l>Chapter 11, Forecasting

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Which phrase most very closely describes the Delphi forecasting technique?A.consumer survey
B.individual opinions
C.series the questionnaires
D.test markets
E.historic data
2.Which of the adhering to statements space true around time-series forecasting?A.Time series analysis is based on the idea the the history of events over time deserve to be provided to suspect the future.
B.Time collection analysis tries to know the system underlying and surrounding the item being forecast.
C.Under time-series methods, need can be separated into materials such as median level, trend, seasonality, cycle and error.
D.Time series methods are valuable for long-range forecasts when the need pattern is supposed to stay stable,
E.A, B, and also C
F.A and also D
G.All that the above
3.Under exponential smoothing, if we want At come be very responsive to recent demand, the value of alpha should be:A.Large
E.the value of alpha doesn"t matter
4.Which that the complying with would no be classified as a time-series technique?A.Simple relocating average
B.Exponential smoothing
C.Box Jenkins technique
D.Leading indicators
E.Trend projections
5.Given that the previous projection of 65 turned the end to be 4 units much less than the really demand. The next forecast is 66. What would certainly be the value of alpha if the basic exponential smoothing forecast technique is gift used?A.0.02
E.none that the above
6.Which of the adhering to would not be classified together a ingredient of demand?A.Trend
E.Causal variation
7._____ version is usually an ext accurate than ______ version for medium-to-long-range forecasts.A.Time-series decomposition, causal regression
B.Causal regression, time-series decomposition
C.Time-series decomposition, an easy exponential smoothing
D.Simple exponential smoothing, time-series decomposition
E.Simple exponential smoothing, causal regression
8.Which of the complying with is no the most essential factor in selecting a forecasting model?A.Size of forecasting budget
B.time horizon come forecast
C.data availability
D.accuracy measure provided by the model
E.availability of qualified personnel
9.An accuracy measure that might be offered to indicate any kind of positive or negative bias in the forecast is:A.Tracking signal
B.Mean pure deviation
C.Mean squared error
D.Standard error
E.None of the above
10.A forecasting method that offers several straightforward forecasting rules and computer simulation of this rules on past data is called:A.Simulation
C.Focus forecasting
D.Historical analog

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None that the above
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