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27) correct answer is B) Extrinsic rewards tend to mitigate intrinsic interest in a task. Cognitive testimonial theory states that extrinsic rewards often tend to rise extrinsic interest and decrease intrinsic interest 30) exactly answer is C) self-concor…View the full answer

Transcribed image text: 27) i m sorry of the complying with statements is true regarding the cognitive review theory? A) human being need extrinsic rewards in bespeak to be motivated. B) Extrinsic rewards have tendency to reduce intrinsic interest in a task. C) Intrinsic rewards are almost as effective as extrinsic rewards. D) Externally enforced standards of work largely boost intrinsic motivation. E) Extrinsic rewards, consisting of verbal praise, substantially decrease intrinsic an ideas 30) The concept of considers just how strongly people's reasons for pursuing goals are continuous with your interests and core values. A) self-serving prejudice B) self-fulfilling prophecy C) self-concordance D) self-actualization E) self-efficacy 33) follow to goal-setting theory, objectives are an ext likely to have a stronger impact on performance when A) goals have long time frames because that completion B) tasks are complex rather than basic C) jobs are novel fairly than well learned D) goals are easy fairly than difficult E) jobs are independent rather than interdependent 36) unequal in the case of goal-setting theory, MBO strongly advocates A) self-generated feedback B) explicit time periods C) participatively set goals D) independent work : 2.5E* : 1 : 1 : 697 2015 30 DE

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$ 100%- E) particular performance objectives 39) follow to Albert Bandura, the many important resource of increasing self-efficacy is! A) arousal B) vicarious modeling C) verbal persuasion D) enactive mastery E) cognitive discovering 42) With reference to the four sources of self-efficacy together proposed by Albert Bandura. Verbal persuasion entails becoming much more confident A) since you have obtained relevant endure with the certain task or task B) due to the fact that you watch someone else doing the particular task or project C) because someone convinces you the you have the an abilities necessary come be successful D) due to the fact that you room rewarded because that performing a similar task well E) since you gain energized or "psyched up" to do the certain task or project a type 45) The best way for a manager to usage verbal persuasion is v the that self-fulfilling prophecy in i m sorry believing something deserve to make it true. A) confirmation bias B) Pygmalion impact C) anchoring predisposition D) framing effect E) Electra facility