MGT613 Operation Management Solved MCQS Chapert 2c by William Stevenson41. In the 1970"s and also 1980"s in the USA, establishments concentrated on:A. operations strategiesB. enhancing qualityC. marketing and financial strategiesD. revising mission statementsE. eco-friendly issuesThis resulted in U.S. firms being not incredibly competitive with regard to their operations.

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42. In the past, a significant reason why U.S. performance was the highest in the world was high:A. farming productivityB. production productivityC. labor productivityD. savings productivityE. governmental productivityThis freed up sources for efficiency enhancements in a wide range of non-farming sectors.43. Which of the following is not a element that affects productivity?A. computer virusesB. style of the workspaceC. usage of the InternetD. standardizing processesE. wiremuch less cellular phonesThese do not lead to fundamental alters in operations.44. Which of these factors affects productivity?A. techniques and technologyB. workersC. managementD. a and b onlyE. all of the aboveAll of these impact productivity.45. Which of the complying with is not a crucial action towards boosting productivity?A. developing performance actions for all operationsB. boosting the bottleneck operationsC. creating reasonable purposes for improvementD. considering incentives to reward workersE. converting bond debt to stock ownershipA firm"s performance is independent of its funding framework.46. For an company to flourish its market share, it must:A. advertise using multimediaB. reduced pricesC. exceed minimum standards of acceptability for its commodities or servicesD. develop an internet websiteE. broaden its mission statementOnly by exceeding criteria have the right to an company flourish its market share.47. The ratio of excellent output to quantity of raw product input is calledA. non-defective productivityB. procedure yieldC. worker quality measurementD. full top quality productivityE. quantity/quality ratioThis is sometimes a beneficial efficiency meacertain in organization sectors.48. The basic function for the existence of any kind of organization is explained by its:A. policiesB. proceduresC. corpoprice charterD. mission statementE. bylawsA mission statement is the organization"s attempt to justify its presence.49. A efficiency increase in one procedure that doesn"t boost overall performance of the service isn"tA. worthwhileB. trivialC. competence-destroyingD. an order winnerE. an order qualifierOnly system-wide efficiency innovation renders the organization more fertile.50. Value included can be calculated by:A. average efficiency gains over timeB. inputs split by the outputsC. outputs divided by the inputsD. input plus output split by twoE. outputs minus inputsValue included represents the adjust in worth of the original inputs.51. Which of the following is true?A. Corporate strategy is shaped by practical strategies.B. Corpoprice mission is shaped by corporate strategy.C. Functional tactics are shaped by corporate strategy.D. External conditions are shaped by corpoprice mission.E. Corporate mission is shaped by useful methods.Corporate strategy shapes methods at reduced levels.52. Core competencies in organizations mainly relate to:A. costB. qualityC. timeD. flexibilityE. all of the aboveThese are all representative of core competencies.53. Which of the following is considered to be a cause of poor U.S. global competitiveness?A. the tendency to watch labor as a cost variable to be minimizedB. decision-making based on temporary horizonsC. weaknesses in technical practiceD. effective trading partnersE. every one of the aboveA number of factors deserve to negatively shape a country"s competitiveness.

54. Which of the adhering to is not typically thought about a cure for negative competitiveness?A. rerelocate communications obstacles within organizationsB. minimize attention to the operations functionC. put less emphasis on temporary financial resultsD. acknowledge labor as an important asset and also act to build itE. boost qualityOperations is a prime location for enhancing competitiveness.55. Time-based philosophies of company institutions focus on reducing the time to attain specific important activities. Time reductions seldom use to:A. product/service design timeB. processing timeC. distribution timeD. response time for complaintsE. interior auditsInternal audits have actually bit to perform through core value-including efforts.56. The outside aspects of SWOT evaluation are:A. toughness and also weaknessesB. staminas and threatsC. methods and threatsD. weaknesses and opportunitiesE. toughness and opportunitiesOpportunities and threats relate to the company and also its outside atmosphere.57. In an assembly procedure at a furniture factory, six employees assembled an average of 450 standard dining chairs per 5-day week. What is the labor productivity of this operation?A. 90 chairs/worker/dayB. 20 chairs/worker/dayC. 15 chairs/worker/dayD. 75 chairs/worker/dayE. namong the aboveDivide the output of 450 chairs by the inputs of 30 worker-days.58. Which of the adhering to is not a reason for poor performance of our company in the marketplace?A. placing too much focus on product/business architecture and also as well little bit on process designB. failing to take into account customer wants and also needsC. putting as well a lot focus on short-term financial performanceD. taking benefit of strengths/methods, and recognizing competitive threatsE. namong the aboveTaking benefit of strengths/opportunities and also recognizing competitive dangers would enable excellent performance.

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59. The manager of a carpet save is trying to determine the best installation crew dimension. He has actually tried various crew sizes with the outcomes displayed below. Based on productivity, what crew dimension execute you recommend?

A. 2B. 3C. 4Crews of 2 employees are a lot of fertile.60. Which of the complying with is not a vital aspect of competitiveness?A. priceB. product differentiationC. flexibilityD. after-sale serviceE. dimension of organizationCompetitiveness regularly has nothing to carry out via organization dimension.