and/or a device of cue lights. The DSM is often additionally in rehearsal working v the manager to prepare the prompt book. Recognized in some locations as a phase Director.See likewise PROMPT BOOK, phase MANAGER.German: Inspizient

DIALECT COACHSpecialist who"s bought right into a manufacturing to train actors in a details dialect / accent.

DIRECTORThere room many species of director.Broadly, the role involves gift responsible because that the overall imaginative vision the a production.ARTISTIC manager - typically in charge of the programming of a venue. May likewise direct shows.EXECUTIVE manager - Manager in fee of the administration of a venue.TECHNICAL manager - In fee of the technical needs of a production.(The term LIGHTING manager is provided in the UK because that a TV light Designer).

DIT(Film) Digital Imaging Technician. Head the the team that works through the cinematographer / manager of photography to use the best workflow, camera settings, signal path etc to ensure the ideal image quality and also integrity top top a movie set.

DOP(Film-making) manager of Photography. Also known together the Cinematographer. Responsible because that the capturing of visuals because that the film, working v the Director and translating their demands into an ideal equipment / modern technology to catch the images, together with their own artistic input. DOPs together as i get it Deakins carry their own visual format to a project, whilst catching the photos the Director has actually created.

DRAMATISTA playwright, composer or lyrisist who takes an present story and transforms it into a play or musical.Dramatists Guild of America

DRAMATURGWorks as an advisor/assistant come the manager on the background and historical relevance of the play gift produced. Also can act together a liaison between director and playwright, and can occupational on the message of the beat (editing & revising scripts). Additionally advises the theatre administration staff on the suitability that plays for the theatre's audience and also artistic policy. See link listed below for much more information.What is Dramaturgy?

DRESSERMember that the WARDROBE Department who helps actors through costume care and also costume transforms during the performance.French:habilleuse

EDUCATION DIRECTORThe education and learning Director is a member that the theatre staff and also is responsible for fulfilling the outreach and also educational programme of the theatre or company.This may involve organising activities and workshops, conference with college teachers around organising trips and workshops, regulating staff, preparing and also delivering an education and learning Plan, conceiving and also directing youth performances together the outcome of workshops etc. Lock may additionally develop sources on existing productions.In part organisations lock may also be known as the education and learning Manager, Outreach Co-Ordinator etc.*If girlfriend need much more information about Education Director, please email jon

FIGHT DIRECTORChoreographer the fight scenes on stage. Works intensively through actors cultivate them how to stop hitting (and hurting) every other, just how to usage weapons safely etc. Fight director are highly skilled and also trained and should not be substituted because that someone 'who once saw Gladiator' and thinks they can repeat it!!Society of American hit DirectorsFightdirector.comBritish Academy of Stage and Screen Combat

FIGHT DIRECTORResponsible for choreographing any fight sequences throughout a show (whether they involve weapons or not), and for ensuring the safety and security of actors associated in the sequence, and also anyone on stage at the exact same time.

FLYMANTerm because that the operator the the theatre's paris system. Deserve to be masculine or female, and now usually referred to as fly OPERATOR or fly PERSON. See likewise SPOTTER.

FRONT OF residence MANAGERMember that theatre management who is responsible for the day come day to run of the front of house (FOH) area (as opposed to the backstage areas). The or she might oversee the to run of the box office, any type of merchandising / catering stands and the ushers and also any component of the building the public may enter throughout their visit come the theatre.Another obligation is to create a nightly House Report which consists of the numbers of tickets marketed of various types, info about the weather, variety of ushers and any troubles with the public experience of the FOH areas. This details is passed to the Stage administration team who use part of the information (on ticket sales) in the show Report.Often shortened come FOH Manager. Likewise known as House Manager.

GRIP(US) Member of stage crew responsible for relocating items that scenery during the show. Commonly wears black. A group of grips is a grip CREW. This term is obtained from the film/tv industry, where a grip handles and sets increase camera equipment and lighting.

HOUSE MANAGERDuty member that theatre staff who is responsible for the prior of residence staff and also organisation because that a certain performance. She/he is additionally responsible because that the health and safety that the audience if they space in the theatre.See former OF house MANAGER.

LIGHTING DESIGNERMember that the manufacturing team because that a present who is responsible for the all at once look the the lighting. He or she may have an Assistant light Designer who concentrates ~ above the essential paperwork for the bright design. The light Designer (or LD) is responsible for liaising with the director about style and also with the collection and costume designers around colour and also decides on the position, type, focus direction and also colour of every lighting tool in the rig.She/he paint, etc a lighting plan to connect this to other members of his team (and to the theatre staff who space rigging the lighting). Throughout a lighting plot, the lighting claims are built.

LIGHTING OPERATORMember the the show crew who runs the lighting board throughout the show for the Electrics Team. Also known together LBO (Lighting board Operator).

LITERARY MANAGERA theatre agency or developing venue may employ a literary manager to work on analysis plays that space submitted to advice them and decide if any kind of are suitable to be put into production. Castle may additionally be responsible for saying existing dram / messages to the theatre management and also artistic team.

LXShort for Electrics ('Elecs'). The room in the theatre responsible for stage lighting and sometimes sound and also maintenance of the building's electric equipment. Light cues in the prompt book are described as LX cues (abbreviated to LXQ).(In the USA, LX cues are well-known as irradiate Cues, and may usage LQ instead of LXQ).

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MASTER1) An in its entirety control fader or lever on a light or sound control board. The Grand understand takes precedence over all various other controls and enables the operator come fade out the entire output that the lighting desk.On a lighting workdesk the PRESET MASTER permits the manage of a section of the desk independently native the rest. See additionally SUBMASTER. 2) An initial (e.g. Grasp tape, understand plan) which should be used only to make a copy indigenous which to work. 3) A department Head (e.g. Master Carpenter, grasp Electrician).