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1. All of the adhering to would be methods to segment within thecategory of behavior variable segment EXCEPT:
3. _________________ determinants or variables are usually easierto measure than many of the other types of variables or factors.
5. Proctor & gamble joined a farming list of marketerswho use __________ segmentation once they developed Secret, a brand speciallyformulated because that a woman’s chemistry.
6. Every one of the following Web sites would be examples of siteswishing to make gender segmentation appeals together their major marketingsegmentation strategy EXCEPT:
7. ___________________ is the procedure of separating a marketinto various groups based on social class, lifestyle, or personalitycharacteristics.
8. Countless marketers think that ________________ room the beststarting suggest for building market segments and also programs.
10. The orange juice manufacturers know that orange juice ismost regularly consumed in the mornings.However, castle would favor to adjust this and also make the drink acceptablefor other time periods during the day.Which type of segmentation would certainly they need to work through to establish astrategy reflective of their desires?
11. When companies marketproducts top top the basis of what the product’s qualities will execute for a givensegment the consumers, they are using a powerful type of behavioral segmentationknown as:
12. If human being that takecruise ship vacations execute so since of “gambling,” “fun,” or “for adventure oreducational purposes,” climate it is possible to segment this market based on whatmight it is in called:
13. A marketing firm classifies customers together nonusers, ex-users,potential users, first-time users, and also regular users. I beg your pardon of the adhering to classificationsis the for sure most most likely using come segment that is market and also devise strategies forselling that is products and services?
14. One of the many promising advances in multivariablesegmentation is dubbed _________________, whereby a hold of demography andsocioeconomic components are used.
16. ____________________is forming segments the consumers that have comparable needs and also buying behavioreven despite they are located in various countries.

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17. When Mercedes-Benztargets the world’s well-to-do, nevertheless of their country, they are mostlikely complying with a segmentation strategy called:
18. Clearly, over there aremany ways to segment markets. However,not every segmentations are efficient or successful. To be useful, market segments must have actually allthe following features EXCEPT being:
19. The is a fact thatthere space 32.5 million left-handed human being in the united States. However, mostmarketers perform not attempt to appeal to or architecture products because that this group becausethere is small in the way of census data about this group. Therefore, this group falls short in one of therequirements for efficient segmentation.Which the the following is most most likely to use in this case?
20. Learning the size,purchasing power, and profiles of a industry segment room all component of which of thefollowing characteristics?
22. Married and unmarriedwomen may use the same perfume, and might answer in a similar means topromotional sales of this fragrance. Itmight, therefore, be daunting to think about that marital condition designatesseparate segment in this case. Which ofthe following requirements of reliable segmentation would probably rule outsegmentation based on marital condition in this case?
23. Stephanie Cross has a little clothing store, and also hasidentified seven separate categories of clothes buyers that kind the generalmarket for clothes stores in her city.Her difficulty is that because of a minimal advertising budget, she cannot effectivelyreach these assorted segments (especially since several the the segments space distantfrom she store). I beg your pardon of the complying with requirements of reliable segmentationwould probably preeminence out segmentation based on Stephanie’s existing segmentationclassification scheme?
26. A(n) __________________ is a collection of buyers sharingcommon needs or features that the company decides to serve.
27. A market-coverage strategy in which a firm decides toignore industry segment differences and also go after the totality market through one offeris called:
29. A growing variety of firms have adopted differentiatedmarketing. However, one drawback come thisapproach is that it:
30. The exercise of going after a large share that a smallermarket or subsets that a couple of markets is called:

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