Which that the complying with is a measure of financial growth the is most useful for measuring geopolitical preeminence or military potential? A. Growth in in the name of GDPB. Decreases in the price of unemploymentC. Rises in actual GDP every capitaD. Increases in genuine GDP

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Which the the following is a measure up of economic growth the is most useful for comparing living standards? A. Growth in in the name of GDPB. Decreases in the price of unemploymentC. Increases in actual GDP every capitaD. Rises in actual GDP
The "rule the 70" is a formula for determining the approximate number of: A. Years that it would certainly take because that a worth (like real GDP) to broaden 70 timesB. Years that it would certainly take because that a value (like actual GDP) to doubleC. Times a worth (like genuine GDP) is a many of 70D. Times one could dual a certain value (like actual GDP) over 70 years
At what average annual rate has real GDP and also real GDP every capita, respectively, grown native 1950 to 2012? A. 7.5 percent and about 5 percentB. 3.1 percent and about 2 percentC. 5.1 percent and about 3 percentD. 1.1 percent and about 0.5 percent
The following factors tend to make the real GDP expansion rate understate the growth of economic well-being, except: A. Enhanced product qualityB. Included leisureC. Debasement of the environmentD. An ext stress-free lifestyle
In the contemporary economic development process, it is typical to uncover that: A. Leader countries continue to grow faster than monitor countriesB. Follower nations can grow faster than leader countriesC. Big countries cannot grow much faster than leader countriesD. The gap between the leader countries and the follower countries stays constant
Modern financial growth often results in the following, except: A. Much less time because that ordinary civilization to enjoy recreation activities since the primary emphasis is ~ above production and workB. Huge increases in wealth and living standards for countless groups in the economyC. Spread out of global education and elimination of old social normsD. Motion towards democracy and the abolishment that feudalism
The main reason for the vast differences in per capita GDP levels seen across the world today is the: A. Substantial differences in the natural-resource endowments of various countriesB. Major differences in the population sizes of assorted societiesC. Different starting dates of modern-day economic expansion in various parts that the worldD. Distinctions in religious beliefs that various societies around the world think in
Efficient financial establishments foster the flow of: A. Saving and investmentB. Spending and incomeC. Resources and also productsD. Inventions and also ideas
Supply components in financial growth include the following, except: A. Renovations in technologyB. Development of capital stockC. Rises in purchase of outputD. Better education and training
Which of the following is finest considered a demand factor in economic growth? A. The quantity of human resourcesB. The top quality of natural resourcesC. The stock of funding goodsD. The complete employment of resources
Which of the following is a need factor in economic growth? A. Much more human and natural resourcesB. Technological progress and innovationC. Rise in the economy"s share of resources goodsD. An increase in full spending in the economy
Which of the adhering to is the so-called efficiency factor of financial growth? A. Having an efficient financial systemB. Reaching complete production potentialC. Having complimentary tradeD. Intensified quantity and also quality of human being resources



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