Archery and also bowhunting safety rules covering all aspects of making use of a bow and also arrow, including storing, handling, and also shooting.

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In numerous states, a bow and also arrow are taken into consideration a firearm, and also the very same rules and also regulations that use to firearms likewise apply to bows and also arrows. Always check local laws, and also follow these archery security rules.

Only allude the bow and arrow in a for sure direction.Be certain of your target and also what is in prior of it, instantly behind it, and also beyond it.Never shoot end a ridge.Only shoot as soon as you have a safe range or shoot area, and a for sure backstop or background.Avoid dry-firing a bow (releasing the bowstring there is no a nocked arrow). It may cause serious damages to the bow and can injure the archer.Do no shoot an arrow straight up in the air.Wear one armguard and also finger protection while shooting bows and arrows.Use a bow-stringer for stringing longbows and also recurve bows.Immediately fix defects in equipment.Prior to every use, check your bow for cracks, dents, breaks, separating laminates, skin glass, and defects in mechanical parts.Check the bowstring regularly, and replace that if it becomes worn or frayed. Regular use that bowstring wax significantly extends the life that a bowstring.Check arrows because that cracks, dents, or bends; discard any type of that have actually permanent flaws.Store her bows in bow cases—preferably hard cases—and store recurves and also longbows unstrung.Store arrows in quivers and accessories in a sturdy crate or padded bag.Keep your emotions under control, and also think about safety first.Do no drink alcohol or take it mood-altering medicine before, during, or after shooting a bow.


covered arrowhead quiver A an equipment with a shatter-resistant sheathe or hood the holds arrows, protects the shooter and others native accidental contact with arrowhead points, and also provides safe deliver of arrows in the ar nock (noun) The slotted plastic guideline on an arrowhead that serves as the attachment allude to position an arrowhead on the bowstring (verb) come fit an arrowhead to the bowstring to ready it because that shooting

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