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The nationwide Registry, created in 1970 together a non-profit organization, is theNation’s Emergency medical Services Certificationorganization. The mission the the nationwide Registry of Emergency medical Technicians has always been focused on protecting the public and also advancing the EMS profession.

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The national Registry’s mission is to provide a valid, uniform procedure to assess the understanding and skills required because that competent practice by EMS professionals throughout your careers, and also to maintain a registry of certification status.

Board OfDirectors

The national Registry is administrate by plank of Directorscomprised of few of the most prominent figures from every segments of the EMS community and the general public. Our board members space committed to public protection and also quality patience care.

Professional Accreditation

The nationwide Registry is accredited by the national Commission because that Certifying organ (NCCA), the accreditation human body of theInstitute for Credentialing Excellence.The nationwide Registry maintains NCCA accreditation for each of our 4 certification programs:

Emergency medical Responder (NREMR)Emergency clinical Technician ( Emergency medical Technician (NRAEMT)Paramedic (NRP)


Protects the PublicAssures consumer that professionals have met standards of practiceAdvances the professionEstablishes criter of skilled knowledge, skills, and practice

History the The nationwide Registry


It has been nearly five decades since President lindon Johnson's Committee on Highway Traffic security recommended the creation of a national certification firm to create uniform requirements for training and examination the personnel energetic in the distribution of emergency ambulance service. The result of this referral was the creation of the national Registry in 1970. Prior to that time, a nationwide certification conventional for emergency medical treatment did no exist.

Since then, the nationwide Registry has certified virtually two million EMS providers. Today, end 400,000 people are at this time Nationally Certified at the Emergency clinical Responder (EMR), Emergency clinical Technician (EMT), Advanced-EMT (AEMT), or Paramedic level.

How claims Use the nationwide Registry


National EMS Certification is an important component of public protection. The national Registry gives National EMS Certification, which is a validated and legally defensible attestation the competency. Nearly all states and territories in the United states require nationwide Registry certification before a state license to practice is issued. The nationwide Registry is well-known in every state in the unified States, and 46 states use the nationwide Registry certification together a basis for licensure. Learn an ext about the differences betweencertification and licensurein this article. In addition, theEMS Compactmandates the all member says require nationwide Registry certification together a prerequisite because that an EMS license. When an separation, personal, instance obtains a nationwide EMS Certification, the general public, employers, and also state license authorities know that the individual has actually demonstrated competency.


Because the height priority that the nationwide Registry is the safety of the American public, the national Registry is repeatedly researching approaches for the most accurate, precise and fair an approach of measure a candidate's competency. Thousands of hrs are dedicated every year by specialists from the EMS medical community on question development, validation, practice analysis, and also standard setting.

The nationwide Registry certifies four levels the Emergency medical Services professionals: EMR, EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic as established in the national EMS limit of exercise Model.

National experts in EMS – consisting of state officials, educators, employers, and EMS physicians – create exam concerns (items). A single test items takes about one year come develop and also pilot test. Every of the item banks contain countless questions. Every concern is calibrated come entry-level competency for a certification level. This process ensures the certification examination is both legally defensible and psychometrically sound.

Learn more about theCognitive Examprocess.

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The nationwide Registry of EMT's relies greatly on input from volunteers in the EMS ar to improve our products and services. Number of times a year we gather a diverse group the EMS experts from across the nation to collaborate v us in locations such as cognitive test development, psychomotor exam development, publication and also software review, practice analysis and others. EMS personnel of all backgrounds and experience level are urged to apply and become part of this prestigious group that is helping form the future the the nationwide Registry. Learn more about volunteer opportunities and also the application processhere.