MGT613 Operation monitoring Solved MCQS Chapert 2c by william Stevenson41. In the 1970"s and 1980"s in the USA, organizations focused on:A. Operations strategiesB. Enhancing qualityC. Marketing and also financial strategiesD. Revising mission statementsE. Ecological issuesThis led to U.S. Firms being not really competitive v regard to their operations.

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42. In the past, a far-reaching reason why U.S. Performance was the highest in the civilization was high:A. Farming productivityB. Production productivityC. Job productivityD. To save productivityE. Governmental productivityThis freed up resources for productivity enhancements in a wide selection of non-agricultural sectors.43. Which of the following is no a variable that influence productivity?A. Computer system virusesB. Style of the workspaceC. Use of the InternetD. Standardizing processesE. Wireless moving phonesThese don"t command to basic changes in operations.44. I m sorry of these components affects productivity?A. Methods and also technologyB. WorkersC. ManagementD. A and b onlyE. Every one of the aboveAll that these affect productivity.45. I beg your pardon of the complying with is not a crucial step toward enhancing productivity?A. Emerging productivity steps for every operationsB. Enhancing the bottleneck operationsC. Establishing reasonable objectives for improvementD. Considering incentives come reward workersE. Converting bond debt to share ownershipA firm"s productivity is elevation of its funding structure.46. For an organization to grow its industry share, it must:A. Advertise making use of multimediaB. Lower pricesC. Exceed minimum standards of acceptability because that its assets or servicesD. Create an internet websiteE. Broaden its mission statementOnly through exceeding standards deserve to an organization thrive its industry share.47. The ratio of great output to quantity of raw product input is calledA. Non-defective productivityB. Procedure yieldC. Worker top quality measurementD. Total quality productivityE. Quantity/quality ratioThis is occasionally a beneficial productivity measure up in service industries.48. The an essential purpose for the visibility of any kind of organization is explained by its:A. PoliciesB. ProceduresC. Corporate charterD. Mission statementE. BylawsA mission explain is the organization"s effort to justify its existence.49. A productivity rise in one procedure that doesn"t improve overall productivity the the business isn"tA. WorthwhileB. TrivialC. Competence-destroyingD. An stimulate winnerE. An order qualifierOnly system-wide productivity innovation makes the organization an ext productive.50. Value included can it is in calculated by:A. Typical productivity gains end timeB. Inputs divided by the outputsC. Outputs divided by the inputsD. Input to add output divided by twoE. Outputs minus inputsValue added represents the readjust in worth of the initial inputs.51. I m sorry of the following is true?A. That company strategy is shaped by sensible strategies.B. This firm mission is shaped by corporate strategy.C. Sensible strategies space shaped by corporate strategy.D. External problems are shame by corporate mission.E. Corporate mission is shaped by practical strategies.Corporate strategy shapes strategies at lower levels.52. Main point competencies in organizations normally relate to:A. CostB. QualityC. TimeD. FlexibilityE. Every one of the aboveThese are all representative of main point competencies.53. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is taken into consideration to it is in a cause of negative U.S. Worldwide competitiveness?A. The propensity to watch labor as a price factor to it is in minimizedB. Decision-making based on short-term horizonsC. Weakness in technological practiceD. Powerful trading partnersE. Every one of the aboveA variety of factors deserve to negatively shape a country"s competitiveness.

54. I m sorry of the adhering to is not frequently considered a cure for bad competitiveness?A. Eliminate communications obstacles within organizationsB. Minimization attention to the work functionC. Put less focus on momentary financial resultsD. Acknowledge labor as a an important asset and also act to develop itE. Improve qualityOperations is a prime area for enhancing competitiveness.55. Time-based philosophies of service organizations emphasis on reducing the time to accomplish specific necessary activities. Time to reduce seldom apply to:A. Product/service architecture timeB. Processing timeC. Shipment timeD. Solution time because that complaintsE. Interior auditsInternal audits have little to do with core value-adding efforts.56. The external aspects of SWOT analysis are:A. Strengths and also weaknessesB. Strengths and also threatsC. Opportunities and also threatsD. Weaknesses and opportunitiesE. Strengths and also opportunitiesOpportunities and threats relate come the organization and its exterior environment.57. In one assembly operation at a furniture factory, 6 employees assembled an typical of 450 traditional dining chairs per 5-day week. What is the labor efficiency of this operation?A. 90 chairs/worker/dayB. 20 chairs/worker/dayC. 15 chairs/worker/dayD. 75 chairs/worker/dayE. No one of the aboveDivide the output of 450 chairs through the entry of 30 worker-days.58. I beg your pardon of the complying with is no a reason for poor performance the our organization in the marketplace?A. Placing too much emphasis on product/service design and too small on procedure designB. Failing to take into account client wants and also needsC. Putting too much focus on short-lived financial performanceD. Taking benefit of strengths/opportunities, and recognizing vain threatsE. No one of the aboveTaking advantage of strengths/opportunities and also recognizing competitive dangers would enable great performance.

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59. The manager the a carpet save is do the efforts to determine the finest installation crew size. He has actually tried miscellaneous crew sizes with the results shown below. Based on productivity, what crew size carry out you recommend?

A. 2B. 3C. 4Crews of two workers are most productive.60. I beg your pardon of the following is not a key factor the competitiveness?A. PriceB. Product differentiationC. FlexibilityD. After-sale serviceE. Dimension of organizationCompetitiveness regularly has nothing to perform with organization size.