Hilary was placed on a brand-new team by her manager. Ever since she shifted teams, Hilary has felt energized and motivated toward higher performance due to the fact that her friends occupational on the exact same team. She and also her friends occupational together come come up with creative ideas and also solutions to problems. In the offered scenario, Hilary\"s manager well-known that _____ was most most likely to create a positive occupational life change for Hilary.a. Peer pressureb. Self-managementc. Society facilitationd. Cross-functionality
In the context of the varieties of teams that organizations use, a _____ is written of a manager and his or her subordinates in the formal chain the command.a. Functional teamb. Cross-functional teamc. Task teamd. Self-managed team
Which of the complying with is true of online teams?a. Digital teams are composed solely of top business members together they resolve confidential business information.b. Resolution of disputes is easier in virtual groups than as soon as members space physically present.c. Communication in virtual teams offers a wealthy nonverbal context the is missing in teams where members room physically present.d. Online teams have the right to be local, national, global, and also include members native one certain or many.

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Bart works at an accountancy firm. He is no respected by his team members due to the fact that he security a most time on the internet playing games. He does not get involved in team activities or contribute to the team\"s work. His team members feel he is being unnecessarily rewarded because that the tough work the others. In the context of the crises of teamwork, Bart is a _____.a. Gatekeeperb. Cost-free riderc. Harmonizerd. Job specialist
Which that the adhering to is the most most likely outcome as soon as there is a absence of trust within organizational teams?a. People do no feel safe to reveal mistakes.b. World do not express conflict opinions.c. People go together with others for the services of harmony.d. World put their an individual ambition front of collective results.
Heidi likes to start team meetings v a joke or a funny story that breaks the ice and makes people talk and laugh. She is very receptive to she team members\" ideas and encourages castle to add to conversations. When disputes arise in ~ the group, Heidi helps the disagreeing members to with an agreement. In the context of the different roles play by team members, i m sorry of the adhering to roles does Heidi play?a. A job specialist roleb. A dominating rolec. A socioemotional roled. A diagnostic role
Ron was placed in charge of two teams: Team A and also Team B. Team A\"s members reported that they were an extremely satisfied v their team, however they were unproductive. Team B focused only on task achievement and was reliable for a brief amount of time, however its members to be not really satisfied. Together an reliable team leader, Ron should:a. Questioning the members that Team A to occupational the same method that Team B works.b. Insist that the members that Team B host an ext non-task interactions.c. Type a team that consists of members native both Team A and Team B.d. Asking Team A and also Team B to number out solutions to their respective problems.
In the _____ the team development, individual personalities emerge and also team members become an ext assertive in clarifying their roles and what is supposed of them.a. Creating stageb. Storming stagec. Norming staged. Performing stage
Collin is the leader that a team that has resolved every its conflicts and also has emerged a sense of cohesion. The members have embraced each other and there is agreement over team members\" roles. As the leader of a team the is yet to with the problem-solving stage of team development, Collin should:a. Carry out time because that members to engage in informal society discussions.b. Emphasize unity within the team and aid to clarification team norms and values.c. Allow the formation of coalitions or subgroups based on typical interests.d. Work-related through the unpredictabilities and also conflicting consciousness around team tasks and also goals.

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Barry, the safety officer in ~ a firm that own copper mines, had assembled a team to evaluation the company\"s policy for catastrophe management. The task required employees to stay together in a harsh environment. The members worked together and examined the various steps in location for damage control. After ~ achieving their main purpose, they were asked to wrap up and were presented v plaques to denote the success of the collection goal. In the context of the stages of team development, the team members are in the ______.a. Storming stageb. Norming stagec. Performing staged. Adjourning stage
In the context of the different varieties of conflict, one study of top management teams found that _____ was connected with higher decision quality, higher commitment, and more decision acceptance.a. Job conflictb. Interdependence conflictc. Partnership conflictd. Duty conflict
In the context of the varieties of negotiation, which of the adhering to occurs when conflicting next embark on one integrative negotiation approach?a. They want to come up with a an imaginative solution the benefits both sides.b. Castle look at the conflict as a win-lose situation rather 보다 from multiple angles.c. They room competitive and adversarial rather than collaborative.d. They check out negotiation as a zero-sum game.
Distributive negotiation is collaborative and also typically leads to positive long-term relationships.(win-lose no collaborative)A. TrueB. False
In the paper definition of team characteristics, teams need to be large enough to combine the diverse skills needed to complete a job and tiny enough to permit members to feel an intimate component of the team.A. FalseB. True
One of the components of team cohesiveness is _____________________ , which method team members agree ~ above purpose and direction.A. Team InteractionB. Personal Attraction to the teamC. The concept of shared goalsD. The visibility of competition
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