You stimulate a box of pencils from an office supply store and use castle one-by-one until they room all gone. The pencils in her possession are:

safety stock.

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cycle stock.
anticipation inventory.
hedge inventory.

Some companies want their supply chain partners (suppliers) come co-locate, i.e., relocate as near as feasible to them. This would reduce:

anticipation inventory.
smoothing inventory.
hedge inventory.
transportation inventory.

A men"s fit is composed of main material, lining, thread, buttons, and a zipper. I m sorry of these statements is best?

Suit zippers are a dependent demand item.
Thread is an independent need item.
Suit buttons space independent need items.
Suits space dependent need items.

Mr. Drucker supplies a regular review device to regulate the list in his dry goods store. That likes to keep 15 sacks of sugar on his shelves based upon the yearly demand number of 225 sacks. It expenses $2 to location an order because that sugar and also costs $1 to hold a bag in inventory for a year. Mr. Drucker checks inventory one day and notes the he is down to 9 sacks; just how much need to he order?
15 sacks
6 sacks.
30 sacks
9 sacks

The R&H Mercantile tracks the usage of box of macaroni and cheese (using a periodic inventory system) and has finish that need during lead time is normally spread with a average of 60 boxes and also a traditional deviation that 24 boxes. R&H Mercantile has been utilizing 91 together a reorder point; what is the likelihood that they will run the end of inventory prior to the next distribution arrives?
About 5%
About 20%
About 0%
About 10%

Which of these is NOT an presumption of the basic continuous review model?

The price of each item is constant, regardless of how many are ordered at a time.
The order amount is constant, nevertheless of the demand.
Demand for the article is constant.
The lead time to get a new shipment is constant.

Demand for baskets is evenly spread out throughout the year, with a complete of 5,000 devices needed. That costs around $2 to organize a basket in inventory for a year and $12 to place an order. How countless baskets have to be ordered in ~ a time in bespeak to minimization the annual cost that ordering and carrying inventory?

41 baskets
127 baskets
245 baskets
84 baskets

The Sims run their hamburger business 365 work a year and obey the economic order quantity formula there is no question. They usage 40 hamburger buns per day; it prices them $10 to place an order and also $0.50 to hold a bun in inventory because that a year. Their hamburger bun caterer is equally dedicated, also keeping that is doors open and also ovens baking 365 days a year. How many days pass in-between assignment for an ext hamburger buns?
about 22 days
about 30 days
about 67 days
about 12 days

Gymkata is make a comeback, and the local video clip store wants to make sure it has actually plenty of duplicates on hand. The save decides come order 250 copies at a time provided their annual holding costs of $5 per unit and also their ordering cost of $12 every order. The ideal estimates of the yearly demand space 75,000 units. How much extra is being invested on the plan inventory plan as compared to the optimal ordering quantity?
$1225 extra
$2070 extra
$4225 extra
$485 extra

Big Tim assignment chalk and also erasers for the public institution system. The school system uses 50 boxes every day on mean with a standard deviation that 10 boxes. The command time for a crate of chalk is 9 days and also the reorder suggest is created so that 99% the the time, the replenishment bespeak arrives before this priceless commodity is exhausted.What need to the reorder suggest be?
472 boxes
520 boxes
450 boxes
506 boxes

The local theater orders popcorn from a conglomerate that provides a price break because that a huge order. Ordering less than 500 boxes at a time costs $1 every box, yet ordering 500 boxes approximately 1000 boxes costs $0.90 per box and also ordering end 1000 boxes in ~ a time results in a $0.80 per box charge. Annual demand is 12,000 boxes and there is an $8 price to order and a $0.50 annual per box price for hold inventory.How many boxes must be ordered in ~ a time?

Dr. Sullins, DDS buys toothbrushes for the to brush seminars he operation Saturdays in ~ the community center. The toothbrushes room dated, and also are disposed if they space not used throughout one the the seminars. The an excellent doctor buys brushes for $1 and also sells them for $2.50 to seminar attendees. The pen that room not provided are marketed to a neighborhood orthodontist for $0.25 each.What is the service level for Dr. Sullin"s operation?

Fiesta key tickets have a confront value the $75 and also are sold by scalpers in the area outside the stadion to eager, ticketless alumni in ~ $350. The scalpers have actually hit ~ above a scheme to recoup part money indigenous tickets that they have actually purchased that they can"t sell; framing the tickets and selling them together mementos come alumni of the winning team. The framed tickets are marketed at $100 each after payment a framer $50 to placed the ticket in a mahogany shadow box.If demand for tickets is normally dispersed with a mean of 200 and a typical deviation the 60, how many tickets need to the scalper buy at challenge value?
283 tickets
117 tickets

The bullwhip result says that:

the furthermore upstream the it is provided chain, the better the impact of a tiny disturbance downstream.
the higher the impact of a disturbance downstream, the farther upstream the supply chain.
the greater the result of a disturbance upstream, the farther downstream the supply chain.
the furthermore downstream the supply chain, the better the influence of a little disturbance upstream.

The cost and value of inventory boost as products move under the it is provided chain. One way operations and also supply chain supervisors counteract the an unfavorable aspect that this reality is by:

using a continuous inventory system.
using a routine inventory system.
advertising to boost demand.

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inventory pooling.
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