1 electron has charge =1.602* 10⁻¹⁹ C1 mole of electrons have 1.602* 10⁻¹⁹*6.02*10²³C = 9.64*10⁴ C/1molOne ion Co²⁺ take away 2e⁻ to end up being Co⁰.1 mol of Co²⁺ ions take 2 mole of e⁻ to come to be Co⁰, so 0.30 mol Co²⁺ ion take mole the 0.60 mol e⁻ to come to be Co⁰9.64*10⁴(C/1mol) *0.60 (mol)≈ 5.8 *10⁴ Coulombs. Correct urbanbreathnyc.com is C

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A gas occupies 100.0 mL in ~ a pressure of 780 mm ahh. What is the volume of the gas when it’s push is boosted to 880 mm Hg
Hello!The volume the the gas as soon as its pressure is raised to 880 mm Hg is 88,64 mLThis question deserve to be conveniently urbanbreathnyc.comed using the Boyle"s Law, which says that as pressure increases, the volume is lower. It can be expressed in a mathematical method as follows:
So, indigenous this equation we deserve to clear V₂ to discover the volume in ~ 880 mm Hg:
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Jacob has actually a bucket of ice. The covers the bucket v a lid and sets the in the sun. The ice cream melts into liquid water. Exactly how does the
Assuming the none that the liquid evaporates, the fixed of the ice would certainly be the very same as the fixed of the water due to the fact that no chemical adjust occurred, only a phase adjust occurred.Hope this helps



During one exothermic reaction bonds break and brand-new bonds type and protons and also electrons walk from a structure of higher potential energy to reduced potential energy. Throughout this change, potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, i m sorry is the warmth released in reactions. In one endothermic reaction the opposite occurs.

How are these equilibrium quantities impacted by the initial quantity of x(g) inserted in the container? assume continuous temperature

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The equilibrium deserve to be influenced when there is a change of concentration, pressure or temperature of the system. Since it is mentioned that the temperature is constant, and also the parameter being focused on is the initial amount, that need to be the concentration factor. It relies where problem X is put in the reaction. If that is a reactant (left side), climate the equilibrium would change and favor the front reaction. If the is a product (right side), then the equilibrium would transition and donate the reverse reaction.