After finding lock on Instagram, i really appreciated one of the company"s key missions: to develop the finest quality protein powder the you deserve to have with hot drinks, cold drinks, or also use to bake a cookie recipe.

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Essentially, their plan was to create the best product ~ above the market.

Ultimately, that"s why I finished up buying their commodities even as soon as I wasn"t originally in the sector for protein powder.

That very idea is one facet of a sales orientation approach to business.

As a sales rep, if you occupational for a sales oriented company, your strategy to sales can be various than a company with a industry approach.

While sales orientation usually involves outbound sales techniques, you have the right to still use the inbound methodology to make it much more effective.

Below, let"s learn more about what sales orientation is and also what that looks choose in practice.


What is sales orientation?

Sales orientation is a service model that"s focused on making the finest product and also services without considering customer"s wants or needs. Typically, this approach uses aggressive, outbound sales tactics and marketing promotions to journey revenue.

So, you could be wondering, "What does the mean? Why and when perform companies usage a sales orientation approach?"

Usually if consumers aren"t actively pursuing a product, businesses could take a sales orientation approach.

However, numerous companies select to usage a blended approach, utilizing both sales and also market orientation to sell their various products.

Sales orientation relies on the principles that everyone is a potential customer and also if you make the best product for the ideal price, you have the right to drive sales.

As a sales department, it would be your reps project to convince prospective customers the they require your product.

Additionally, sales orientation suppliers rely top top promotional activities to help drive sales. For example, promotional transaction such together "buy one gain one free" are used to boost revenue by offering a great deal.

Although this an approach seems naturally outbound, you deserve to still use sales tools choose the Sales Hub or CRM to help sales teams track and engage prospects in a more organic way.

For instance, while her product is produced to it is in the ideal on the market, there is no considering her target audience, her sales team need to still be tracking and also engaging v prospects in an inbound way.

Now that we have a far better understanding that what a sales orientation method to company is, let"s view what that looks favor in action.

Sales Orientation Examples

Below are some instances of markets that could use a sales orientation approach.

1. Insurance money Providers

Insurance is a an excellent example of a sales orientation business due to the fact that policies aren"t created based upon consumer needs, however on providing the best coverage contrasted to competitors. That"s why this is a extremely competitive industry.

Additionally, relying on the type of insurance, this is a product that consumers don"t generally seek out. One of the biggest hurdles because that a salesperson of one insurance agency is that they could have to convince people that they need insurance to start with.

This is why insurance allowance providers could use wild sales tactics and also promotions to make a sale.

2. Retailers

The retail industry is usually known for having a short sales bike that typically sells civilization products lock don"t need.

Additionally, this market relies on using promotions, deals, and discounts to make money. Retailers don"t usually develop products based upon consumer need, yet on making the finest product top top the market. Think Apple versus Samsung.

Plus, because customers don"t need to have actually the latest trends, wild promotional strategies are offered to to convince customers come buy products.

3. Automobile Dealerships

Car sales civilization are typically known to use aggressive sales tactics and promotions to drive sales.

The whole industry is based upon a sales orientation strategy because they have to persuade customers that they need their vehicle instead that a competitors.

While this industries could use a mix of market and sales orientation strategies, their strategy is sales oriented if they use aggressive sales and promotional strategies without considering the desires or needs of the customer.

Sales Orientation in Marketing

So, now that we recognize what sales orientation looks like in action, you could be wondering, "What walk that mean for the marketing department?"

If a firm is sales oriented, the marketing department will be responsible for developing the promotional activity that persuades individuals they require a product, even if there isn"t any kind of market research study done the proves they want or need that product.

Ultimately, it"s their task to develop the desire come buy the product.

In regards to the sales department, sales reps will invest time cold calling and also offering discount promotions come make rapid sales. Sales orientation businesses regularly have a shorter sales cycle.

During a sales call, a sales rep has to deflect the person who lives hesitation, and also convince the human being they need the product.

The toughness of using this kind of technique is the if your product or business is created and is in reality the ideal product top top the market, then marketing it have to be easy.

Additionally, sales oriented businesses regularly look inward and also are concentrated on developing outstanding products and also services, i beg your pardon is a an excellent thing.

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While a sales orientation method might seem prefer an outbound technique, you deserve to actually usage inbound methodology to aid guide you in the process.