One of the an initial steps when working with home sellers is setting the listing price of a home. As soon as working through buyers, that first step is normally checking the value of a home prior to making an offer to purchase.

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A home’s existing worth have the right to be difficult to pinpoint, and the best and most common means to uncover out exactly how much a residence is actually worth is by running a comparative market analysis.

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A comparative Market analysis (CMA) is an in-depth report ~ above a home’s existing value. It’s ready by actual estate professionals by evaluating the sale prices of comparable properties in the area. It tells homeowners what their house is worth in the present market, and also helps homebuyers purchase at an excellent value.

How to carry out a Comparative industry Analysis

Step 1: understand the neighborhood.

A comparative evaluation involves an ext than just doing the math on prices for residences in her area. In fact, an agent’s familiarity and also experience with the local market can significantly impact a CMA’s accuracy.

To collection the appropriate price, you must be familiar with the neighborhood and knowledgeable about the historical, present sale, and also rental value of real estate in that area.

There’s been increasing popularity the single-family rentals in phibìc America over the previous decade — practically 50,000 that them developed to rent in 2020, contrasted to around 14,000 built in 2010. If you not currently acquainted through the neighborhood, check it the end in person or via Google Street View.

Assess the as whole quality that the neighborhood and also identify the attractive and also not-so-attractive blocks. Study its proximity to parks, institution districts, and also other amenities.

Look at the curb appeal of homes in the area and also identify any negative characteristics such together proximity come a loud highway or dilapidated advertisement buildings.

Step 2. Pre-assess the listing home online.

If the property in question is already listed, browse the listing online prior to viewing it v your client. This will offer you a preliminary idea that what come expect before visiting it in person.

Gather as much details as you can around the property, including the year it to be built, residence size, lot of size, building and construction type, architecture, and also condition. Being educated will give you an benefit for your an initial meeting v the seller.

Step 3. Evaluate the property in person.

Visit the property in human to gather comprehensive information essential to prepare an accurate report.

Note that most vital metrics, such as size, layout, age, condition, finishes, and landscaping, and any attributes that might add value, including a pool, perfect basement, huge garage, or overlapping lot.

And, it is in on the lookout for issues that might influence the price negatively, choose a roof in need of repair, poor overall condition, absence of central air conditioning, or other surprise issues.

Step 4: choose comparable properties in the area.

Choosing the ideal three or four similar properties in the area is vital for the accuracy that a comparative sector analysis.

To do a selection, scan MLS, Zillow, home Shark, or Redfin for properties newly sold or closeup of the door on, active listings, pending sales, and expired listings.

Then, think about these three important factors:

When the similar property sold: In a hot real estate sector where prices rise fast, the price of a house sold a year prior may be irrelevant today. The CMA report have to examine properties through a date of sale as present as possible — ideally in ~ the previous couple of weeks. If it’s a sluggish market and also you’re making use of comps sold number of months prior, you could need to readjust the prices based upon how the market has evolved.Where the located: The place of the comps selected should be as close to the subject residential or commercial property as possible. It’s best if lock in the very same neighborhood, subdivision, and school district, or within one mile of the provided property. Residential locations can vary from one block come the next. Some properties are situated next to a quiet park, while others in the same ar might be next to a liven road. These subtle changes can lead to far-reaching price differences.What its main attributes are: You should compare her listing versus homes that have characteristics that are as comparable as possible to the one you’re reviewing. This applies an especially to the variety of bedrooms, baths, square footage, and also lot size. If the choice size is generous, usage properties with comparable construction varieties and architecture styles. Residences with comparable features are ideal, but this can not always be possible unless the home is located in a developed subdivision where all dwellings look the same.

Step 5: Prepare the compare market analysis report.

Using a design template report form provided through your MLS or other software solutions, go into the details you gathered for the similar properties selected and also for your topic property.

Some price adjustments can be crucial to compensate for the differences in structure and also to better match the topic property. Because that example, if the building you’re pricing has three bedrooms and the one she comparing it come only has two, you’ll need to adjust the price accordingly.

Now that time to execute the math. After ~ making the important adjustments, divide the offered (adjusted) price the each home by the square clip to find the offered price per square foot.

Sold price the each property / square footage of each home = sold price per square foot

Then, multiply the calculated median price every square foot for your equivalent properties by the square feet of her subject residential property to obtain its current market value.

Average price every square foot of similar properties x square clip of subject residential property = present market value

To recap, your CMA report must contain:The addresses that the subject and comparable propertiesInformation and also characteristics of every propertySold prices of the comparablesThe full square clip of every homeThe adjustment values for lot sizes, bedrooms, baths, and also garagesThe readjusted sold pricesThe dollar-per-square-foot valueThe subject residential or commercial property value

The last calculated listing price could need to be more modified, depending upon how competitive the industry is at the time. A high perform of homes for sale might force price down, when a short inventory could push her asking price upward.

Comparative Market evaluation Report Sample

When you have identified around three nature that have actually been sold in the very same area with comparable features, it’s time to placed them into a spreadsheet for analysis. The following example is simplified and not based ~ above true sector data:


With each residential or commercial property itemized, an certified dealer can administer a breakdown of the cost of each feature and also how it affects every home’s as whole value.


The sales price of each of the 3 properties is adjusted to be practically identical to the worth of your wanted property value. The much more desirable attributes are deducted from the sales price of each property, if the less preferable are added.


The adjusted sales prices show the range of an ideal offer the $402,500-$432,000. This range will reflect the market price that the desired property with features they want.

During this part of the analysis, it’s essential to weigh each property based on its similarity come the wanted features. Residential property #2 had the many adjustments, so the is given the lowest weight. Residential property #3 had the least amount of adjustments and is offered the highest weight. As soon as the weights are identified, the readjusted prices room multiplied by weighted value and included together to recognize the offer.


The an ext accurate estimation because that an asking price in this case is $409,000 based upon similar homes in the area you uncovered on the market.

Use a CMA to your Advantage

Learning and also understanding the objective of compare market analysis can conserve you money throughout your next residence hunt — or knife you more when you decide to sell. One of two people way, doing her research and having the numbers to ago it can aid you negotiate a price an ext effectively.

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Editor"s Note: This write-up was originally posted in November 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.